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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • sighsigh Posts: 2
    I don't know if it's been aligned lately but it goes down the road straight as an arrow with no pulling what-so-ever. I don't think it's a tire balance problem either because the guy I bought it from just put new tires on it, also unbalanced tires shake at certain speeds whether you accelerate or not I think, mine will shake the whole time I accelerate...

  • shishi Posts: 6
    How about the universal joint on the axle
  • ravramravram Posts: 7

    I have been reading all the posts, and this sounds like such a great little car! No wonder I'm buying one on April 2nd..... :-)

    Anyway, please bear with my stupidity, but when you get ANYTHING done on these brand new cars--you take it back to the Chevy Dealeership, right? I'm only asking because of post #380 about the coolant. I hate to feel like a retard, but I have never had a brand spankin' new car.....the closest I've had was a 1999 bought in 2000 with 14K miles on it....

    Also, another weird question, does anyone have (or know where to find) written down, blow by blow maintenance schedule (for dummies like me!)??
    For example, it would say like:

    1,000 miles Oil Change
    3,000 miles Oil Change, radiatior flush,
    5,000 miles Whatever.....

    And on, and on, and on.....

    Any advice/help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Ramona - Hi! I too am joining your new 01 Prizm club. Picking up new LSi up in 4 days. Great deals available out there (Twin Cities area). Got a silver $17,000 LSi (window sticker) for $13,000 even. Got the $1,500 factory rebate (good till April 2), dealer down close to invoice, and then another $1400 off with the GM card. All stock LSi 5spd., with CD and alloy wheels as only options. This one has Goodyears on it (not the less desirable Firestones). Looking forward to driving this reliable sedan, hoping to get 37 to 40 mpg (41 mpg highway rating) on my daily highway 142 mile round trip commute (4 days/week). Also, considered the Mazda Protoge, but the so/so mileage was the turn off, and then the Corolla quality won me over to the well made Prizm. Ramona & others: - The low coolant situation should be taken care of under warranty by dealer. The owners manual should list the maintenance schedule for oil changes etc., in the back somewhere. With my 98 Geo Metro I had been going 6k to 7k miles between Mobile One changes. Used no oil at all with 78k miles on the clock. Reliable car, is up for sale now. Concerning the question of the 93 Prizm with shaking - Get it up in the air and spin all tires by hand and observe for a rim wobble or tire wobble or bobble. Likely is one of these two, even with the new tires mentioned. Also, try to shake all wheels back and forth and up and down also, to check for loose joints or excess bearing play. You should find the problem. If not have balance re-checked, and go from there.
  • ravramravram Posts: 7
    Thanks for the response!

    I am so fed up with my current car--a 1999 Kia Sportage EX, 4X4. I bought it last July and have had nothing but problems with it! It has been in the shop at least once a month.... What burns my a** is that I was stupid enough to believe that I was buying a "reliable" automobile--yeah right! I can rely on seeing the service department once a month! Anyway, to make a horrible story even worse, I am "upside down" on the payments--meaning I still owe 13K on the car, and the most I have been able to find a dealership to give me for my POS is 10K. Sheesh! The Chevy Dealership here in Ann Arbor MI is really great, and they are trying really hard to work with me--the Prizm has the best lease special that I can find right now. I have been trying to sell my car by myself for almost three months now--NO CALLS!!! So, I am cutting my losses.....Then, even WORSE, my car totally would not start at all last night--I ran errands all day, came home around 1 pm, then had to go back out at 5 pm, and surprise, surprise, my POS wouldn't start! I had this problem last November and December--I would go somewhere and come out 5 minutes to an hour later, and it wouldn't start. They fixed it before Christmas, and now, it's acting up again. I CAN'T WAIT TO TRADE THIS IN!!!!! I don't even want to list all the things that have gone wrong with this car (at only 22K miles no less!) because I will just work myself up into a rage and go postal on a co-worker!!! Suffice to say, I will be sooo happy when I get into another car!

    Also, you mentioned the special only going on until April 2nd??? I was told by Rampy Chevrolet, here in Ann Arbor, that the special is STARTING on April 1st. Are they lying to me?

    Thanks for reading and sharing!

  • uis00snuis00sn Posts: 18
    Does anybody know how many up that car has? It was the last version before the re-design.

  • uis00snuis00sn Posts: 18
    Sorry, meant to say 'Hp' (horsepower)...
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    I believe it was right around 120 HP in 1997. I know that I was told by dealer that the new variable valve timing technology in the newest Prizms added 5 HP making the current 125 HP. Makes for a pretty peppy car, since it only weighs in at 2400 lbs. - Dave -
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Ramona - I checked the rebate and incentive section of this Web Site, and it still says $1500 until April 2. However, your dealer may know about up coming rebates (not announced yet) and be basing his statements to you on that. If I were you I would just phone another Chev dealer in your area, express and interest in a new Prizm, and inquire about current and future rebates. Ramona - Sorry to hear about your Kia Sportage problems. You may need to advertise it in a wider area, and with different mediums (Web, Auto shoppers, another big paper, for sale signs in window and park at local mall as much as you can). If it is still under warranty, I would stress that in your advertising. -Dave-
  • uis00snuis00sn Posts: 18
    Thanks Dave.
  • ravramravram Posts: 7
    Hit enter by accident, sorry.....

    Anyway, thanks for all the information!

    Well, I don't have to worry about the POS Kia anymore--although, kunze1, I did try everything to sell this thing, flyers at my work, and everyone else I know--their work too, flyers in the window, and the magazine, all local newspapers, etc.....

    I picked up my new Prizm last night--from a different dealership than in Ann Arbor. To think of the mess I could have gotten into with those people! And, now I KNOW for a fact that they were lying to me--they told me that the rebate didn't START until the 1st of April--and come to find out here that it ends on the 2nd!!! I came sooo close to being screwed! Thank GOD I found a good dealership--and this one is right by my house, so I'll be close by for oil changes and such (hopefully, not much more than that!) I'll have to update in a couple of months, because of course, everyone loves the car brand spankin' new.....

    Thanks to everyone for listening to my grumblings, and for all the help and advice. This site is great!

  • I bought a 2000 Chevrolet Prizm with a lot of apprehension. This was my first brand new car purchase. I wanted to make sure that it would be the right one. I already owned a 1994 Dodge Caravan SE and needed a car with good gas mileage to get to and from work.

    I looked at the Saturn S wagon, Ford Focus Wagon and Ford Escort, Dodge Neon, and Chevy Cavalier, before I looked at the Chevy Prizm. I wanted to look at the Toyota Cars, but my wife did not want anything from Japan. So to appease us both, I went with the Prizm.

    I got a 3 speed automatic for $13,800 with a five year 60,000 mile warranty. I have 9500 miles on it now, and life could not be better. After the last oil change (at 9000 miles), the oil was almost like new. The car drives great, and has surprising power for a 4 cylinder engine. The engine is quiet, even at start up, and I get around 25 miles to the gallon in bumper to bumper Houston traffic.

    I have only have two complaints about the car, but they are my own fault. One, a rear window defogger. I did not know it was not standard on the car. And two, power door locks. It is a pain to reach around to unlock doors for kids. Other than that, I am 100% happy with this vehicle. I hope that this will be my son's first car when he turns 16, 10 years from now.

    It is a shame though that Chevrolet is phasing this car out. I think it is the best car they have. It makes the Cavalier look silly.

    I hope this helps anyone thinking of buying a Prizm.
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Whew!!! That was a close one Ramona! Close, concerning your factory rebate situation and the April 2nd expiration date. Glad it worked out for you! Typically there will be other rebates offered later in the year, but " a bird in hand is worth more than one in the bush". Did you trade your Kia in? (Couldn't tell for sure from your post.) Hope you unloaded it OK. What Prizm and equipment did you get?

    I just picked up my new silver with alloy wheels Prizm LSi 5 speed tonight, celebrated at Chi Chi's with my wife, and then drove home 60 miles. Sharp looking, and wow, what a smooth running and driving little sedan! More impressed now than my initial dealer test drive, and very peppy too! I like the way the RPM's drop down low at highway cruising speeds (did not do this well, on a Mazda Protoge I test drove, so no wonder the Protoge is only rated around 30 mpg on the highway). The new Prizm gas gauge was still above full when I got home, so that is a good sign. Concerning tires, before purchase, I had noticed some LSi's on the dealer lot had Firestone, and some had Goodyear Integrity tires. I then looked at the Tire Rack web site to compare the ratings of the Firestones to the Goodyears. The Goodyears were rated a little better in just about every category (wet and dry traction, snow, etc.) so I requested they swap out wheels, tires, and all from another Prizm to get the Goodyears. This they willingly did, and gave me the Goodyear warranty paper work. With the LSi (and with either tire) one gets little wider tire P185, instead of the P175, so road handling should be a little improved, over base Prizm. Since I put on at least 145 miles a day (4 day work week) I should have on about 600 miles by this time next week. (Unless I just go out and drive it around for fun this weekend!!!!) Found out the Chev dealer has factory mud guards available, so may invest in some soon.

  • jfranks1jfranks1 Posts: 1
    We just bought a used 1999 prizm lsi and love the car. it is still under warranty. As i was checking out the trunk I noticed water in the driver's side, right behind the wheel-well. The cover over the spare tire was not wet at all, only under it. I dried it up and then the next rain filled it again. The car was not driven before the 2nd incident. Would anyone know what is happening. thank you in advance.
  • ravramravram Posts: 7
    Hello all!

    kunze1, sorry my earlier post was not so clear...

    I did take a HUGE loss on the Kia, but I was expecting that. The problem was, I owed close to 3.5K negative balance on the POS, and I only had $500 to my name. So, with the rebate, I only had to go over the price of the Prizm by $1500. I probably could have tried to bargain with the dealership (which, by the way, is a great place! University Chevrolet, in Ypsilanti MI.) but too bad I had NO leverage--I just needed to unload the Kia ASAP! Hopefully, I have now learned my lesson, and will never be in another situation like this. I am a bargain shopper by nature, so I wish I could have bargained for this car, but oh well.....

    The sticker price was $15,795, for the basic Prizm, 5 speed, medium red color. The funny thing is, it has power nothing, but it does have a sunroof and cruise control. Weird!

    Anyway, I don't know how they worked everything out, (and I personally couldn't care at this point--I just hope it's not another lemon...) but I walked out of there with the new car after putting $500 down only, and my payments (including tax, title, etc...) are at $294.51 a month. I know, I know, I wanted to keep them under $250 a month (was paying $350/month for the Kia) but it was physically impossible, with how much negative balance I had on the previous car. I don't know how good of a deal this is or not, but like I said, I was in no position to bargain with them, and I got rid of my POS Kia, and I am driving a new car, while paying off the stupid negative in 3 years. The other dealership in Ann Arbor, on the other hand, kept telling me to BUY a car (yeah right! Get into even MORE years of payments than I'm in right now?!?!?!? HA!), dragged their feet on paperwork for a week, and they came up with some outrageous figure of $380 per month, with $2700 down. Buddy, (I said) if I had that kind of money, I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in right now!!! So, I pretty much told them to go fly a kite. On a side note, I also think I have a stalker from that bad dealership. The salesguy called me (after I had bought my Prizm from the good dealership) wondering if I had any family members that worked for GM, that they would try to work with me and get me a deal, blah, blah, blah. Ya know what? It was the most satisfying thing in the world to tell him that they blew it, and I was already driving a new Prizm, WITH the deal that I wanted, and I did it in ONE DAY!!! He just kept sputtering about how that was an impossible deal, and how'd they do that, and on, and on, and on..... So what, I'm a liar now? Puhleeze, give me a break. Well, I think he is stalking me because since that converstaion, I have 5 other voicemails at work. I don't think I will be calling back.....

    But, I know what you mean about the gas guage! I got the car on Thursday with 12 miles on it, it now has 170 miles, and the needle is barely at 3/4 tank! This is great! My boyfriend was laughing at me and calling me "Base Model", and I told him to just drive it, and then see. Well, since then, he has wanted to go places all weekend, and "spare" me from driving in the traffic and bad weather (it's snowing here in Michigan right now...) Yeah, right! My little egg beater is pretty fun to drive, base model or not! :-) Let's hope it keeps on goin' strong--I'm freaked out after owning that lemon Kia POS!

    bk_furman, where did you hear that they are phasing the car out??? Eeek! Just my luck, I find a car that is great, and it will be discontinued--Madonn' Mia!!!

    Once again, thanks for listening (reading) and sorry for the super long posting....

  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Mona - Glad to hear you got out from under your Kia and ended up with monthly payments under $300! Sounds like to me you did pretty good, unless your payments go on for life! Your Prizm sounds super nice with the sunroof (come on summer!) and the cruise control, to help keep you under the speed limit. The 5 speed will save you some gas money. Sounds like you found a good dealer, and, if you have concerns about the other salesman (harassment), I would call the dealership and ask to talk to the owner or manager about it. That kind of stuff is totally uncalled for! Enjoy your new Prizm this week, as will I!
  • kneehowmakneehowma Posts: 17
    Sorry, this is an old news. But I just found out that GM is going to discontinue Prizm after 2002 model year. :( What's GM management thinking?! Maybe I should go buy another one next year for my aging parents because it's such a nice, easy-to-drive, reliable car. Sad to see it go....

  • thegrog3thegrog3 Posts: 6
    I was in an accident on 3/19/01. My car has only 69,000 miles on it and is in immaculate condition. The repair estimate is around $4,500. Kelley Blue Book says the retail value is $5,090. My lawyer says Allstate is offering a little over $3,800. The only major problem that has gone wrong is an alternator. I also have an extended warranty through AAA that is good til 75,000 miles or July 2002. Any ideas to back me up that they should fix my car?
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    I believe you should hold out for full blue book value, as that is only fair, to cover your potential replacement costs, when you attempt to find a similar, good vehicle. That is why you put out good money monthly, so they will fully cover the risk. You know what you have with that 93 Prizm, as you have maintained it, and expensive surprises should be minimal. Remind them that you want to be able to continue to reccomend All state Insurance and agents to your friends, and to the thousands of readers of internet automotive forum chat groups like this. I, for one am already getting a very bad impression of this mufti-million dollar company, just reading your story. Is this their idea of public relations? If you go out and replace the vehicle you still won't have the warrantee coverage, unless you spend more good money, and re-purchase it on another vehicle. That value will just, be lost, if they don't re-build, so remind them of that.
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