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2011 Mercedes GLK 220 CDI for the US market?

Will the US get the 220cdi for the 2011MY (available in 2010 as a 2011 model) as suggested in this Inside Line article below?

[url] launches-glk-confirms-its-eyeing-production-shift-to-us.html[/url]

If true, it would mean the GLK220CDI would be in the US in 2010 as a 2011. Who would rather have the diesel? An average of just under 40 mpg seems very attractive.

Any US members putting off their purchase of a GLK350 in hopes MB will release a diesel version soon?


  • I for one am waiting for a proper diesel option in the GLK before buying. In fact I will NOT purchase a GLK in gasoline no matter what. If Mercedes does not bring the Diesel to the US market soon I will instead go and buy a Toyota 4Runner in gas as it represents a far better value for the money.

    I have been writing and calling MB USA for years requesting a diesel option. First in the C-class. They ignored that request so I bought an Audi A4. For the last year 3 years I've been asking for an ML 320 CDI in California with no success. Instead they bring out the 350 Bluetech at a ridiculous price point.

    I hope they get the 220 CDI to market and at an attractive price point. It needs to have Bluetooth phone interface and Homelink remote as standard features. Toyota equips all base-model 4Runners that way.

  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited May 2010
    Since I haven't never owned diesel vehicle: how's availability of diesel vs regular gas in rural areas outside metro/cities? It would be a significant factors if one often takes trips/travels away from well populated cities or to different states where gas stations are scarce.
  • dieselduckdieselduck Posts: 1
    Don't hold your breath on CDis or perfromant diesels by MB in US. You might be surprised, by US is not the biggest market for MB. Europe is, and if they can sell al the gassers here, why not? The "Amerikans" will buy gas any way, and most don't understand performant diesel anyway. ML 207 CDi for example was one of the best sellers in EU especially - it got close to 40 (or more) MPG. They DO in fact exceed the EPA standards (as EU standards are now more strict than US) but with a powerful lobby from Detroit you won't see many performant diesels here in US. To give you another example - VW has a hybrid in EU that gets 70-75 MPG ! you won't see that here, ever !
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