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Chrysler Concorde



  • ahhzahhz Posts: 1
    You may want to do a little research on oil sludge problems w/ mainly the 2.7 ltr motor. I just purchased a 99 LX w/ a 2.7 5 days ago and only today found out there are all kinds of engine failure problems due to oil sludge build up. Some w/ as little as 50,000 miles on them.
    I too had my best friend ( a mechanic for 20 yrs) look over the car before buying it and he thought it was a great deal w/ no obvious problems.
    Your warranty will more then likely not cover engine replacement for this problem. And there are talks of a class action suit against Chrysler because of this problem.
    The oil light never came on during our test drive, but with in 2 days of owning the car it started to flicker. This I have learned is the 1st signs of the almost emenent* total engine failure that awaits me. :cry: :mad:
    The worst part is this car was bought as a replacement for a beautiful 96 Nissan King cab w/ only 80,000 miles that was totaled when a Ford F350 p/u made a left turn in front of me 3 weeks ago.
    We love the looks,comfort and ride of this car. But it is going up for sale as soon as we get the title in the mail.
  • beeter101beeter101 Posts: 1
    i am a young male in search of speed. does any1 know how i can make my 99 concorde faster. its a 2.7 liter.
    i am greatful for any help. thank u all.
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    When installing the pump, the sensor was probably bumped or the float was bumped, making it innacurate, or possibly the sensor is bad. Alos, on your pump, it has to be put in the right way and the small triangle on top of the pump that matches a small triangle on the edge of the fuel tank opening you see. Align those and it is in right. Return the assembly and exchange it for a new one. By the way, for your car, you dont have to drop the tank to gain access. In the trunk, remove the spare tire cover and pull the carpet away from the very back of the trunk. After the carpet is pulled back from the back, you will see a U shaped cover with bolts holding it in place. Remove the bolts, pull off the cover and voila! The fuel pump can be seen. Just disconnect everything and pull it out. Also, instead of having to reach in the trunk, you can fold forward the back seats and work in the back of the trunk that way. Hope this helps. Proper instalation is key.

    Hopefully i didnt disappoint you. Using the access cover for the fuel pump is much easier and quicker than dropping the tank.
  • djpcdjpc Posts: 2
    i have a problem simular to yours i will be driving and it will shut off and 2hrs,later it start up and will run great. this happened to me twice and it runs great for two days in between. did you find out what was wrong with yours? i have a 1999 3.2 v6 concorde lxi. 92,000 k.
  • djpcdjpc Posts: 2
    i will be driving and my 1999 concorde lxi it will shut off and after it cools down(2hrs). it will start up and runs great. this happened to me twice and it runs great for two days or so. i have a 1999 3.2 v6 concorde lxi. 92,000 k.
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Your car is probably ready for a tune up(plugs wires, fuel and air filters, fluid changes). Also, check the fuel pressure as it is happening. Does the car even fire when you crank it after it dies?
  • velesmjvelesmj Posts: 6
    Hi Dallasw. I was wondering if you had any responses to your concord problems. I too have the check engine light on and the error codes also read battery disconnect and cylinder #6 misfire. I brought it to a repair shop and they told me it was a bad spark plug. I just replaced them and I found it odd. It did run OK for 1 day and it now runs terrible. Now I have the check engine light flashing.

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Obviously, scan your computer again. Are the symptoms you have now the same as before?
  • dallaswdallasw Posts: 3
    Hey mike,

    Yeah you should check your codes again (turn the key back and forth 3 times from just before start to off and get the new codes). Ive just started to ignore the misfire becuase its really intermittent and doesnt happen as often. Ive heard from many that alot of people get the battery disconnect error and to just ignore it. The flashing light means that damage can occur soon so check the codes and dont drive it if u dont have to. If its running terrible it could be multiple cylinder misfire and it might be possible the wrong plugs were installed or not properly installed.
    Hope this helps, post back.

    The new code im getting is the failed checksum i havent noticed any problems but i might need a new pcm or have it reflashed its annoying cause the light wont shut off now...
  • velesmjvelesmj Posts: 6
    I brought the car to a repair shop 3 times and the car works fine until the next morning. It is hard to start, there is a strong smell of gas and it runs rough. It all 3 cases they reset the computer it it always comes back with the battery disconnection warning and cylinder 6 misfire. The second time it came back a multiple cylinder misfire.

    After a week the check engine light went off and it runs better but it is hard to start still. The shop is stunned that they can't figure it out. Lucky for me they have not charged me the last two time.

    Any thoughts anyone.

  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    I think i know the prob. nYou either have a leaky or bad fuel injector on cylinder 6 and?or a faulty fuel pressure regulator.
  • velesmjvelesmj Posts: 6
    Wouldn't the technitions with their so modern equipment be able to detect these problems? I would have thought that because there was a strong smell of gas that it would be maybe something electrical.

  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Usually gas smell is not electrical, in fact i dont think it ever is. Modern equipment (scanners, computers) i have found dont do as good a job as a good old fashoined examinzation would do. Todays mechanics rely on too many computers and dont know about cars as much as they should.
  • velesmjvelesmj Posts: 6
    Thanks penizzle for taking the time to respond.

    I should have explained my rationalization better. I figured if there is a strong gas smell then the problem shouldn't be gas and perhaps it spark related or something down this line of electrical problem. Im certainly not an expect but it was my theory.

    I should also explain that the check engine light has gone and no more error codes. However, its still hard to start with a strong gas smell. There is no problem starting the car if it had been running prior to restarting. Its only a problem when it sits longer than 1/2 hour.

  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    It definatly sounds like a fuel problem. Check for leaking fuel injectors and pressure regulator. It has to be one of those
  • Hi, I'm trying to verify that I do not have to drop the tank to replace a fuel pump in this vehicle. I have found several refs to going in thru the trunk to do this but I'm trying to find an explicit reference to this.

    I have some telling me to drop it and other saying I don't have to. Help!
  • You do not have to drop the tank. On 93-97 chrysler concords, there is an access panel in the trunk. Pull back the carpet and trim and you will see an oval shape cover in the back of the trunk. Here is something you can do in case you dont believe me. It takes about 10 seconds. Lift the spare tire cover off in the trunk. Now pull the carpet up off the frame in the back of the trunk. If you see an access panel with three bolts holding it down, you do not have to drop the tank. Good luck.
  • Thanks, Penizzle. The worm has turned since I posted this. :-)

    My son got tired of waiting on me and so took the car to a dealer today to get their evaluation. They quoted three hours labor - one to replace the pump and two to drop the tank!

    I believe you are correct about the pump replacement. They didn't say that to replace the pump was three hours, which I believe they would state if they really did need to drop the tank to get at the pump, but one hour to replace the pump and two for the tank. As if they are charging me for two different procedures.
  • I know I'm right about the access panel. You are getting ripped. When they give you you're car back, ask them why they dropped the tank when you can get to it through the back of the trunk.

    If you want, get your impacient son to pay for it :P
  • My gas gauge bounces from full to empty making the low fuel light to come on and off and the low fuel chime will sound each time it does the bounce. I saw another posting on this problem any solutions out there. Thanks
  • After determining the over-run clutch on my 1995 Concorde's 3.5 ltr V-6 starter motor has gone bad I'm ready to replace it. Any tips on how I can get my hands into this little area to remove and replace the starter motor would be greatly appreciated. Also am I correct that the oil filter will need to be removed to make room to exchange the old starter motor for the new one?
  • My 99 Concorde does the same thing. It happens to drive me nuts. Previously, the gas gauge bounce only happened when I had a half a tank of gas or less. Now it happens no matter how full the gas tank is. The dealership I bought it from said they couldnt do anything about it unless I brought it in to be checked when the gas tank was full. I think they were just brushing off my concerns and giving me BS. I was beginning to think I was the only one with this problem! Thanks for letting me know someone else has it too! If I find out any information, Ill be sure to post it.
  • Hi lovelynn84 check out posting #1012 it addresses the same problem we have. Hanna5858
  • When it started getting cold last sunday 10/29/06 the car had been sitting for 2 days. I went to drive it and the gear shift seemed stubborn. It seems to come and go. Last night 11/04/06 it was the hardest to shift into park. The temperature outside was 31 degrees F. Other than this problem the car is running fine. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be?
  • Dallasw did you ever figure out a solution for the hard to start problems? I am still having this problem with my car and the shop (Firestone) could not figure it out.

  • I've spent hours upon hours trying to go through the discussion to find a problem like mine---not too much luck
    1999 concorde le.....airbag light came on wednesday night, no power windows, no turn signals, no heat/blower---(had to drive it 2 days in a row to work sub zero temps--driver window stuck partially down)
    any suggestions are appreciated. does anyone know if that light can be disabled?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    sounds like a blown fuse[s]. Since it's not intermittent--should be straightforward to diagnose and fix but the cause for the malfunction may require a qualified mechanic's intervention.
  • I have 99 chrysler concorde. problems with panel. Blower moter and knob works. Hot and cold doesn't work along with selector,defrost and ac. I changed the head, and it didn't fix. Would love to hear of some help.
  • Hey, thanks for the input. I guess I didn't give enough information--(just like a woman, huh!)....anyway, the light had been coming on and going off with a wiggle of the key while the car is still running. While the light was on, no ac/heater/turn signals/no power windows. I could wiggle the key and it would go off, then power resumed and signals resumed. Weird
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    sounds like the fix could be pricey. good luck.
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