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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Very happy to report 37.6 mpg on my first tank of gas in my brand new 2001 Prizm. The car is the 5 speed, and the driving was about 85% hi way, and the rest in and through small towns, on my way to work, and over a period of 3 days. During this time I was trying to vary my traveling speed on the hi way from 50 - 75 mile per hour, to get a better break in. Still hoping for 39 to 40 mpg range, once break in is complete. Car is a very smooth and peppy runner, and is fun to drive! Looks like the Prizm is going to be an economical, and excellent "step up" choice from my 1998 3 cylinder Metro. (It is now for sale.)
  • Hello,

    Does anybody know where I can find performance suspension parts for the Prizm? I have a 2000 Prizm LSi 5-speed and it's a great car. I'd like to upgrade the handling though...I think the suspension is a little too soft and would like to add new springs and shocks...The trouble is I haven't been able to find anything...

    I have seen some listings for Eibach and H&R Springs for the Toyota Corolla, however. And, as we know, the Prizm and Corolla are built in the same factory in Fremont, CA. and are for the most part, the same car.

    I haven't been able to confirm or deny that a set of springs/shocks for the Corolla will work on the Prizm. I even called H&R and they couldn't help me.

    Any ideas?

    PS. For anybody wondering why I find the Prizm suspension a bit soft, the car I had before the Prizm was a Golf GTi which I had for 10 years...

    Thanks in advance..
  • cpzhangcpzhang Posts: 16
    Hi, I am looking at a 97 Geo Prizm. This car has 62k, auto, AC, Cass, looks very good and drives very well. I ran a VIN check, no problem was reported except for that it was a rental car from 1997/02 to 1999/09. I am a little worried about it. The dealer offered me $5700. Suppose this is a very reliable car. But a rental worries me somewhat.
  • Re this post: bk_furman Mar 30, 2001 1:02pm

    I looked at the Saturn S wagon, Ford Focus Wagon and Ford Escort, Dodge Neon, and Chevy Cavalier, before I looked at the Chevy Prizm. I wanted to look at the Toyota Cars, but my wife did not want anything from Japan. So to appease us both, I went with the Prizm.

    You made a very good choice. FYI for your wife though...Prizms and Toyota Corollas roll off the same assembly line in California. I'm sure there have been other posts about the joint venture between GM and Toyota which spawned the Chevy Nova and Geo Prizm. Don't let misguided concerns about baseball and apple pie and the "good old US of A" stop you from considering a "Japanese" car in the future.

    I've owned Geo Prizms (and Chevy Novas before that), knowing all the while they were basically Toyota Corollas with an American flag on 'em. And unlike 100% "American" cars in the same price range (especially the Cavalier -- a dogmobile if ever there was one), your Prizm/Corolla will actually love you back! :-)
  • squeak6squeak6 Posts: 28
    Hello all...

    I have a 98 Prizm ( 5-speed) with 97,000 miles.... I know, I do drive a lot... I have had no problems at all... I change the oil every 3,000... get my tune up's every 30,000 I wanted to know the following:

    * how do I do the gas cap trick? I lost my gas cap and the check engine light came on... I purchase a new gas cap and the light is still on...

    * I'm only getting 32 mpg... what can I do to increase my mpg...?

    * do I need to do any special service soon...?

    * does this car have a timing belt...?

    * any other suggestions...?

    as always thanks for your help...
  • tgrautgrau Posts: 1
    Hi gang,

    I have a 1999 Chevy Prizm with about 47,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, because of the mileage my car that is less than 2 years old is outside the warranty period (3/36). About a week ago the transmission (3 speed automatic) went on me, and I had to eat a $2,500 repair bill to have it rebuilt (bad valve body if that means anything to you). The guy at AAMCO suggested I contact GM to see if they would cover some/all of the cost since the car is still fairly new despite being out of warranty. I just wanted to know if anyone has run into similar problems and/or if you have any advice on how to convince GM to pay for this repair. I would appriciate any advice. Thanks.

  • cpzhangcpzhang Posts: 16
    I just called a mechanic asking for the price for a timing belt change on my 97 prizm with 62k. But he told me that it is a timing chain, I do not need to change it till the running condition is really bad. Any owner out there could give me advice?
  • nqhnqh Posts: 1
    In a jam ... can I cram 3 baby seat across the back of a Prizm?

    Please don't tell me to get a mini van, I have a maxi van.

    I can always disable the front air bag and put one up front. Hard to give up the mileage and buy an Impala.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The 97 Prizm has a timing belt. The 98 and newer models use a chain.

    You will probably find it difficult to fit three infant seats in the back of any car the size of a Prizm - they just aren't wide enough.
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Sqeak 6 - You don't say if your 32 mpg is mostly stop and go city driving or not. If that is what about one half of your driving is, then you are probably in the ball park for a 5 speed. If your driving is 90% highway, then you should expect around 35 to 39 range, according to my experience. (I got 37.5 on my first 3 tank fulls of a new 2001 5speed, with 90% highway, and traveling about 60 to 65 mph.) To improve mileage, try changing your air filter, slow down a little, and shift sooner than you do now, anticipate braking, and start to slow down sooner (brake less). Also, check tire pressure often, with a good gauge, and keep up to maximum recommended pressure (or error 1 to 2 lbs to the high side)that you see inside the glove box. Always travel with the windows up, and use the air conditioner minimally. Good synthetic oil may help, but very little.
  • squeak6squeak6 Posts: 28
    WOW you drive 60 - 65 mph.... I wish I could drive that slow.... I just came back from Orlando which is about 218 miles from Miami... and I was getting passed doing 85 mph.... my check engine light went off... after about 150 miles on a full tank... ( I did the turn off and on trick )... my 98 prizm now has 99,000 miles.... this car runs good... * any thoughts on what I could do to keep it running so good....?
  • zemmy2zemmy2 Posts: 5
    Ask the dealer about help on your transmission bill. They have an unwritten rule on helping with things like this if you are the original owner. They will probably have to explain the situation to the regional manager who will make the judgement. If you are not the original owner they won't waste their time.
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    Just to let you all know, the molded black mud guards for the 2001 Corolla fit my 2001 Prizm just fine. Cost $67 at the local Toyota dealer. All of the existing screw holes line up just fine for attachment, so no drilling is needed. (You must remove the thin black plastic fender lip liner off of the edge of the rear fender lip opening.) Chevy has mud guards available, but I passed on those, because they only come with the white Chevy emblem. I have no problem owning a Chevy (I have a 99 Lumina in addition to the Prizm), but I see no need to call attention to the mud gaurds with something white on them, plus the white is also bound to take extra effort to keep clean.
  • wallywyowallywyo Posts: 3
    A local dealer has a 96 LSI listed in the paper. They say it totally power, auto, has 74000 miles and they are listing it at $6990. I need to check on a couple of details with them as if it is a 3-speed or 4-speed and a couple fo other features.

    I cheked both Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book on prices and have a problem -- Edmunds list it at $5795 and Kelly Blue Book list it at $7670. this dealership does not negotiate -- company policy -- they let you know the price and that is that. So what price do I go by?

    I own a 90 Geo Prism Hatchback and loved it -- wish i hadn't sold it. If it is a 3-speed is there anything I need to be aware of beside noise at high speeds?
  • drmeyerdrmeyer Posts: 3
    I have the opportunity to buy a 99' Prizm baseline with 3 spd. A/T. It has 39,000 miles and dealer is asking $6,500 for it. I'm wary about 3 spd. A/T. I'll be using it for work purposes driving a 5 day 100 mile roundtrip commute, 99% of the time on highway. Give me your thoughts on that matter.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    You don't want the 3-speed for highway driving. Find one with a 4-speed automatic - it will be quieter and deliver better mileage in your commute driving.
  • charlincharlin Posts: 7
    I'm considering a loaded 98 Prism lsi for my teenage son because it has abs and side-air bags besides the things he wants such as cd, sunroof, alloys, and black metallic exterior.It has 32K miles on it. However, it has the 3 speed auto tranny. The owner's asking $9800. Any comments or recommendations? Would it hold it's value very well for 3-4 years?
  • rwfrwf Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced a growling noise in the front when you come to a stop? It occurs only while braking and speeds less than 3mph when coming to a stop. The sound is quite noticeable and occurs 40% of the time while braking. I can feel it in the steering wheel

    I replace both Vs, both disc brakes and out of ideas.

    Mechanics can't find it
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    I personally will not deal with any dealers who have a policy of not dealing. (There is way too much competition out there to sell cars, for me to walk away from a chance to save $1000.00 or so, by shopping around and getting several dealers seriously working to earn my business.) I believe the 96 you mentioned is really not worth more than $6000, and this is especially true if it is the less desirable three speed auto. With the price of gas going up and the mileage you may be driving I would hold out for the 4 speed auto, or a 5 speed stick.
  • kunze1kunze1 Posts: 19
    The 98 LSi with 32k miles is about $500 high in my opinion. Sounds like a nice car. Should be able to buy for $9300. In three years or so, if well taken care of, and with 85k miles, you should still get approx. $5700 out of it. However, teenagers as a whole, don't have a good track record for properly caring for a car as a long term project. If it is routinely abused and neglected, all bets are off, and you may end up with a value down in the $4000 range rather quickly.
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