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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • I have a 95 prizm that once up to operating temp it dies. I acts likea air or fuel issue. Any tips?
  • How do you know when you have enough transmission fluid as far as reading the
    dip stick. There are 4 notches on the stick.
  • 92passat92passat Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 Prizm. We just replaced the master cylinder and have been bleeding the brakes, but the pedal will not "come up"? Any suggestions. We did bleed the brakes according to the service manual.
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23
    I need the shocks on my 2000 Prizm replaced, and the estimated labor alone was about $300. The mechanic said extra time was needed because the shocks were difficult to get to and the brake lines had to be moved to access them. I trust these folks but am still surprised at the cost. Any one else has a similar experience?

  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Hello ruddneck,

    Extra time is not needed because it is simpler to replace struts on your Prizm than most cars.The price does not seem to be too much if it is a busy shop.I had my Prizm two front struts, strut boots, strut mounts replaced, and I paid 330 in total for labor only since I brought my own parts.They charge extra labor when you bring your own parts, they do not want to lose from their parts sale. However if you have it replaced at Sears, Walmart or chains like these it will cost less than 150 for 2 struts (labor only).

    Corollas, Prizms are easiest cars for mechanics, most everything is easy to reach thanks to practical Japanese engineering.
  • ruddneckruddneck Posts: 23

    Thanks for the guidance!
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Hello there. I have a 2002 Chevrolet Prizm Lsi 1.8L VVTi 4AT with 124,000 miles on it. Bought it used last month, is in great shape for the age/mileage, i was reading the manual and nowhere says Timing Belt, i search online and in Wikipedia says my engine is all aluminum and has a timing chain instead. Does those need to be changed? How often? I also noticed that uses "Iridium" spark plugs and they should be changed at every 120k, are they expensive? I also have the driver side power window issue, goes down perfectly but sometimes doesn't wanna go back up. Maybe the switch module? :)
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Yes, it has timing chain instead.They do not require replacement as far as I know, reading Haynes manual.Iridium spark plugs for your application can be bought from amazon or for cheaper than some other places. check your local auto parts stores too.But do get NGK or Denso (both made in Japan, OEM plugs) brand only, not any other brand.It does not have to be iridium, if it is iridium you do not have to change as often as 30-40K miles with regular plugs. ?ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&carId=029 for around 8 dollars per spark plug ss_5?ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&carId=029 7.50 per plug _14?ie=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive&carId=029 9.55

    If you get it directly from amazon you can get free shipping because 4 plugs cost more than 25 dollars.

    Check your oil level often because earlier versions of Chevy Prizms and Toyota Corollas (1998-2002) are afflicted with oil consumption problem.

    I can check the manual for power window issue later.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Thanks alot! I went to auto discount got NGK Iridium plugs. New air filter. And Prestone GM DexCool coolant (the red one), flushed the radiator, oil was changed last week. Runs like a champ now! Thanks again for the help!
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    My 02 Prizm Lsi has the check engine light on.
    (1) I took it to Auto discount for free scanning, came up as HVAC/Emission, he said most likely the gas cap. Got new one for 10 buck. Reset code.
    (2) 2 days later check engine light again. Got it scanned again, same code, the other guy said O2 sensor, reset code.
    (3) 3 days later Check engine light on again, Autozone guy said could be the canister or a hose.
    (4) Took it for a 4th mechanic who after i explained everything he told me "Not to worry, that would not affect my car, would be a waste of time and money to search for the possible reason, to put a tape or sticker on top of the gauge cluster plastic and forget about the check engine light.
    HELP!!!!! :confuse:
  • hamster65hamster65 Posts: 6
    That car was only rated at 22 mpg city and 26 mpg highway so if your car is getting 31 mpg, I think that's about as good as you could possibly expect. :confuse:
  • hamster65hamster65 Posts: 6
    Your HVAC/Emission code may have simply been a loose gas cap. Always make sure to tighten it enough after a fill-up. If it's the type that clicks, make sure you get several clicks out of it.
    If you can tell me the exact code, I may be able to help you further. It should be a 5 digit code starting with a "P".
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Did you have the oxygen sensor replaced there?I am 100% sure it can not be the canister.In a newer car like 2002, no.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Problem solved. I changed the spark plugs with new NGK Iridium. Air filter. Coolant flushed. Gas treatment. And a new gas cap. Code never came back. Last tank of gas gave me 32 MPG! :)
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Good to hear the good news! :)Mechanics think of Detroit cars when they see a problem, but Prizm is a Corolla originally from Japan, not like Detroit's 'planned obsolescency'cars so no need to tape any warning lights, because it most probably has a simple easy to find reason. Congrats again for your purchase of Prizm.

    Did you know that Toyota and Tesla agreed to share part of NUMMI for producing electric cars together?

    NUMMI in California is the name of the factory where our Prizms had been made in.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Ure right, i found this car very easy to fix. I do some light mechanic stuff like plugs and cables. So usually i take care of routine maintenance. Complicated stuff i go to a professional. Yes i knew about the Nummi plant, didnt knew about the Tesla/Toyota electric car. Kudos!
  • mdelaymdelay Posts: 1
    1992 Prizm, 280xxx.

    Somehow draining coolant. It is not overheating, but the radiator is low on coolant every day.

    Replaced: Thermostat, Radiator Cap, Thermostat housing, Overflow Bottle.

    Any IdeaS????????
  • sao53sao53 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Prism that had the same problem. It's probably the resistor for the blower motor that has burned out. The high speed setting bypasses the resistor, which is why it still works at all. I had my mechanic replace it, and have all the speeds back, but if you want to do it yourself, it looks relatively easy and the part shouldn't be very expensive. There are instructions at peed
    Good luck.
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Got my Prizm scanned again today due to the Check engine light: P0446 (EVAP Emission/Control System Vent/Circuit Malf)
    Items or service done to the vehicle:
    -New tires/bal
    -AC serviced and re charged
    -New NGK Iridium spark plugs
    -New air filter
    -Gas treatment/cleaner
    -Coolant flushed and refilled.
    -Oil and filter changed.
    -New Gas Cap
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Are you turning the engine off right after stopping your car?I run it for an additional minute to complete the cooling.I thought I had low coolant too, after I started the practice of keeping the car running for a minute after stopping it is almost at the middle of the reservoir.If not only the reservoir but the radiator is low on coolant, then you might have bad hoses.It is not easy to see cracks on radiator hoses, when you push on them cracks might be visible.Also where there is a leak, there tends to be a white or rust colored residue.Check the water pump too. If not the hoses, you might want to check and think about replacing your radiator if it is found to be faulty. I hope you find the problem soon.
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