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Chrysler Concorde



  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    I guess you should avoid FIRESTONES!!! I've heard in other forums here (tires) that Michelins (Pilots) are good, maybe less durable than Goodyears, but somewhat less road noise and better handling. Check out for various options.

    If you are having a mushy ride you may need to check inflation. Be sure to do it on COLD tires - HOT tires will give a higher reading (higher temp = higher pressure).
  • I've never owned a Chrysler product and am seriously looking at a used 1997 Concorde LX. It has everything on it except the sun roof and only has 32,000. Appears to be in excellent condition and the price is good from what I can tell. Any comments or concerns I should know about the 1997 Concorde before making a purchase decision? Thanks.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    The best thing you could do is to have the VIN number of the car run through a Chrysler dealer's computer to see what, if any, warranty work has been done on the car. They should have no problem doing this for you. It only takes a few minutes. Then you will have a better idea about the car's reliability.

  • fastdriver -

    Good idea to check the VIN number history. I've been getting company cars so long I'm not used to buying one on my own. I appreciate your response. I noticed your profile says you will never buy another Chrysler car -- that doesn't sound too comforting for us "never bought a Chrysler before" folks!

  • Fast driver LOVES his 300M!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I DO! It's the jerks I've had to deal with getting it fixed that I can't stand! IF they had handled things differently from DAY ONE, instead of coming up with EXCUSES for legitimate problems, I might feel differently. However, that was never the case!

  • I agree with you,all those 5 star dealers are s..
  • I have a 1994 Concorde with 31000 miles on it and recently noticed a vibration at various times and under various road conditions. I took it to a dealer and he said the inner tie rods were "worn out." The dealer replaced the tie rods and realigned the front end (which is required according to the service manual), at considerable expense. This may be the cause of your vibration problem. I was shocked to learn that the tie rods were "worn out" at 31000 miles. Would think Chrysler should have improved the design by 1999 though.
  • Just a heads-up for anybody considering buying/leasing a Chrysler. My experience has been pretty well documented here over the past 10 months, but now I am not allowed to discuss the details of the resolution of my problem. So, I will just say that the 2000 Concorde that I leased for three years is no longer in my hands, and if you are thinking that a certain sour, yellow citrus fruit had something to do with it, you are correct. So, without going into the details of my resolution, I can tell you this....the poor quality of the cars Chrysler builds pales in comparison to the pathetic level of customer service they provide. Five weeks after I was absolved of any obligation under the lease, Chrysler Financial was kind enough to report on my Credit Report that a payment is overdue. This happened despite the fact that I spent several hours on the telephone explaining and offering to fax documents to prove that I no longer owe them any money. Chrysler Auto, Chrysler Financial and my local Dealership insist that they are all separate companies, so somehow they think this justifies the fact they their failure to handle routine business among themelves result in such harmful consequence fo me. All this despite the fact that I tried desperately to avoid this predictable event. The question is..."Is DC so bad that the right hand cannot communicate with the left, or have they simply retaliated against a consumer who did not stand for their BS and ultimately forced them to $tand by their product?" Either way - is this a company you want to do business with?
  • The answer is YES!

    I'love my Concorde, and I' will buy the other DC products in the future!
    You had a bad time buddy! Give it up! There is so many other car's available in the market!
    I' hope you will find the better car for you!
    Good luck!

  • I've been lurking here reading your messages. I'm interested in a new Concorde. I rented a 2000 LHS over the Thanksgiving holiday and I was impressed with the car. However, I really like the looks of the Concorde better (they're not changing anything for 2001, are they?) I'm expecting the difference in performance between the LHS and Concorde to be insignificant to a non-gearhead like myself.

    The only thing I find of concern in these discussions is the generally poor performance of the service departments. But I don't think that this is restricted to Chrysler; I'm sure it's a problem with most makes.

    And that brings me to the reason for my post. When you've had lousy service from a dealer why not let everyone know who they are? Naming names might help someone else and if named enough, a dealer might take some action.

    The same goes for positive results: if you've had good results from a service department let us know! A dealer should be rewarded by repeat and new business if his service department is doing a good job.

    I think we can help each other out if we put some names up there with our posts. And to start things off let me ask if anyone has anything to say (good or bad) about the Chrysler service departments in central and eastern Contra Costa county (CA). This would be helpful for me after I make my purchase.

    Thanks for your time.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    You might want to check out the site, they have a dealer/service board that you can browse or post your question about dealers in the Bay Area.
    If you were in the Kansas City area I could wholeheartedly (after all - this is the heartland!) recommend Bud Brown Chrysler (maybe even a few Plymouths left). Very nice dealer (HUGE INVENTORY - every possible variation of color/interior seating) and a great service dept.
    My '99 Concorde LXi (now at 16K mi) has been great (no problems except for a minor wind noise annoyance that I was able to quickly fix - loose cowl along hood). I think you are correct in that the Concorde is not a significant step down from the LHS. Perhaps the LHS maybe a slightly better value for the $$ but I agree that the Concorde is much better looking (particularly the grille). I think there are no changes for either of these models for 2001.

    I drove Subarus for 22 yrs (2 each for 11 yrs) and plan to keep the 'corde for atleast 10. Altho' now I want a NEW Sebring!! but maybe I can talk the SO into buying one! The Subes were very good : reliable but underpowered and noisy. It was also with some (in)trepidation that I bought my first "American" large sedan but it was the second year of the second generation so I keep my fingers crossed that Chrysler has come up with a car that can be compared with the best. I really believe that Daimler chose to partner with Chrysler because of the advances that they have made with styling and engineering vs Ford or GM that both seem to be stuck simply re-hashing old models.
  • Nice post! True words,Cars are not bad,dealers poor service make them bad.
    And it happens in all makes,we should avoid those "nasty" dealers,many of them are 5-star dealers,how?????
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    It was the Concorde with wings!!!!!

  • Does anyone know if there is a website with advanced photos of the 2001 Concorde? I haven't had any luck with the search engines in finding anything about the 2001 Concorde.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Nothing new,maybe some cosmetic changes and more refinments.
    In two more weeks,cars and brochures at dealers.
  • Great idea. Unfortunately, names will not matter in my case. While my local dealer did not do me any favors, and clearly could have been more helpful when I pleaded with them to help me save my credit rating, but opted to ignore several calls after I no longer was a "paying customer", I don't think Bay Ridge Chrysler in NY acted any worse than one would expect from a car dealer. In my case, the mother company, DaimlerChrysler, was the real problem. DC failed to communicate with Chrysler Financial and the result was at my expense. Oh well. Better luck to you.
  • I have a decision to make and I am clueless. One morning I woke up to find my dependable used mini van (uncool I know, but practical)- 1992 Caravan 120K- had been vandalized by way of being rolled backwards into a tree, it has been totaled and now I need a car! My current choices are a 1993 Concorde (loaded) 87K for $5,200 or a 1994 (stripped) Plymouth Voyager $4,500. I would be buying either from my mechanic that is 1000% reliable. I did the book prices, ran the vin#'s etc. The Concord has had one owner and been impeccably cared for, the Voyager, has had 3 and is not in too bad of shape. My thing is, I don't know much about the longevity of either. Can I expect to get 150K+ out of a concorde with reasonable repairs, how are the transmissions, I prefer a stick, I am transmission paranoid, I had a ford once, but they are hard to come by. If anyone can tell me about the concorde (or voyager)I would be very greatful, also the price, it seems reasonable but what do I know....

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    you had a ford once, but they are hard to come by????
  • Sorry about that, I was in a Nyquil induced stupper....I meant that Ford screwed me on a transmission (twice), I prefer a standard but they are hard to come by in larger cars/vans.
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