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Chrysler Concorde



  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Maybe your local library has Alldata or Mitchell manuals for on-site use through their computers-- online manuals, in other words.
  • I am a mechanic. This is pretty simple. You need to add brake fluid to the plastic brake fluid bottle under the hood near the firewall. That is why the "BRAKE" light is coming on. I'm not real sure why you bled the brakes??? You don't have to bleed the the brakes to change the rotors and pads. I would take your car to somebody that know how to bleed brakes, and have them do it to make sure all the air is out of the system. Air in the brake lines drastically reduces the braking power your Concorde has.
    Concerning the loose steering, you really need to get this checked out ASAP!!!! Look on any of the lemon sites, and type in Chrysler Concorde steering problems. Some of the LH platform cars(such as our concordes, intrepids, and 300's) had defective parts in the steering that break suddenly, and without warning. This obviously could be very dangerous!!!! As long as it is checked out and fixed, it's fine. Just one of those random design flaws that every car maker has. Hope this helped!

    God Bless,
  • I recently purchased a used 2000 LX 2.7 (58,300 mi) from a local dealership and am presently having it inspected right away for oil sludge buildup. Carfax records indicate vehicle service performed quite a bit, but not every 3k mi. interval is accounted for nor are there details on what service was performed exactly. Given the limited mileage for the age, I was wondering if there were other things below the surface going on. So far, the only things required were a keyfob reprogramming, power window regulator replacement, coolant flush, oil change (standard Castrol at the time because I didn't know how best to avoid this sludge issue), and a rotate and balance.

    Would a good preventative maintenance plan to avoiding sludge buildup include using, say, (1) Changing with Castrol GTX synthetic every 2,500 mi. (short trip driving is guaranteed at times and cold winters are almost guaranteed in most parts of the US, hence why the 500 mi. reduction from the recommended), (2) Replacing the PCV valve every 6 months to avoid accumulating too much crud at that point? (2) was recommended by one other tech I spoke with, as opposed to replacing the valve by the recommended schedule every 30k mi.

    I'm also interested in hearing about any explanations or advice about coolant leaks and the timing chain (o-rings, the chain itself, whatever). Obviously, if the coolant reservoir or water pump have a leak, then the most likely ensuing mix with the crankcase oil is setting the stage to kiss the 2.7 engine goodbye. So, outside of ensuring leaks aren't happening by following the recommended maintenance schedule to practically the letter, what else can be done about coolant- and timing chain-related problems?

    Thanks for your input.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    I'll comment on the lubrication: My recommendation would be to change the oil and filter every 3K miles. I have a 1996 3.5L V6 LSI Concorde, and I currently use Chevron Supreme 10W-30 in it.
  • walt5walt5 Posts: 4
    My '99 Concorde passenger's and driver's windows raise and lower but seem to be off not fit properly into window frame when raised...also, automatic children's rear dook lock started making very loud screetching noise when activated...can anyone help with these problems before I spend a bazillion bucks at my dealer?

  • My 1998 Concord will not start in the cold weather. I replaced the crank and cam sensors about 6 months ago when my car first wouldn't start. It ran fine up until a month ago, now when its cold outside thats all it will do is turn over but not start.
  • The best way to do the replacement is to subscribe to Alldata the cost is $24.95/year for the make and model your looking for and it will give you a detailed discription of the how to and pictures to back it up. I've done it on my 1999 Concorde.
  • i just had a waterpump and a timing belt put on my 1996 chrysler concorde lxi and i was told that it will take approx 4 plus hours and i was told that just the labor alone would cost me 325.00 is this an fair and accurate price.
  • thats alot of money you dont have anyone else that knows how to fix cars , i had my timing belt put on a 2000 chrylser concorde and while tey change the timming belt it's always good to change the water pump and thermostat, check around first don't always go with the first deal :shades:
  • jms1024jms1024 Posts: 3
    Recently (about last month or so) I've noticed that sometimes when I come to a stop and the car is idleing (idling?) that the oil light starts to flicker. Today, when this happened I held the brake down and reved the engine and the light went out.

    What is causing this? I change the oil regularly about every 6 weeks (I drive a lot).

  • mayra1mayra1 Posts: 2
    hello out there, can anyone tell me what is cousing my 2001 3.2 concord to take so long in starting? it starts fine if i start it up after a few minutes but if i wait 15 min or more i have to crank the engine 2 or 3 times to start after that i get a little black smoke smell of unburned gas but then the car runs fine! i had the crank position sensor , the cam sensor per my machanic also the manifold gasket to the tune of $550.00 bucks but it still does the same thing. this only happens at initial start/cold or after sitting 15 or more min. please,please,please someone help,i love this car!
  • Good Morning: I am trying to figure out how to remove and replace the trunk struts on my 01 Concord. I have removed the little plastic 4 prong clip and I had assumed the clip held the strut to the "ball" and the strut would just pop off. Guess I was wrong, it will not come off. What am I doing wrong?. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  • mayra1mayra1 Posts: 2
    im going to take you up on your offer, i own2001 concord lxi 92k on the odometer ive posted on 3/10/08 the problems im having , so feel free to check that out if you wish. when the car is sitting overnight and i go to turn it on,i have to crank it 2 or 3 times then at this point,it starts, but engine tuns slowly and black smoke (rich fuel) come out the tail pipe. after that the car runs kind of ok but has a little shake to it . i took it to the mechanic he said he had to replace a mnifold gasket because it had a vacume leak and that would solve my problem,well then he said the crank position sensor and the cam sensor would fix it to the tune of $550.00bucks. picked up the car,and now it runs alittle worse. on the highway between 60-65 mph it feels like a misfire and when i come to a stop,it shakes even more, i forgot to mention i have a 3.2 engine.HELP! HELP! PLEASE! THANKS!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    Go to auto zone and buy the struts and they will install them for free.
  • 1999 Concorde LXI for the last 3 months my car has had random problems.
    While driving with cruise on it will cut out. 1 time the car died and them restarted itself and remained in cruise. Now I am having stalling problems. It will just die when I'm stopped and when I'm driving down the road. It won't restart right away. I have to wait a few minutes then it will restart. I get the error code P 1684. Which is the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 starts. Which the battery has not. Does anyone have any suggestions??? This is driving me crazy. I have had it in and out of the shop many times. :mad:
  • skedeebsskedeebs Posts: 2
    Folks- I have not been able to find the part name or number for the hose that comes off the back of the crankshaft in my 1995 Concorde, and turns to the left and reconnects to the engine. I am not skilled with car repair, but simply want to buy this hose and replace it myself. I have a crack which has opened to a hole in the hose.
  • mr_haneymr_haney Posts: 1
    I have just been presented with the task of finding a used 3.5L engine for a friend of mine, and I am not having much luck. I would like to know the interchangeability with an older engine, say '94 and newer. The interchange notes I received are printed on a cash register tape, and there is little puntuation. From what I can read, '03-'04 "300M", "Intrepid", and "Concorde" enginse are all I have to choose from. I am not well versed in post 1970 Chrysler products, but I can read directions and use tools slightly more complicated than a ball-peen hammer.
    Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,796
    My wife drives a 1998 Concorde with the 2.7L V-6 and it has less than 53K miles on it. We bought it new.

    Any how, the issue is that when it rains the odometer, the gear indicator in the dashboard, the clock on the radio and the overhead computer flash together from less bright to very bright and back randomly for several minutes and then it stops for a while. I washed the car this evening and soaked the engine compartment intentionally so I could duplicate the problem which I was able to do. I killed the dash board lights altogether and then brought the brightness up slowly. The problem did not reoccur.

    Any thoughts welcome.
  • my engine light been on for like two years now. every time i take it to the shop they tell me a story like it is the cam shaft sencor.well i replaced it. cost me 145.then two weeks later it came back on. the oil light comes on the engine light and the steering wheel locks up. now i took it back. this time they say it is the spark plug. i repalced it. not before the car stalled and i have to call a towe truck cause i am in germany. it cost me 344euros which is almost 600 dollars. they locked at it at the shop and confirm it is the spark plug i paid an additional 83 euros which is close to 100 dollars. this car is pissing me off. does anyone out there have this same problems or is it that the mechanics here are ripping me off.HELP!!!!!!!!!! CAUSE THE ENGINE LIGHT IS BACK ON AND THE DUMB CAR LOCKED UP ON ME.
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