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Chrysler Concorde



  • My 99 concorde lxi just did the following: car overheated to red zone while driving (and while parked), with and without AC on, when overheated began spewing freon from outlet valve on rear of compressor. I turned car off immediately. Any ideas?
  • Mine (99 Concorde LXi - 152k) just did the same thing - well first part. Had to replace both radiator cooling fans (assembly - $170 aftermarket). At some point one had failed and I had not noticed as the engine ran fine. The second one must have failed recently as my AC didn't work - turns out this fan (passenger side) also has the AC cooling coil.

    It was drivable in traffic, only with the heater on at full blast, pulling hot air from the engine.
  • ok my bro drove this car it begun over heating it was never driven while too hot , but it got close,, it sat for a few months , the fluids leaked out , when i put fluids in it drove nice , just that they leaked out over night , im around chicago, north burbs any one near by wanna check it out see if it can be fixed ? any suggestions on whats wrong ? please feel free to email me any inexpensive engines out there ?
  • Does anyone know the problem the computer is indicating? I turn the key on/off on/off and it blinked in a pattern of 3's. The car seems to be driving weird when I step on the gas and idles rough.

    Also my A TC unit gave me a code 36. Right now the Climate control unit isn't functioning at all. I change the fuse but it kept blowing. I notice water leaking behind the passenger side dash when I went through a car wash. I notice to drain area under the wipers was block by a plastic object so I removed it. No more leaks Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi, I'm new to the site and hoping I'm in the right place. I have a 2002 Concorde (obviously) with the 3.5 H/O and love it. Last weekend someone backed into the right front and damaged the fender, bumper and headlamp assembly. The only way to get at the headlamp is by taking off the bumper. Does anyone know where I can get how-to directions for this? The bolts aren't the concern, its the clips.
  • Hello. I have a 99 Chrysler Concorde LXi. This car drives great and everything seems to work perfect until in the middle of nowhere I have a problem.

    1st time: One day while driving through an intersection, it dies and I coast to the curb and it starts right back up and runs great for about 3 weeks.

    2nd time: The car wont start at all. I turn the key and it doent make a sound or do anything. Then after doing this 3 times, it fires right up and runs fine.

    3rd time: About another 3 weeks go by and I am on my way home from work and the car acts like it is going to die and jumps and then runs just fine.

    It has been running great ever since, but it has only been about 3 weeks. I have no idea what to do about all this. Can anyone give me any advice or tell me what it could possibly be? My gauges say everything is fine.
  • It may be the ignition switch (on the steering column). We had problems with our '93 not starting and our mechanic couldn't figure it out so we took it to the dealership. They knew what it was immediately because it was a common problem for that car. Our other mechanic was looking for the typical mechanical problems, not a switch.
  • Can Anyone tell me where the temp guage should read normally on a 2000 Concorde with a 2.7L engine? I just bought one with only 14K miles for $10K. I am worried I got a lemon. Temp guage reads between half and three quarters in normal driving with a 65 deg outside tempreature. Thanks.
  • What range does your guage normally show? I just bought a 200 and it seems to be between half and three quarters. Is this normal??? Thanks
  • Hi there,

    We took our Concorde into the dealer because the Heater/AC was turning on by itself full blast and try to turn on the AC which hasn't worked for years. Anyway, we asked them to check if this is possibly a sensor problem. They told us that it couldn't be the sensor and that it was probably the on/off unit that had to be completely replaced at an $800 price tag (parts/labour). We told them not to bother. We went to a scrap yard and bought a refurbished one for $200 and brought it to our regular mechanic. When they replaced it, it still did the same thing so they removed it and put the old one back in. We brought the part back to the scrap dealer and told them that it doesn't seemed to be that part as they told us that the part definitely works. So we bought a sensor to try out but that particular sensor wasn't it either. Our mechanic is going to put it up on the machine to see what it says because the dealer said they didn't see a sensor problem but we'd like to check with someone else. Has anyone came across this problem with the Concorde? :confuse:
  • I wonder if you ever figured that out because I am rebuilding an 04 chrysler and I can't figure out how to put a bumper on it. Did you have to buy a new headlight?
  • If anyone has any suggestions for me it would be great. I'm new to joining this site, yet I've been reading posts for a while now. I have a 2000 Chrysler Concorde LXI,(re-built transmission 2 weeks ago) and driving home the other day I got an all of a sudden grinding noise from my front left braking area when I brake. I am able to see the brake pads and they are not worn as I just put new rotors and pads on 3 months ago. So as I'm driving home and begin to accelerate, as I get to about 20 mph., I heard and felt something light and tinny almost fly out from the front left tire, but it was impossible to tell what it was. At that point the terrible grinding noise went away. 2 days later (yesterday), the grinding got so bad I'm afraid to drive the car... If it's not brake pads or rotor's, what is it?
  • My 2000 LXI temp gauge is just under a half, with it never going any higher that
  • My problems solved. The mechanic put it on a lift and saw that the knuclehead who last replaced my pads and rotors 2 1/2 months ago didn't completely screw in 2 caliper bolts, and the braking aparatus was rubbing on the interior rim, with no pad or rotor damage. $20 later I'm all better.NICE!!!!!
  • YES! I thought I was crazy! I thought mine was due to a short as the display to read the temperature does not always display either. Sometimes I can beat on the center of the car just above the display and it will display the temp but it is not necessary so I don't mess with it. Now my air will have cold air when it is on however it will not "blow" (fan not on) If I shut the driver door hard it will come on?!@#$%%

    Now my key will not turn and I came to this site to see if anyone knew if it is the cyinder or the switch? I am facing $250. One of the two have to be re-keyed after it is re-placed and I had to have it towed since I could not engage the key. Have you ever heard of this?
  • This is the second time I have been stranded this time I had to be towed in. My key will not turn and Yes I checked the gear shift and the position of the steering wheel. It won't even go into auxillary. Over the phone I was told it was eithe the switch or the cyliner and one of these two runs $48, $65 labor, re-keying around $50 and I paid $55 to be towed across town. I found and Ignition lock at Autozone for $31.99 however I am not sure this is what I will need? Any help!
  • This is the second time I have been stranded this time I had to be towed in. My key will not turn and Yes I checked the gear shift and the position of the steering wheel. It won't even go into auxiliary. Over the phone I was told it was either the switch or the cylinder and one of these two runs $48, $65 labor, re-keying around $50 and I paid $55 to be towed across town. I found and Ignition lock at Auto zone for $31.99 however I am not sure this is what I will need? Any help!
  • I recently bought a 2002 lxi wih a factory 4disc changer and steering wheel conntrols. However the radio is fried and i cant use anything. I tried looking for a new piece but only chrysler has the same exact part number and they want $500 for it. Does anyone know any part numbers for the radios that while fit this criteria?????? thankz :confuse:
  • have concorde lxi 3.5L. idles about 1700rpm in neutral and accelerator pedal acts sticky when engine temp gets higher than normal when stuck in traffic. 1700 rpm is the idle speed at normal operating temp. have already replaced throttle poitions sensor and idle air control thingy. is the next and only fix the intake manifold gasket? 118k on car now, intake gasket was replaced by dealer at approx. 42k. check engine is on but will more sensor replacements correct the problem or is only a deep surgery the method to correct the idle problem. tough to drive in the snow at 1000rpm in drive. some suggestions please.

    thanx, D
  • I have a ? I have a 1996 Concorde and love it I'm 19 by the way. Ok I have to replace a rod in my engine now I was wondering does anyone know how much that will cost and a place in FL preferred Orlando that would do it for cheap? In addition to that I want to eventually drop a new engine in her (my car) I was thinking a Mustang 50 engine but I think it might be to big I was just wondering if anyone knew if it would work or if I was right it can't be done. O by the way my car has over 160,000 miles I got her at 134,000 maybe 3 monthz ago going on 4. I love my car and I don't want to get rid of her cause I think I can get a good 3 more yearz out of her but she just needz a little work that and I can't afford another monthy bill plz help me out ^ ^

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