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Buick Park Avenue



  • whoppiewhoppie Posts: 2
    I was interested in buying a pre-owned 1997 or 1998 PA, until i read all the postings about this car. I'm really disappointed right now! I kind of fell in love with this car, and i'm just tried of driving 4x4's! To add on to that,i looked at all the info about the PA on the NHTSA website!(Whoa!) Still, i feel the PA(ultra)is for me. So check this out, if i have a mechanic inspect the car, and buy an extended warranty(not necessarily from the dealer)would the PA be a smart buy? I live in milw,wi and i'm noticing a quite few PA's sitting on the Buick Dealers lots. Of course i would shopping around for the best price, and i would show them the research i've done on this car(not that they care,cuz salesmen don't!) Or just be honest with me, should i just bypass this car? Could you please help a brotha out! Any positive or negative responses in regards to this posting is welcomed. Oh yeah, all the PA's i've looked at have less than 30,000 miles of the odometer. I'll check back later. Thanks!

    Ps. Edmunds or whoever, thank you for this EXCELLENT website!!!
  • trenhamtrenham Posts: 1

    I bought a 1998 Park Avenue Ultra factory program car with 4000 miles on it, and currently have 28,000 miles on the car. It has been as reliable as the VW Jetta that the Park Avenue replaced. All cars will have some problems, I have had none of the problems listed above in the posts. I notice that in reading posts about the various cars and trucks on this site and in use groups, that very rarely will people take time to post something good about a car, but they will post problems they have. Kind of like the old treat a customer well and they will tell one other person, treat them bad and they will tell ten other people (and probably exaggerate as well).
    I have thoroughly enjoyed my Park Avenue Ultra, it rides great, accelerates like a banshee, is quiet and comfortable, has room for friends, family and customers and still gets an average of 24.5 MPG in mixed driving. Is it a boy racer? No, but you wouldn't expect it to be.

    Use the Edmund's site, shop diligently, and then enjoy your Park Avenue!
  • manteomanteo Posts: 2
    Yes, Whoppie, there is a Santa and he drives a Park Avenue! I found a 99 PA for 20 grand last Dec. I have really enjoyed this car. I didn't want a ultra because it needs premium fuel and the PA don't. But if you don't mind high gas prices, go for the ultra. Since you live up north you might want traction control. By the way, on a trip I average around 32 mpg highway. Beat that with some Japmobile.
  • fwidemanfwideman Posts: 1
    Have 85,000 miles. No problem other than replacing front breaks and tires. Also had a leaking water pump that had to have replaced. This seems to be a common problem. I love this car but it is leased and have to pay $3000 penalty. Would just as soon buy for residual price of $17,500 and drive for another 85,000 miles. Any advice on how many miles I can expect before I start having major problems?
  • '97 Park Avenue- Recently experienced engine failure. Dealer found a cracked intake plenum, which allowed coolant to enter cylinders, causing valve damage. Required valve job and new plenum. Fortunately I have a 75000 mi extended warranty and had 73000 mi at time of failure. Dealers maintenance staff were quite vague when I asked if this failure is common or if I might expect other problems caused by this. ( I believe the plenum is not metal but a kind of plastic) Anyone know if this failure is common? Could other damage have been done which I will have to face after the warranty expires? I am debating whether to sell the car and what to buy.
  • I just bought a 1991 Park Avenue from a neighbor who had driven it 94K miles. Mechanically it seems perfect. The finish looks like one of those "acid rain" cars, and the clear coat was deteriorated in an area about 2 square feet. The fabric beside the back window has rotted, but otherwise the interior shows almost no wear and tear.

    I like the quiet ride, but maybe it'll need new front struts before long. The engine is like new!
    The car has Michelin X tires, and I expect if past experience is any guide I'll probably never have to replace them as long as I own the car.

    I paid near retail which was probably a bit much, but the satisfaction of owning a really luxurious car that is all paid for is comforting.
  • I am considering purchasing a Park Avenue Ultra. I like the power of this engine but am hesitant about the cost of using premium gasoline recommended by Buick. Is it really necessary to use premium? What are the consequences of using a lower grade gasoline?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Yes, the engine has a supercharger and this makes it require premium.
  • bikerkenbikerken Posts: 2
    I've had my '94 Ultra for over 4 years now, and have never run premium grade. The only consequence that I am able to detect is maybe some knocking, but that doesn't happen very often. The supercharger seems to function great whenever I need it. It had 33K when I brought it, and now has over 91K, and runs like a top.
  • desertrat5desertrat5 Posts: 85
    We just traded our 99 Park for a 2000 Ultra. Other than the obvious differences, the Ultra seems quieter and more like a bank vault than the Park. I hope someone from Buick is reading this because I have a hard time understanding such a good car with
    1. A huge cover/door for a miniature glove box - the owners manual won't even fit
    2. A huge cover/door for the front ash try which is full after three sticks of gum.

    Other than those minor gripes, we love the car. I wish they would offer a selectable suspension - even with the Grand Touring, the car is too softly damped if one takes advantage of the engine on some of Arizona's more windy and undulating roads.

    If the mileage on the highway is as good as the Park, it will be outstanding. I was able to get 28-30 mpg on I10 between LA and Phx with the Park and that was with air and moving with the traffic.

    We are experiencing a groaning sound from the front when turning hard to the right at low speed. Doesn't happen when turning to the left. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Bob in Glendale, AZ
  • auzivisionauzivision Posts: 8
    I have a 99 Ultra that also makes a grinding noise when turning right at low speeds. Couldn't replicate it for the dealer though.

    I think it may have something to do with the brakes. It only seems to appear while or just after breaking and never while accelerating.

    I'm taking it back in next week and will let you know if I learn anything.
  • ctremper1ctremper1 Posts: 1
    What do you think is the better buy a
    1992 Park Ave Ultra with 63000 miles. for around 8995, or a 1993 Buick LeSabre with 68700 for around 6995.
  • bigbenmobigbenmo Posts: 2
    I've found a nice 94 PA at a local dealer. I've done my research but just curious what this vehicle would have sold for new back in 93. Does anyone know where I can find out what the Original Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price was?
    All the sites I look at tell me whate current model year prices are or what a used vehicle is worth now.
  • sgrizzardsgrizzard Posts: 2
    Warm restarts - intermittent failure. Dealership replaced ECM to no avail other than a light wallet. Suspect crank sesnor. How do you get the vibration dampener (balancer) off? Ice cream melting in the trunk at the grocery story.... it will get you there but you can't leave till it cools off. Help.
  • rfashtonrfashton Posts: 1
    This is a plug for the new park Avenue. I had a 92 Ultra with a Gran Touring suspension and sold it after 97K miles. Had some problems, mostly electrical - under warranty, but on the whole, the car gave good service once these problems were fixed. Now have a 2000 Park with the Gran Touring package, which was difficult to find. Plenty of power on regular gas and the handling is very good. After 4000 miles, only had the oil changed and there have been no problems. while this is early, this new Park is the best car I have owned. Got 32 mpg on two trips. The car is quiet, rides well and is respnsive when needed -- and it looks great. The heads up window display is a nice feature and the automatic windshield wipers are unbelievable. They speed up in heavy rain and slow down automatically when the rain level decreases. I wonder how they work?
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    That the Park Aves are losing sales to the new LeSabre here in OKC. LeSabre has same engine, newer chassis (shared with Gran Prix and Olds Aurora), same interior room, same engine and transmission. Can be optioned to close to 30K and bought for 27K loaded. The main difference is the trunk space is larger in the Park Ave by one or two cubic feet. Those of you looking at the Park Avenue may want to compare it to a LeSabre Limited. Same luxury and performance for 6 or 7 grand less. Auto wipers and seat heaters and all that available here also.
  • rcegglrceggl Posts: 31
    Had same noise on my 97 Ultra. Was, indeed a brake problem which they had a Tech Bulletin on--I imagine same problem now. Car has been good, but, wish there was a way to really communicate with Buick as there customer service people at the 800 numbers are shills. Found my leather upholstery to be the very cheapest in the industry and the seating quality itself to be extremely poor. Buick could care less.
  • mikey54mikey54 Posts: 1
    To those that are interested in the longevity expectations of this car, rest assured you will probably get tired of the car before it tires of you. My '88 has nearly 270K and I'm waiting till the wheels fall off in order for me to justify its replacement. I have had to change the water pump at about 90K and an alternator at 175K, same engine and transmission and until recently same top radiator hose. A recent vibration showed up during a long drive to Vegas that turned out to be a "Bubble" in the tire. Nobody found it at the tire store until I bent down and rubbed my hand over the suspected area....BINGO! Replaced the tire and all was well again. The car gets a consistent 23-26 MPG on low octane. Oil usage is nill...but changed along with its filter every 5-6K ( Hmmm, sometimes 7-9K). Interior is taking a beating especially the drivers arm rest...worn badly. The area where I rest my knee is dented showing the abuse it has received over the years.
    The electric windows in front wail in pain when rolled up...but that's the way they sounded a year after purchase so the car has trained me to ignore its protest. I painted the vehicle its original color at the 8 yr. mark.
    Original price of 17.4K has made this car a very attractive 12 yr. ownership. The reason that I'm seriously looking at the Lincoln LS is to change that which has been a similar interior package over the years with little if any real substantive change.
    In closing I can honestly say that this Buick's record will be very difficult to beat in trouble free service and reliability in "Body By Fisher" comfort.
    Switching to Ford? Hopefully not a mistake.
    Mike M.
  • rrf1339rrf1339 Posts: 2
    Have a new PA ultra 2000, now with 2100 miles, and I love it. Smooth, quiet, fast, comfortable. Only problem thus far is a creak from the driver's seat, which I am having looked at next week. For the money, I am convinced these cars are one of the best on the market. Features compare well to cadillac and lincoln at 10k less. With respect to the LeSabre, this car is roomier, especially headroom. I tried to get into a LeSabre and could not get my head past the roof overhang. Granted I'm 6'7", but that removed the LeSabre from my list. For those of more diminutive stature, I suppose it would be a tough call.
  • I bought a 91 PA two years ago with 89k on it. It's got 128k now and I love it. Options: everything ... it even combs my hair for me! I'll be buying a new one next year.
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