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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Chilton says:

    '1/Disconnect the negative battery cable,
    2/Remove the air cleaner assembly with hose,
    3/Disconnect all the wiring from the starter terminals,
    4/Remove the starter mounting bolts. Remove the starter.'

    For 4A-F, 4A-FE and 7A-FE engines. No mention of CV joints, suspension brace or intake.
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    It is a Corolla engine.If it is 2001 it must be VVT-i type engine, with variable valve timing intelligence.

    What is the odometer reading on this Prizm?
  • WHO EVER HAS the MANUAL for the 1992 GEO Prizm.. I NEED The wiring for the radio.. PLEASE HELP FAST..
  • dadtofourdadtofour Posts: 3
    I have replaced the starter on my 94 prizm (twice) Try pulling the starter out from on top instead of dropping it down.
  • glenpointeglenpointe Posts: 23
    you can get it out from the top. I had done it few times.
  • hey im new to this but i have a 96 base prizm w/1.6L manual. and i was curious if anyone knew if the 1.8L engine could be swapped out without any fabrication. plus my clucth is about to go so i figured i would do it all in one full swoop if it worked.
  • well i have a 96 geo prizm that has 140000 miles and is having the same problem. i have no smoke or any leaks. the only reason by what you were saying with the climate is that i like in northern utah/southern idaho and the weather is never the same. would this make sense at all?
  • glenpointeglenpointe Posts: 23
    same here! the 1.8L engine in my 1996 prizm burns 1quart every 1000 miles. no smokes or leaks and it runs great.
  • keithh1keithh1 Posts: 12
    1998 Chevy Prizm, same thing only more so. No oil in the water, no smoke that I've noticed (i.e., idling), no puddles under the car. Hmmm.
  • keithh1keithh1 Posts: 12
    The radio is shot in my 98 Prizm. If you leave it ON when you turn the car off, the next time you start it up the radio squeals loudly and doesn't play. If you turn it off before turning the car off, it works when you start up again, but the front speakers crackle and pop. No snap though, or I could sell it as breakfast cereal. Hmmm. Anyway, a generic cheapie radio and speakers would do fine, but I can't find an adapter plate at the local Wal Mart that states it's for a 98 Chevrolet Prizm. Toyota Corolla, yes, but not Prizm. Will the Corolla adapter work on the Prizm or did they change the facia panels?
  • glenpointeglenpointe Posts: 23
    I have an extra cassette radio from my 1999 Prizm. For $20, you can have it. If you buy the 2010to 2012 prizm radio, it will not fit because they changed the connector in 2010. The Corolla radio will not fit in your prizm.
  • keithh1keithh1 Posts: 12
    Sounds good to me. To clarify, what are the 2010 to 2012 Prizm radios? Not the year designations, I'd guess since it's only 2009 now and they don't make Prizms anymore. I'm new to this Prizm stuff. Questions: How would we work the transaction? I do PayPal, if you do. Where are you located?
    How much is shipping to 65536?
  • pashokpashok Posts: 1
    i have recently got a 96 geo prizm. The fan made bunch of noise, i replaced the blower motor ( housing had debree in it) but the air still comes out very slow even on a high speed. Can someone help? thanks
  • glenpointeglenpointe Posts: 23
    did you check the cabin filter?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,667
    It does not have a cabin air filter.
  • chills71chills71 Posts: 1
    I've got a 2001 Prism that I have owned since 2004. Its got a whopping 51,000 miles on it (I'll own it forever I'm guessing). There are three problems with the car at this point (well one I have already have gotten the answer to, a blower motor problem, that I will address in the next week) another problem being the sunroof doesn't work any longer (not too high on the list of priorities) and then the problem I am hoping for an answer to....

    The engine seems to have a throaty, diesel-ish sound, especially noticable on wet days and when accelerating. This noise does not occur when the car is in park and revved, only when driving. My brother-in-law said he had a car which sounded similar (from my description of the sound, he hasn't heard it himself) and it ended up being a problem with the upper manifold, a costly repair. Any ideas on what this problem might be and ballpark on repair?


    S. Hills
  • the wire harness you need is toyota. I had the same problem when I tried to hook up a stock gm stereo
  • Replaced both motor mounts - passenger side mount was the defective one. Low speed noise gone.

    A/C noise, took fan-motor out and found acorns in the fan cage - problem fixed. Remember to disconnect battery to disable airbag for 2 minutes before taking out glove box and some trim pieces to remove motor. 15 minute job
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Hi, what were your complaints/the symptoms? Just noise? When? I feel strong vibration especially on the steering wheel while the car is parked or stopped at lights, not so much while driving. Can this be the result of bad motor mounts? What to do to diagnose for sure? How much did it cost you to have the mounts replaced? Is it an expensive job? My car is a 94 Geo Prizm. Thanks.
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