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Chrysler Concorde



  • r3wbar3wba Posts: 1
    Open your left drivers door. The fuse panel is located behind the removable panel at the left side of the dash. The cover pulls off is attache with clips.
  • hatboro89hatboro89 Posts: 1
    I am brand new here, so forgive me if this has already been discussed.

    I have an 02' concorde, that seems to have major overheating issues. No matter if I am on the highway or just in town, after about 10 minutes in the car the needle goes up to high and the light comes on. Just today I had the raditor system flushed since the two colors of fluid go mixed some how(forgive me I am a woman who knows nothing about cars...just frustrated that I can not turn on my air conditioning!!!)

    Can any one help!! :confuse:
  • exileexile Posts: 6
    Do not drive when overheating.Aluminium engine you gonna demage.If you have two fluid colors mixed probably problem is more than thermostat.What engine you have ??? Engines 2.7 have big oil sludge issues .Go to for more info.Be careful with dealer & warranty.Good Luck.
  • gatomcatgatomcat Posts: 1
    I purchased a 1999 Chrysler Concorde with a 2.7 engine, I now know I should have gotten a 3.5 engine instead, not long ago with 76,000 miles. I have not used it much but am starting to. When I have been driving it for a while & gets hot it will 'die' or 'stall out' at the light or when I slow down. Sometimes it will start back up or I will have to wait a few minutes before I try again. It makes no difference whether I have the A/C on or not. I have put a new battery in it and have had the positive battery cable checked. Another computer was installed and it made no difference. Can you give me an idea what I can do now.
    By the way I had trouble with the AC not working only to find out that the driver side front fan motor went bad and knocked out the current needed to get the compressor to work. Once I replace the fan I have had no problems.
  • You may have the problem fixed by now. If not go to message 1023
  • chiachia Posts: 2
    1997 concorde .. right turn signal went out.. replaced fuse still won't work, sounds like a buzzing in steering column. they want 350 to put in a kit. I can not afford this! Someone .. help
  • dan203dan203 Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure this out? I just started having the same problem, but I can not find a fuse specifically for the CD Changer.
  • I've got a '96 with 130,000 on a 3.3. I love this car, but I'm having fuel-line problems, too. I've been told to change the pump, but this doesn't seem like a mechanical problem to me.

    I can drive 70 miles without it acting up, then it'll start giving me fits. I can shut it off for 60 seconds and it'll stop with the fits. It's like rebooting a computer that gets jammed up.

    And it seems like it gets worse when the outside temperature -- not engine temp -- is hotter. Here's a for-instance: I work evenings. The outside temp is way up when I leave for work, I have to stop at least once and "reboot." Then it drives just fine. On the way home, after the sun goes down and the temp is down 15 to 20 degrees, I have absolutely no problem. I just don't understand this.

    The codes say I've got a downrange O2 censor failing. I don't know if this is related, but this seems more like a vacuum prob to me than a mechanical prob. A certified Chrysler mechanic friend says it's the pump. I just don't see it the same way. And here you've replaced your pump and the car still acts up. I don't want to spend a couple hundred, too, just to find out the pump wasn't the prob.

    Did you ever get a helpful response to your query, Ralph?
  • castorcastor Posts: 1
    I've already spent 2,000 dollars on a concorde '93. The evaporator was replaced and( I suspect either the mechanic is stupid or the car is just old) driving became hell. First, the car shuts down while driving, evaporator still didn't work, check engine comes on and disappears, the C, H , meter is in the middle is this safe? I just don't know what's wrong and I don't want to be taken as a sucker anymore by preying mechanics. Sorry Im woman and I really look dumb when I talk to them even if I pretend I know something. PLS HELP! btw, the gas balancer if that's what you call it was replaced, ignition was replaced, I already used fuel injector/booster. and still the engine shuts down. ">
  • well it all starts with information... go to the auto parts store and buy a good car book based on your year and model. Or better yet buy a dealership repair manual for your model and year. Then buy a plug in computer reader $50. Then you can read the computer fault codes. Next you will most likely start replacing sensors. Starting with those called out in the fault codes. Your manual will tell you where they are and exactly how to replace them. I found a bad crankshaft sensor in my car doing what you described.
  • Yip. A good manual is key. I like Clymer manuals: they tear the car down and record everything as they go, then print it for us backyard mechanics. They are money- and timesavers, and cost between $10 and $15. I will purchase one for my '96 this payday.
    Of course, Christian is right about the real shop manuals. I have hard time reading them, though.
    You seem to be experiencing the same probs with the car shutting down as I am. My engine light never goes off (a guy I work with has a '97 and THAT light never goes off, either).
    And fuel-injector cleaner, as well as STP-type stuff, didn't help at all.
    Questions: What's this evaporator you had to replace? And what's this "gas balancer"?
    If your temperature gauge is in the middle -- preferably just below middle -- you're fine. Mine stays just below middle unless I'm stuck in traffic, but I've never seen it go above middle.
    Also, every now and then when the engine gives me fits, the fuel gauge will just stop working. It will go to E and the little fuel pump will light up on the instrument panel and I'll be able to drive. It's friggin screwy.
  • My mechanic is having problems and I am too! I took the car to the shop to fix the AC. This required them to take out the entire dash. When I picked up the car, none of the dash gauges worked at all - no tach, fuel, speed, engine temp, etc. They have had it for a week and have not been able to determine the problem.

    Any suggestions?
  • None that would be of benefit to you, sorry, except one you've certainly already thought of: Try to make those idiots cut some biiiig slack on the cost of repairs b/c of their screwups. Good luck.
  • bigguy3bigguy3 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 04 Concorde Limited with 12K miles. I really like the car, but I got in it yesterday and it wouldn't change stations, go to cassette, or to CD. the sound controls worked on the steering wheel and deck, but nothing else. Any ideas?

    Also, is there a way to have the radio clock stay? The manual says take it to the dealer and they can fix it. If it is simple to do, I would rather do it.
  • ccastleccastle Posts: 2
    car has two cooling fans, two relays, a hi/lo and a hi, when the hi speed relay closes only one fan goes to hi speed the other drops out. If I pull the hi relay they both operate at low speed. Car has got hot two times this past week, though the temp. was pushing 100. Thermostat works ok. IS THIS NORMAL OPERATION FOR THESE FAN'S??
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    According to my 2000 service manual, the fans are two speed and simultaneously activated.
    The inputs to the PCM that influence fan operation are: Coolant Temp Sensor, Intake air temp Sensor, Output speed sensor, Transmission Oil Temp Sensor, and A?C Pressure Transducer.
    The PCM switches the fans on thru the two relays in ythe PDC, a low speed relay and a high speed relay.
    You may have a bad connection in the wiring between the two fan motors or a bad fan motor.
    A few jumpers would tell which.
  • Hi there,

    My wipers just stopped working. We once had a problem with the linkage having to be reattached. It doesn't make any noise when I try to turn them on. Could this be the linkage again? If so, where would I find it on a 93 Concorde to reattach it or could this be something else. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so I have to figure something out. Any help is appreciated.
  • Had the exact same problem with my '01 Concorde ... wipers were the only thing that stopped working. A neighbor told me to check for a blown fuse. That was the issue, and it turned out to be no big deal at all. 25 cents later the car was working fine again. Good luck. :)
  • That would be great. Where do I find the fuses in the car? Under the dash?

    Thanks. :)
  • My luck. Unfortunately, I checked the fuses which are on the lower left side of the
    dash and says fuses on it...and it's not the fuse. Checked if any of the wires were unhooked but they are all attached. I have a feeling it's the wiper motor. Any idea what I'd have to pay to get that changed? :(
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