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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,666
    Does it have a small button on the gear selector below the lock-out button? If it does not, then 3 speed.
  • no it does not, was the overdrive not available for 3-speed and standard on all 4-speeds?
  • morin2morin2 Posts: 399
    See my message #890. I have the same transmission as you do. The 4-speed is the same tranny as the 3-speed on Prizms and Corollas with the addition of the 4th gear which some call "overdrive". The button on the driver's side of the shifter is to lock out this overdrive for steep hills, etc. Most of the used Prizms and Corollas I looked at were 3-speeds. I don't know if this is representative of the general population of Prizms/Corollas or just the ones for sale. Had I bought new, I would have gotten a 4 speed auto or 5 speed manual, but I bought this one used with a 3 speed because it was a good deal otherwise. If your driving is mostly city or short distance, it doesn't matter, but the 4 or 5 speed would be better on the highway (for fuel economy and engine noise).
  • dxpiandxpian Posts: 1
    I just bought a 96 Geo Prizm LSi, and it's a real nice car, everything's working fine, except the cruise control's acting a little weird. You know how normally when you set a speed and wanna cancel it, you can either hit cancel or simply step on the break paddle, correct? Well, when I wanna slow down after I cruise for a little while and step on the break, there's this little clicking sound going on when I hit the break. It's just this one click that's it, does that sound normal to you guys? Or something's going wrong? :confuse:
    I'd really appreciate your help!
  • I have a 1993 Geo Prizm with 234,000 miles, 5 speed. You are probably wondering why I would complain about anything on this car but I want to keep it for one more year and need some guidance. I have a cracked manifold. I have changed manifolds three times since purchasing this car and want to know if it is time to give the car a fond farewell or fix it. Other than the cracked manifold and a few shakes and rattles (not sure why it is happening), all is well with my little honey. Please give me your best car advise.
  • mt700a1mt700a1 Posts: 53
    Cracked exhaust manifold is a known problem with these cars. I had one with a cracked manifold for years and the car ran a bit loud but otherwise fine. Don't worry about it unless there are no other symptoms like overheating or emissions test failure.
  • mt700a1mt700a1 Posts: 53
    Has any of you tried to fit a newer OEM stereo for Prizm (w/CD) into an older car? Will it work? I have a 94 Prizm and want to know if a CD player from 98 or other years would fit.
  • iupui95iupui95 Posts: 2
    How can I tell if I have an Lsi or regular version Prizm?

    VIN #?

  • iupui95iupui95 Posts: 2
    on your prizm?

    If yes, opinions?

  • Will the Prizm ever return?
    What about 2008? That would be new Corolla time.

  • Our '93 Prizm w/ 164K recently started stalling out suddenly and repeatedly during my wife's commute. Suddenly, as in, bang, it's dead. Repeatedly, as in 6 times in a three-mile commute. When it dies, it will start up again with a few cranks. Sometimes, if it stalls when moving, it will start up again if I let the clutch out, and then put it in again, which seems very odd.

    I put in a new air filter, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap + rotor, and it seemed to be fine. She drove it to her sister's house three hours away, with no trouble. This morning, during the commute, it's stalling again.

    I'm guessing it's fuel pump-related, maybe electricity to the fuel pump, because it's either running beautifully, or it's dead. And I'm getting close to the limits of my mechanical abilities.
  • mt700a1mt700a1 Posts: 53
    This may sound dumb but did you check the battery cables carefully? If the radio and all other electrical equipment quit also when the car stalls it is possible that the battery has a loose connection which fails intermittently. Another thing is the gas cap. If the tank does not vent properly it may create negative pressure inside. This pressure will make it difficult for the fuel pump to pump gas out of it. When your car stalls you might want to loosen the gas cap and see what happens. If you hear the air get sucked into the gas tank with "whoosh" sound you know the tank is not venting. Fuel pump is definitely a suspect but I'd check for chaper solutions first.
  • I definitely get the sucking sound when removing the gas cap for a fill-up. I'll try loosening up on it, but I'm pretty sure that when the car stalls, all the electrical stuff goes out with it. I haven't had it happen while driving at night yet, tho, so I'm not positive. I'll try working the battery cables around tonite.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  • I have a 2000 prizm & the exhaust manifold needs to be replaced.

    Is that a do it yourself job?

    It appears it involves taking the heat shield off, unscrewing the old one, putting the new one in with a new manifold gasket, screwing it back in, then screwing the heat shield back on.

    It doesn't even look like you need to jack up the car to do it.

    Is it something I could do right in the driveway?
  • buelmcbuelmc Posts: 1
    1995 Geo Prizm 126,000 miles on it (Just broke in) Every Morning regardless of the outside tempature I have to almost totally depress the gas pedal and then play with it to get it to run. After it is warmed up it runs fine. Acts like it has a Bubble in it. I had the heat sensor replaced last week. Fuel Filter? If so where is that located, Gas Cap? Acts almost like it is vapor locking until it gets warm
  • chadichadi Posts: 1
    does a 93-97 corolla front bomper fit on a 93-97 prizm...i like the design of the corolla one better...and i am wondering if all the bolts and screws line up...and if the dimensions are the same...
  • nitenite Posts: 1
    my wifes 98 prizm the horn dosent wok... i found the wire up by the steering wheel and when i ground the wire the horn works so i am assuming the problem is the horn button... the question i have how do i take the air bag off with out doing any damage to it so i can get to the horn button...thanks in advance

  • crw7crw7 Posts: 5
    It should say LSI on the car somewhere, I would think. The Geo's I've seen have "Prizm" on one side of the rear, and "LSI" on the opposite corner. The Chevy's say "Prizm LSI" together.
  • If airbag removal is required to get to the horn switch, you shouldn't attempt it at home. It is probably the most complicated interior equipment in your car, and it takes many hours by professionals to do it right. Shops charge hundreds for the work, and sometimes leave the airbag disconnected to save hours of labor without telling you. You want your airbag to be as reliable as it can be, so pick a reputable shop for the work. I haven't checked my repair manual yet but you should check yours and see if there is a way to get to the horn switch without removing the airbag. You can do your brakes and minor engine work, but airbag is a different beast I am told.
  • Hi there, im looking into buying a 93 geo prism. But its not running real well at this point.It does belong to a family member, he bought it 2 weeks ago and the car ran fine, 70 on the freeway with no problem at all. Now he decides to wash the car with the hood up and the car not running and now the car is all messed up.. He replaced spark plugs,wires cap and still the same, They hooked something up to it(sorry im not very car intelligent) and they found that the 4th plug was not working or was working very little.. It seems like the car is not really getting enough gas either..misses badley and stalls also...any suggestions?
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