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Chrysler Concorde



  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    I would like to wish you the best with your 97 Concorde purchase.
    To give you my opionion on your question about extending your warranty.....
    First let me start off by saying that I have been self employed in the used car business for over 20 years and I feel that I am reasonably knowledgeable on repairs and the cost involved with these repairs.
    The car you are buying as most newer cars today have front wheel drive with fuel injection as well as being computerized with many power features all of which are extremely costly to have repaired.
    The fact that your Concorde has 100,000 miles on it is all the more reason an extended warranty make good sense...speaking for myself I would feel much more comfortable owning a car with 100,000 miles that was covered under warranty then a simalar car with 50,000 miles that had no warranty.
    My suggestion would be to take the longest warranty available to had said that the cost was about $50.00 dollars per month and in my opionion you won't be sorry that you did.
    I have a 99 Concorde with 46,000 miles and it runs just fantastic now but It did require about 1,000 dollars in repairs in the last 10,000 miles.(which was covered by my extended warranty.)
    I find that the majority of people employed in the service end of the car business such as service writers,mechanics ect do take out the extended warranty when purchasing a new car themself.
    If you have any doubts of the importance of protecting yourself with an extended warranty just take an hour or so and scroll through the old posts and I'm sure then you will realize the importance of protecting yourself with a warranty.
    The one thing to remember is a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it so it is very important to be sure the warranty is offered by a reputable example of a common problem is a blown head gasket which is a costly repair and often caused by a car overheating.....A good manufactures extended warranty will cover that repair with no questions asked and even supply a rental car at no cost....on the other hand a not so good warranty offered by a not so reputable company may look for a way out of their contractual liability and investigate the cause of the overheating problem and if it turned out to be the thermostat sticking in the closed position and the thermostat not being a covered repair may refuse to cover the cost of the repair to the head gasket.
    Well thats my opionion and again wish you the best with your car purchase.
  • My wife and I leased a new Concord in 1994 and liked it so much that we purchased the car when the lease was up in 3-years. We still have it, and we still love it. However, I would hate to think how much we would have spent on repairs had we not purchased a 70K mile/7-year bumper to bumper warranty. Our callas area dealership (Huffines) had really good technicians and customer service people to help us, but I'm sure they lost their profit with all the repairs they had to make from 1994 thou 1999.

    While we admire the roominess, exterior design and good looks of the Concord, I would hope Chrysler would hold their suppliers of parts to a similar high standard of longevity and performance.

    We have recently been looking to trade our eldest car (1990 Cadillac Seville) in for a new 2001 model. Since my wife is in real estate and needs large doors and a large trunk, we checked out Mercury Grand Marquis, Toyota Avalon, and similar semi-luxury models. We've come to the conclusion that the new Chrysler Concorde fits our requirements perfectly, and the manufacturer's incentives and pricing still make the Concorde a good buy. We're about to close the deal. However, we really hope that Chrysler has solved some of its supplier quality problems since its 1994 model year. (Say a little prayer for us!)
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,594
    I know a few people who have '93-94 LH cars with mileage approaching 100K or more. Supposedly, these were the worst of the batch, being earlier production models.

    I think most of the problems with the LH cars were eliminated when they were redesigned for 1998. There will still be some lemons in the batch, just like with any car.

    I've put over 42,000 miles on my 2000 Intrepid, and the only thing that's broken so far is the power lock actuator in the driver's side door (replaced under warranty)

    The Concorde's interior is stretched out a bit compared to the Intrepid, so it may actually have more legroom than cars like the Grand Marquis and Avalon.

    Good luck with your purchase,
  • hhjrhhjr Posts: 5
    ...for the wonderful info and advice. I have now purchased the vehicle, and will use your priceless advice to re-up on the warranty once it runs out in June 2001. You certainly break the myth that women don't know anything about cars except putting gas in them. In fact, you know a lot more than I do, and as a man I'm supposed to be wise with these decisions...go figure!!

    Hey, I don't check the messages often. However, I would like to hear from you if you have any other worthwhile advice for me. By the way, did you ever have the problem of the "check engine" light coming on after getting gas? Some have told me that this may be the oxygen sensor and I shouldn't worry. Guess what?...worried!! Let me know what this problem may be attributed to, if you don't mind.

    Once again, thanks for the invaluable help, and good luck in your continued endeavors
  • tksatksatksatksa Posts: 30
    I have an '01 LHS. When I bought it I was told to make sure, when screwing the gas cap back on, to turn it until it clicks. Failing to do so may cause "a warning light" (they didn't say which one). You might experiment with this and see what happens.

    Good Luck.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,594
    I've never actually had this problem happen to me, but when I bought my Intrepid, the salesman warned me about two possible things that could cause the light to come on...

    1) Topping off the tank after the automatic shut off kicks in on the gas pump.

    2) Over-tightening the gas cap. He said to turn it until it clicks once. No more, no less.

    When I refuel, I'll usually round it up just enough so I don't get any pennies back in change, but nothing like on some of my older cars where you could still slip in a 1/2 gallon after the pump first shut off.

  • luvmylxiluvmylxi Posts: 3
    what is zaino? i have heard a lot of talk about it but have no idea as to waht it actually is. can someone help me out wit this?
  • ppc49ppc49 Posts: 1
    I love my 96,Concorde, we have only 42,000 miles on it, very low mileage for an older car. No real problems except the check engine light has been coming on since about 58 miles on car. It happens only on cool / cold days, all the heads up lights will remain on, (usually they go thought test and turn off, when you first start car)after you turn car off and then back on you have the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ... after about 50 miles or so it (check engine light will) turn off. At first we took the car in about every 2 weeks and they would keep it for a day or so and either say we fixed it or could not get car to do it again... So we Just lived with it for the last few years. Car is good buy...but if you decide to get newer model either JUST give the dealer your car or sell it to someone... and I do mean give it to dealer, because in their eyes it is not worth anything... My $24,000 car in 96' was only worth about $9,000 in 98' with only 18,000 miles...
  • glinda49glinda49 Posts: 15
    Recently out of the blue our 96 Concord check engine light came on. Our car has about 80,000 miles on it. We took it to our mechanic and he put it on the scope and it turned out that we only needed a tune up. I'm not sure exactly what he did but it wasn't extensive at all. Once our light came on it never did go off until the tune up. This was about a month and a half ago and we have not seen the light since. Hope this helps.
  • frank58frank58 Posts: 54
    Made the first year in my new Concorde, still love it. Warranty items added up to a new wiper motor and wiper blades. The service at South Shore Chrysler in Ma. has been great.
    People love the looks of this car, they stop and comment on it all the time. Only bad thing I can say is the resale value looks bad.
  • how fast do the Chrysler Concorde go. Is the 120 top speed. if you know email me at or post it.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Has anyone installed the spoiler the dealer sells or any other one? The dealer picture isn't very good.

  • luvmylxiluvmylxi Posts: 3
    All Chrysler products have 120mph speed limiting computer in the engine. The only cars without this feature are the viper and the prowler.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    I know many new readers to this site come here when thinking of purchasing a new car looking for the opionions from owners of the same make car....since I have just turned 50,000 miles on my 99 Concorde LXI I thought this would be the right time to post mine.
    Let me start off by saying my Concorde did require 1,000 dollars worth of repairs between the 36,000 mile warranty and 50,000 mile mark...which I find a little on the high side but still within reason....on the possitive side I find the Concorde to be a truly beautiful car,reasonably well made,fun to drive,very roomy both in the driver seat as well as the back seat..plenty of power,very economical on the highway,handles very well at all speeds,and is fairly priced for todays cars.
    On the negative side I find the Concorde to have limited leg room in the front passenger seat(if you are 6' or taller you will not find this position at all comfortable)...blind spot from the side view mirrors,hard riding car(feel all the bumps)and a very noisy riding car.
    To sum it all up I have to say that I disagree with many of the previous posters who stated that the Concorde was junk...I feel it is a fairly well made car with many good points but also have to say that when I trade my car in next May I will not purchase another Concorde because of the hard and noisy ride of the Concorde.

    I feel that the Concorde with a few modifications could be made to be one of the best cars made today for it's price but as it is now I would have to pass on purchasing another one.
  • warzonectxwarzonectx Posts: 26
    can the chrysler concorde go 125 if so email or post it. my email is
  • tomcat37xtomcat37x Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with their up front rack & coupling?
    I'm in the 45k-50k mile range and I need a new one for my '98 lxi $1250est.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    Sorry to hear of your problem ...rack and pinion and cv joint repairs which are actually steering and drive axles are very common and costly repairs on front wheel drive cars but usually occur at a higher mileage then is with the case with your car.
    Unfortunately these repairs can also be needed in lower mileage front wheel drive cars.
    Do you have the Chrysler extended warranty?..If so I believe all 3 levels of the Chrysler warranty cover both the rack and CV {drive axle}
  • tco1tco1 Posts: 3
    This board is amazing! I have been hunting for a used car and have come across an opportunity to buy a 93 Concorde with 41k on it. Was set on moving forward but my research on this board turned up regular water pump and tranny problems (at 100k) along with a bevy of reliability concerns. Should I be avoiding this car? Can someone put these issues in perspective for me otherwise? Thank you so much!
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Most LH model sedans are limited to 112 mph due to the tires and suspension limitations. The two that have no speed limiter are the 300M with the PHP Package, and the Dodge Intrepid R/T (which comes with the PHP package standard). They both top out at around 140 mph.

    As far as a used Concorde, they are priced low, so a few repairs may not be too bad. Remember, on an 8 year old car, expect air conditioning and maybe some electrical problems. Age effects those systems the most.
  • billgiffbillgiff Posts: 16
    I have seen numerous postings in the past regarding electric window problems, now I have it , must be contagious. Problem comes and goes, windows will not operate at times, not consistent and you never know when it will happen, have never had them stuck down thank heavens. Before I go chasing off to the dealer does anyone out there have an idea what is causing my failure, I can hear the techies now telling me it works OK now bring it in when it's not working, yea right.
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