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Chrysler Concorde



  • Two days i ago i had the EXACT same problem. i also have a 2000 chrysler concorde. My speedometer had stopped working. As i continued to try and drive home, it died twice and my gas gauge also started randomly going up and down repeatedly. i have 104,000 miles on this car. if you could tell me what was wrong with yours that would be awesome. i'm so scared that this will be an expensive fix.
  • What do you guys think could be wrong with my car, stupid mechanic has had it for 5 days assures me he'll look at it tomm. I just had it in, inspection, oil change, new plugs, ect, I keep it very highly maintained, even the harmonic balancer expensive sucker got replaced, almost all on the car is replaced, it's a 2002 lxi, 187,000 miles. Ok it was running rough every morning but evened out, mechanic just said "old car" but Sat I stopped at a signal light, it was like I was rear ended! the car jerked, it was putting out white smoke from the tail pipe so assumed maybe gasket problem but when I went to go from the signal the car strained and finally jerked forward so I got into my driveway. It's at mechanics now. I don't wanna lost my car I can't afford another one. I'm so upset my birthday was yesterday and I got a rental car late in day had to get a ride, my chrysler dealer had a 01 concorde 8,000 for sale with 1 owner, 40,000 miles, I set up today test drive i wanted it, got there to find they sold it! I was so mad. So I have to fix my car I guess can't afford anything more than 8 grand. Think my car is fixable and how much to fix?
  • so i just got a 2003 chrysler concord limited. and i want to upgrade it performance wise. i was wondering if anyone has messed with chips turbos supercharger kits anything like that for this car. its a 3.5l v6.
  • i have a 2004 concorde lx 2.7. i recently had the battery replaced, the alternator was checked and checked out good. the problem is my headlamps and gage lights seem to pulsate only when i accelerate. during the day this is no bother but as you could imagine at night this is very troublesome. it does not do it when in neutral, the car has to be moving. i have been reading that these cars are notorious for electrical problems. any advise or info would be greatly appreciated.
  • dresordresor Posts: 1

    I have a 2002 Chrysler Concord. The rear defrost does not defrost. The light is on when I push the button, but it does not clean the window. Does this work from a fuse? Please tell me what to do to fix this.

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