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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    I do not know if it ever makes a difference but NGK website says the spark plug gap should be .044

    Anyway I came accross with this website, it might contain information for solving your car's problem:

    'Hesitation or misfiring when accelerating. This may be due to a vacuum leak, but it can also be caused by a weak or inoperative accelerator pump in a carburetor, dirty injectors, or even ignition problems such as a cracked coil, worn spark plugs or incorrectly gapped plugs.'

    'On fuel injected engines, check for clogged injectors and the cold-start valve and circuit. You also need to check for correct fuel pressure settings.

    As a general rule on all computer-controlled engines, you need to also make sure that all input signals to the computer are working and accurate. This includes, but is not limited to, all temperature and pressure sensors as well as the EFI system components.

    Lastly on all engines, check for vacuum leaks and weak spark or low voltage output. (Good reason for a better coil and aftermarket ignition unit "amplifier").'
  • I have been having a tough time finding someone to fix the buckle on the drivers side of my 97 Geo Prizm. It just decided to not clasp the buckle one day and it's been a pain ever since. I am wondering if there is a lifetime warranty on the buckle as some cars have the lifetime warranty. I am under a budget right now and would like to know if anyone knows of a decent mechanic who would fix it for me or maybe someone could suggest a good dealership in the area. I live in Wilshire/Koreatown. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!~
  • My front bumper makes the most annoy rattles, and I'm not entirely sure what it is. I think it's coming from the corners, and it gets way worse when it's cold. Anyone have any ideas?
  • Hello - the back light on the climate control portion of the dash is no longer working. I tried replacing fuses, but no luck. My next guess is to check the bulb, but how to I get to it?
  • If it si the one I am htinking of you will have to remove the panel. You might have have to take the center console out first, depending on which year. it has been a while since I took mine a part.
    The good news is the trim panel around the center dash console just clips and and can be take out pretty easily. I think there are a couple of screws you might have to take out to get to the back of the climate consol, ormight have to remove the radio to see (again not sure - been a while). I think you should see the bulb and wire in there. regardless not too tuff.

    hope this helps.
  • Go to a local salvage yard and get one off another prizm, but first look at the back of the owner manual that came with the car, Safty equipment might have a life time replacement, back in 94 I had a 87 Civic and the buckle stopped clasping and had the whole thing replaced because it had a lifetime replacement...
  • The black radio/climate control brazel pops off with a 1 inch wide putty knife so not to damage anything, there are no screws to remove as the ashtray is connected to the brazel surround with 2 screws, so it doesn't have to be removed, but do pull off the light on the ashtray (it just pops off) then unplug the flasher and defrost plugs and the 2 lighter plugs.
    There are 2 light bulbs for the climate control, one at the top and one in the middle, both are accessible by using your fingers, or take off the screws and pull it away some, it's up to you. They use fatter at the tip bulbs than the ones for the guage cluster and they have the blue condoms, the blue condoms just falls off the smaller around guage cluster bulbs if you try and reuse the blue condoms on the smaller around bulbs. To order from a Chevy dealer are almost 5 bucks for just 1, I got a bunch of them from other prizms at a salvage yard and corolla's and 2 worked, so saved 10 bucks...

    Ps. A trick to use is to take a blue marker and color the bulbs a few times to make them darker, take a few coats, allow a few minutes dry time between coats, but it does work. indelible ink works the best...
  • ldgeoldgeo Posts: 3
    My geo prizm goes through about 70 miles each day when i commute to and from school. Yesterday when i have driving back, about halfway to my house the battery light came on. It just on for a couple of seconds but then simply faded away. I somewhat "flickered" a few times and then stayed off...a bit later the light came back on and did the same "flickering" thing..and once again stayed off the rest of the way.

    Anyone have any advice for me? I've seen discussion about it being the alternator, but why would it flicker rather than stay on?
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Did flickering happen while turning the steering wheel?
    It might be related to the alternator, power steering belts.If they are loose or worn this might happen.
    Also check the battery terminals to see if there is fluffy white powder on them.If there is, you can clean them with a wire brush and apply some arm and hammer soda diluted in warm water.After they are clean of any residue, you can apply some petrolleum jelly to prevent future oxidation.
    I hope these measures takes care of it.
  • ldgeoldgeo Posts: 3
    now that you mention it, it may have been while i was turning, though i'm not too sure of it now...When i drove it to school this morning the light didn't come on at all.
    would you recommend taking it to the mechanic just to make sure? Or is there a way i could check myself?
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    You can check it yourself. The belt on the alternator pulley and other belts too..are easy to see.They should not be loose, when you push the alternator belt it should not move down much.
    I got a Haynes manual, it helps with illustrations etc.
    If the belt is loose, and not worn (you can see yourself if it is just loose or worn) you can have it tightened. I had it done once and they did not even charge me for it.
  • I've got a 1997 Prizm with about 129k miles on it and bought it used at about 75k miles. It belongs to my daughter and we've never changed the plugs. Does anyone have a couple good recommendations? I've thought about Autolite Platinum or Platinum 2 and possibly even the Autolite Iridium plugs, but not sure they are worth the money (but all three have a rebate). Some guy who claims to be a Chevy tech who works at Carquest said NEVER put in anything but Delco (or other GM) product plugs. What do you all think? Also, do the platinum or iridium plugs increase gas mileage? :)
  • ldgeoldgeo Posts: 3
    I'll give it a try then. Thanks for the suggestions
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    edited October 2010
    NGK's cheapest plugs would be better than a more expensive autolite or Bosch.
    I had Bosch Platinum 4 on my car, one month into it, gas mileage fell to 12-13 MPG. I replaced them with the cheapest most simplest NGKs and I started getting 33-35MPG on my 94 Prizm with a/t.
    NGK and Denso have Iridiums too but I do not think they are worth it.

    Never ever put any Delco/GM parts in your Prizm. Geo Prizm is mainly a JAPANESE car. The best parts are Denso and NGK brands when it comes to spark plugs. NEVER GM parts.
  • Another question regarding my daughter's 97 Prizm 1.6L. When installing one of those Prestone or Peak back flush kits, which of the two hoses coming from the heater core (from the firewall) do you connect the T connector to? There are two rubber hoses, one is very short and connects to a valve and the other is a lot longer. I did this years and years ago on a 67 Chevy II Nova but I have forgotten which hose the T connects to. I assume the longer of the two hoses. Also does anyone have any opinions on wether the cost is worth a professional power flush vs. a Prestone / Peak back flush, assuming that I will use the radiator flush / cleaner chemicals and a back flush kit? Thanks again. GF.
  • i have the same problem intermittently, often fixed by whacking the dash above the instrument cluster. a bit like the flux capacitor in back to the future. but my guess is this is a common problem. did you get it fixed? if so, how?
  • I've only use NGK spark plugs in my Toys even though I have a 97 Prizm now, I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have a Toy drive train in it, For the price they are better made spark plugs then the others. Today I just spent $112.00 bucks on plugs/wires/cap/rotor from my local Toy dealership, Since I'm a valued customer I get an extra discount, they'll be in tomorrow afternoon. GM parts and there vehicles are junk!!!!
  • Good price.
    LOL@ GM parts comment. I agree.
    Please report any mpg gains/improvements after parts replacement.
    Thanks. :)
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