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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • I do love my Prizm a lot, and so far it rides beautifully. I feel much more at ease now. I was so apprehensive when I bought the car last week that he dealership called me yesterday to ask how everything was going! Thank you for responding to my post.
  • Is anyone out there having any problems with this light coming on. Mine has come on twice in the last 4000 miles and the dealer told me that it is that the gas cap was loose. It just came on again yesterday after another 700 miles and I know the gas cap is not loose because I pump my own gas with the engine shut off.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    while the U.S corolla only gets a face lift for 2001. Both japanese and European corolla get a total redesign.

    Here are links to Toyota's offical website in Japan.

    Interior shots:

    Exterior shots:

    The corolla is longer (5.3"), taller (3.4"). And it's $561.7 cheaper. Oh, and the engine is 135 hp (up 10 hp) using a updated version of the current 1.8L VVt-i engine.

    U.S probably will not get it until 2003. I wonder will there be a Prizm clone when it arrives. Enjoy.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    At the 2003 all new Toyota Corolla. Unfortunately, Chevy will dicontinue the Prizm model after the 2002 model year, since the all new "Delta" platform Opel based Cavalier will be debuting in Chevy showrooms in late 2002. But here is the kicker....

    Both current J-Body cars (Cavalier and Sunfire) will be finally discontinued after the 2002 model year. In 2003, the Cavalier nameplate will comeback once again under a totally different platform "Delta" and a car based on the upcoming German Opel Astra. The "Sunbird" name will be discontinued for good and Pontiac will get an entry level hybrid Sport/Station Wagon based on the upcoming 2003 Toyota Corolla. Both, the all new 2003 Corolla and the Pontiac/Toyota Corolla spin off model will be built in the same exact assembly line at the NUMMI venture GM/Toyota plant in Fremmont, California.

    GM will be completely revamping their sagging entry level offerings by marketing cars outsourced from Opel (Europe) and Japan based (Toyota). Like I said, unfortunately, Chevy will no longer get the Priz after the 2002 model year, but look for the all new Corolla wearing Pontiac colors. By the way NO CLADDING is projected for this Pontiac/Toyota hybrid wagon.

    Interesting times at GM....
  • may be coming on because of a vacuum leak -- that happened in my '00 Corolla about three weeks after I got it. They thought it was the gas cap too (apparently it's ultra-sensitive now because of Toyota's dust-up with CARB), but it turned out to be a vaccuum leak.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Yes, both Europe and Japan gets the 2003 Corolla shown in the pictures as 2001 model. they went on sale last week. But we have to waite until 2003 to get it. that sucks!
  • rkdgrkdg Posts: 1
    Yes I heard that too about the Fremont California plant discontinuing Prizms. Has this been displayed as a concept car? Hopefully it won't look like the AZTEK. I wonder if it would be worth waiting another two years for it. What is meant by CLADDING? Thanks.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    After discontinue making the Prizm, I heard that Toyota is planning on the facility to make wagon/SUV in 2003 based on the (new?) corolla.
  • won't be shared with the US - Calty will be designing our own version (thank God!). I'm sure it will be contented the way the new Japan-spec Corolla is, though -- much more luxurious with a similarly competitive price. The Japan-spec Corolla was designed in Europe and tweaked in Japan, and suffers from the slghtly wimpy look of the Prius and Echo.
  • Will the 2001 Prizm get a re-freshing? I checked out the Chevrolet Web site and It looked the same.
  • that Corolla in those pictures makes the one we have now look like crap.

    Why does the U.S. always get the shaft when it comes to good global cars?
  • was designed in Japan, and the European version looks worse. Don't worry, our version will look as good or (hopefully) better. I don't mind the front end treament, I just don't like the high profile and those wimpy wheelwell openings. It makes the car look like a transportation appliance instead of something you wanna get in and DRIVE. The interior is gorgeous, though.
  • I bought a new '00 Prizm about 4 months ago. It just sat around for a while though while I knocked out the last few miles on my 1984 Chevy Cavalier (it had 140,000). I sold my Cavalier then for $400 and started driving my new Prizm for work a few months ago. I drive a route for my company and I put on about 4-5000 miles a month. My Prizm now has 8,000 miles on it and it runs like a clock. I enjoy spirited (hard and fast) driving very much and my Prizm with it's vvt-i engine delivers without a missing a beat. Even after the torture I put this car thru, the idle is still silky smooth and the car rides and handles great. The only minor thing I have noticed is significant fade in the brakes after extensive use of them. I also average 30mpg with the 3-speed automatic. I see the news that Chevy is getting rid of the Prizm in 2002. Too bad, because it seems to be the most reliable car in their stable so far.
  • do everything in their power to not have to sell GOOD cars.

    They'd much rather sell hump-back NASCAR wanna-be's (Monte Carlo's), poor man's Lexus LX wanna-be's (Escalades), and hermaphrodite van/SUV's (Aztek). They abandon and fail to update potential gold mine car lines like the Impala SS, and Camaro, so they can divert resources to building cars no one really gets excited about.
  • just bought a '98 prizm, 3 spd auto with 28k. have now taken it in to the dealer (still under warranty) for the 3rd time for this "check engine" light. 1st time they said "replaced transmission switch." 2nd time "adjust parking gear lever." waiting to see what 3rd time yields. anyone had similar problem or suggestion i could pass on to the dealer?
  • shishi Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 Prism. On the gas cap, a car usually has a gas cap and a spring loaded "flap". On mine the "flap" is not there. Dealer told me there is none for the 2000 Prism. Should I believe them? Do you guys see this also?
  • no flap, but there is a nifty slot on the fuel door for your gas cap when you take it off. Try it next time. Fits real nice but is sometimes subject to falling off.

    Most would agree a tether is better.
  • I have a 2000 5 - speed Prizm, with cruise. When I come to a full stop the cruise completely cancels out and will not resume when I get back up to highway speed, and I have to reset it. The dealership tells me this is the normal design. Other vehicles I've had will resume on command. I think I'm getting a hose job? Or are they right?
  • If Calty is designing the face-lift for the next
    Prizm, then we are in very good hands. Although
    not the same class as this car, they did an
    incredible job with the '00 Celica.

    If GM ditches the Prizm eventually, it is 100%
    their loss. Somehow, I think we will always be
    able to buy a Corolla. I don't see Toyota canning
    the undisputed, bulletproof, King of Reliability.
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