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Chrysler Concorde



  • Thanks for your reply, binu. I plead ignorance on the TSB ??? I read the owners manual regarding the ignition..and it definitely locks up. No amount of moving the wheel slightly to the right or left disengages the ignition lock. A replacement ignition cylinder has been ordered. As for the brakes, when I walked away from the car, the brakes lights were not on. When I came back to the car the brakes lights were on. This car has had quite a few electrical problems. The 2nd motor for the passenger window has been replaced. The garage rotated the front tires this last time in...and this helped the left pulling. There is still a left sway..but not as bad as it has been. They were unable to get the transmission to act up..but the trans definitely slips. I had a 96 Concorde..and had service on it 1 time. A new car should not require service this many times. I am frustrated and want my money back.
  • Hello,

    Does anyone have any comments, good, bad or ugly, about this potential purchase? I'm considering buying a 1993 Concorde from an in-law for $7,000. It has only 50k, leather, tapedeck, power windows, and I don't know what else. It's in great shape and seems to be a reasonable price, yet I don't know anything about this make's track record.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • Thanks much.

    Anyone else?
  • I am considering purchasing this vehicle from a
    local reputable dealer. The car has 76000 miles, in beautiful clean condition, runs well (at least in a short test drive), and the price is $9995. Dealer is allowing me $2000 trade-in for my old
    88 Mercury Sable Wagon, so that brings the price down to $7995.
    Are there any original problems with this model year that I should know about before I finalize the agreement? The only recall I know about is an airbag problem from 97.
    Would appreciate hearing from anybody, even directly to my e-mail address (
    Thanks very much!
  • alrurialruri Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 Chrysler Concorde. I took my car in Friday for an oil change and the service tech told me that my throttle was filthy ($90) my drive belts were cracked ($150) and that I needed to change the transmission fluid ($99.95)I have 34K miles on my car and feel that the drive belts and the throttle should not be in the shape they are in. This car is still under warranty. Frankly, the reason I am on Edmunds is to search for another vehicle. I believe that the type of types of issues I described above are a prelude to a mess with my Concorde. Am I wrong?
  • cckidcckid Posts: 1
    I own a 1994 Chrsyler Concorde and my husband is ready to shoot and bury it. It's in the shop right now with a broken head gasket. It has 63,000 miles, an oil change every 4K miles, and is treated with kid gloves. We're looking at a $1k + repair bill and aren't sure whether to have it fixed or try to dump it.
  • BINUBINU Posts: 80
    Have you been following the maintenance schedule ..?
    At 34K miles I would have my trans fluid changed twice (schedule B).
    Were your drive belts adjusted during every maintenance trip to the dealer ..?
  • sears3sears3 Posts: 12
    I own a 1999 Chrysler concord and the road noise
    and the air sound from the driver and passenger
    windows are awful and getting worse. I have had
    it back twice but no better. Also the right rear
    window won't work from the drivers button and only
    when it feels like it from the back seat. I only have 4500 on it and love my car it drives great
    but i'm afraid that it is just the beggining of
    my problems.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Posts: 157
    What are you waiting for? Take it to the dealer,they will fix it,there are many Chrysler or Dodge dealers to solve all of your problems.
    Just act!!
  • bobco3bobco3 Posts: 2
    I currently own a 1993 Dodge Intrepid ES. I had to replace the transmission at 65,000 miles. My son has an 1994 Eagle Vision and replaced the transmission at 42,000. A neighbor had a 1996 Chrysler Concorde and had to replace the transmission at 38,000. Is there a pattern here?
    Chrysler's warranty is only 3 years/36,000 miles.
    I love the Intrepid, Eagle, Concorde styling, but the maintenance costs are abyssmal. I've also replaced air conditioners on two cars, etc.

    If Chrysler says that its "new" transmission is much better than the old one, then why won't they warrenty it for 70,000 like many/most of the imports?

    Again, if I ever buy a Chrysler product, I would never do so without a 100K warranty...

    Chrysler has received numerous complaints on its transmission, but does nothing to help the consumer after 36, 000 miles. Shortly thereafter,I can virtually guarantee you that you will experience transmission problems. There are exceptions, of course. But check around with your family,friends, etc. and ask them about transmission problems with Chrysler products as their cars age, i.e., 50,000 miles+
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Pattern???? No, it must be just you and your family. Just ask ANY Chrysler dealer if they ever have any tranny problems and you'll most likely hear "don't know of any" or some such dribble! LOL...

  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    I also have a 99 Concorde and have experienced the same problems that you are having.
    As for the road and wind noise I feel the same as you that is is horrible that a car like the Concorde can be so noisy when driven on the all honesty I have to say that the Concorde is by far the noisiest new car that I have ever owned.
    As for the problem you are having with your rear window not always working from the main driver control switches.....I had the same problem as my front passenger window at times would not work from the master window controls and had a hard time for the dealer to finally diagnose the problem....first they replaced my driver side window switch which did not correct the problem so then they realized that the current went from the driver switch through the problem window switch before going to that window motor so they then replaced the window switch on the problem window and that corrected my problem.
    I hope this will be some help to you and hopefully you will have your problem corrected soon.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    In reference to your last post I have to strongly disagree with you when you stated that this is mostly a one sided gripe session.
    In reality I feel this is a very informative forum of Concorde owners stating from ownership of their Concordes their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their personal driving experience with their Concordes.
    I also agree with you that the Concorde is a beautiful car but on the other hand I strongly disagree with your statement that is is a quiet driving car but rather then argue that point in here I would strongly suggest to any prospective buyers of a Concorde that they test drive the car at highway speeds and then be the judge of just how noisy they find the Concorde to be.
    I realize that some posters in this forum had a bad experience with Chrysler and go out of their way to put Chrysler down every chance they get....and I would also think that their are posters in here that in some way are affiliated with Chrysler and defend any negative posts regardless of the merit of the post but it's easy enough to see who they are but I feel the majority of posters in here are saying it the way it really is.
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    With all due respect...

    Where in my post did I say that the Concorde was a "quiet driving car"? How can you possibly "strongly disagree" with my statement of fact that our Concorde was MUCH quieter than our Maxima even before the additional soundproofing was installed? I don't remember taking you for a ride in our cars! Everything is relative.

    In the Automobile Club (AAA) magazine that we received last month there was an article about "family sedans". They wrote about the Accord, the Taurus, and the Camry. Under the heading, "Pros and Cons", AAA listed as "cons" for all three cars (not exact wording) "excessive interior noise levels". Go figure! I guess that the Concorde is in good company.

    So, you feel that "the majority of posters in here are saying it the way it really is"? Well then, why do you "strongly disagree" when someone (like me) says the way it really is for our cars, and our experiences with our cars? Only negative things are "the way it really is"?

    I agree with your comment regarding test drives. Everyone should fully check out a car BEFORE they buy them so that they are not surprised AFTER the purchase by things such as "road noise", a lack of passenger seat legroom, or "windshield glare". Anyone who is upset by things such as that AFTER the purchase have only themselves to blame. Complaining about such issues after one's purchase simply shows that little thought was employed before the purchase. For example, we looked at Jaguars before purchasing our Chryslers. I love Jaguars. Always have. However, as soon as I sat in one for the first time, I realized that there was insufficient headroom for me. We didn't go ahead and buy the car anyway, then proceed to go onto the Jaguar message boards and [non-permissible content removed] about the lack of headroom! Common sense does wonders when liberally applied.

    These boards are very telling. One can rather easily tell who is worth listening to, and who is rather mindlessly blowing hot air. Who has a legitimate problem or gripe, and who is a sourpuss with an axe to grind. Who is simply "saying it the way it really is", and who has a hidden agenda.

    Happy motoring!

  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    In reading your last post you are absolutely correct and you never did make reference to the Concorde as being a quiet driving car but only said it was quieter the your previous Maxima(sorry).
    I respectfully suggest that you re-read my previous posts as I did yours and hopefully you will realize that I don't agree or disagree on any posts regardless on them being favorable or unfavorable and only give my views based on my experiences with my Concorde.
    I have to say that where I do have a difference of opionion with you is what you had said in the last paragraph of your previous post#257 when you said that..."one can easily tell who is worth listening to and who is mindlessly blowing hot air"I guess I look at other posters remarks differently and really really don't feel they are mindlessly blowing hot air but rather just stating their views and opionions based on their driving experiences with their cars.(granted a dissatisfied person will complain more then a satisfied person will praise I feel neither are done in a mindless manner)
    I have just turned 23,000 miles on my Concorde and if my car continues driving the same way I will be writting a favorable response to my first 25,000 mile overall driving experience with my Concorde but I also feel that others here may not have been as lucky as both of us have been and have had early problems with their cars and we have to understand their feelings as well.
    I hope you have many happy and safe years with your 300 and Concorde
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    I never meant to imply that anyone with whom I may disagree, or who has negative things to say about their Concordes are simply blowing hot air. Actually, a quick glance over recent postings on this board show a relative lack of hot air. Actually, now that I think about it, it was the 300M board that used to be a dumping ground for people who had nothing better to do than slam all Chrysler products simply for being Chrysler products. That got VERY old, VERY quick. I apologize to anyone who may have felt that I was dismissing their legitimate problems or concerns. That was not my intent.

    On a totally different topic, Mimi...

    You wrote earlier about "blind spots" with the Concorde. My wife and I find no such "blind spots" with our cars. We have the mirrors adjusted in such a way so that another car in our lane, or adjacent lane, can be seen at all times. The only possible "blind spot" is when a car is two lanes over, and off the rear quarter-panel of the car. Our sight lines are continuous from our driver's side peripheral vision to the driver's side-view mirror to the rear-view mirror to the passenger's side-view mirror to the passenger side peripheral vision. I have found that many people have their side-view mirrors improperly positioned, thus creating a "blind spot". The most common mistake is positioning the side-view mirrors so that the driver can see the rear quarter-panel of the car. That is what commonly causes the "blind spot" in the adjacent lane before the car reaches the driver's peripheral vision. You may want to check that out.


  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    Hi Tom
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and suggesting that I re-position my side view mirrows outward so I can see more into the next lane rather then my rear quarter panel.
    I think I will take your advise and do that today.

    Thanks Tom
    Have a great day
  • sears3sears3 Posts: 12
    Thanks, I'm glad someone else has had the same
    trouble i have. I have a appointment with the dealership 3-28-00. I told them that i wanted
    to put extra soundproofing on my car also. I
    read it in one of the columns here. I'm also
    thinking about having the windows tinting a
    little. Have you seen any Concords with the tint?
    A friend of mine traded her Camery in on a
    Bonnieville SE (2000) Sharp car,roomy and
    guiet ride.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    I have a 99 Concorde and I had my windows tinted ..I have a lighter tint on my front side windows and a darker tint on the rear side windows as well as the back window.
    I spend most of my time in Arizona or Nevada and due to the summers being so hot here it is very common for people to have their windows tinted.
    Tinted windows make a noticeable difference on the interior temperature of your car but for some drivers depending on how dark the tint is it can take a little while to adjust to your night time driving as the tint does make the interior darker.
    You may also want to check the laws in your state as I think it may not be legal in all states to have tinted windows.
    As for how tinted windows look on the Concorde I can only give you my opinion....I think the Concorde looks great with tinted windows but then again I think the Concorde looks great without the tinted windows.
  • sears3sears3 Posts: 12
    You sounded like i haven"t tried to deal with
    the dealership about the noise and the window
    not working. I did twice now back next week
    for a third time. Also the first time my car
    only had 2700 miles on it and when I picked
    it up they didn"t even wash it or clean it up not
    that it needed it. My husband drives 70 miles
    1 way to work and drives a Totota he just had
    a timeing belt put on. The car has 127000 miles
    on it. When we picked it up they had cleaned it
    and washed it. Every time he ever took it back
    for anything which was 2 times they always
    cleaned it up. Like I said before the
    Bonnieville is sharp and it wouldn"t take much
    for me to trade. I"m hoping they will do some
    thing about the air noise this time.
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