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2011 Ford Super Duty



  • After one year and 15000 miles I am still very happy with this truck. Im getting ready to do the second oil change . The computer has been right at 7500 miles between changes. DEF fluid has been about 1 gallon per thousand miles. mileage continues to be around 16 t0 17 back and forward to work, 18 to 20 highway, and 10 to 11 pulling 10 thousand pound camper. I have had no problems with this truck. It has plenty of power pulling my camper. Still not crazy using the voice commands with phone and navigation but getting more use to them. Like being able to talk on phone hands free and change radio station without taking eyes off road. Would recommend this truck to anybody.
  • shelladeshellade Posts: 11
    I am very jealous of your low miles, we have had the F350 Lariat, 2011 now for almost 2 years with an amazing 90,000 miles, mpg is almost the same, no problems except for a tiny stone puncturing the radiator, the kind dealer gave me a break on the replacement! Anyway
    I have to say other than the rad the truck has performed flawlessly, pulling Big Tex Trailers, Horse Living quarters and doing some rough farm work hauling tree stumps out.
    Best truck we have ever owned.Hope everyone has this much good luck with theirs!
    Fords hit a winner with us, long may it last.........
  • teflon1teflon1 Posts: 2
    Hi guys,

    Im looking at purchasing my friends 2006 450 but it has front buckets, Anyone have any info on removing the buckets and installing a bench, Is this economically possible? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  • Just picked up my 2012 King Ranch Crew Cab 6.7 PowerStroke 2 weeks ago... love everything about the truck EXCEPT the tiny tires (275/65R18 Continentals) from factory. Glad to have the 18" rims... have you ever priced 20" tires!?

    My question is: What's the largest tire size that can be programmed into the trucks computer?

    I don't want to have speed, odometer, shift points, ABS, etc goofed up by a tire size the dealer cannot setup.
  • north52north52 Alberta, CanadaPosts: 6

    Hi Folks,

    I see it's been a full year since the last posting on this forum, but here goes.

    In 2005 I purchased a '05 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 w/6.0 PS Diesel. It was a dealer demo, almost brand new. We've mainly used the truck to seasonally haul our 31ft 5th Wheel (approx. 5ton curb wt).

    Less than two months ago I replaced it with a 2014 F-350 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 (new 6.7 PS Diesel, of course). Sold the '05 with only 55,000mi on the odometer. The 2014 is a very nice truck so far. Drives completely different from the '05, despite being identical in dimensions and weight. Of course, it's way too early to discuss fuel mileage, reliability etc. The new 6.7 diesel engine has been out there a full 4 years which should be sufficient time for any issues to have been dealt with. My impressions: I certainly think Ford has a winner with their new engine. It is so quiet compared to the old 6.0 PS - most folk near the truck don't even realize there's a big diesel under the hood.

    Time will tell, and in the following months I'll post some diesel mileage results, both with and without our 5th wheel RV.

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