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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Volkswagen Passat



  • hound97hound97 Posts: 22
    I have driven many four door sedans over the past few months. I drove the Olds Intrigue and found it very boring. The new 3.5 liter engine was unimpressive. My girlfriend has a Camry LE. It is a four cylinder automatic and I really enjoy driving it, but I also find it rather uninspiring in terms of styling and drive feel. Also, I can't go out and buy the same car my girlfriend has. The 2000 Maxima I drove was a blast. Acceleration was amazing. Everything about that car was great from the drivers seat, but rather cheap everywhere else (namely cupholders and other interior plastics. I drove the Buick Regal GS figuring with 240 hp it would blow the Maxima away. All I can say is I don't think it will. It was as lame as the Intrigue and way over priced. $28K+. This brings me to the Passat. I loved driving this car. I don't no if it was the blue mood lights or the Tiptronic tranny, but I had fun on this test drive. My problem is price. No one seems to want to budge on these things and you can't find the color you want anywhere. I've heard horror stories of people waiting months for their car to arrive from Germany. I can't see dropping $24K for a car I can't even get in the color I want when other cars are thousands less and have a better reputation than Volkswagen. Will the 2yr/24k mile warranty present a problem if I keep this car long term? Is this thing worth the extra dough? Should I buy an Accord? (I haven't driven one yet)
  • sv1sv1 Posts: 12
    Great suggestion, but when he's talking about 4 cylinder sedans, the Max is really in a different class.

    With that said, Nissan makes some of the best values around. There's a $1,500 rebate and $500 dealer incentives on the Altima, meaning that's $2,000 less you'll pay for the Altima than a competing Accord model. Plus, Nissan has as good a rep for reliability as anyone else.

    Harry, I'd recommend reading up on how to get a good deal on new cars (you can read up at the new car section of this site), and then get the Nissan. It's not quite up there with the cars you mentioned, but it's real close, and the comparable Nissan, after the rebates and incentives, costs a whopping $2,100 less than the comparable Accord LX. It's just too good an offer to pass up.
  • friday1friday1 Posts: 2
    I wanted to share my experience for those of you shopping for a new car. I'm searching these sites myself to replace my 97 4 cyclinder Accord (1 1/2 years old). It has failed to turn over in my garage on 3 occasions... and since I'm over 18,000 my state's lemon laws won't help me. They claim this fuel injected car is flooding itself and have replaced its corroded sprak plugs each time (these should last at least 30,000 I think and I've been through 3 sets)!

    If you look at an Accord ask to see the part in the manual about the "cold start procedure" which they keep telling me I don't follow (and it's August and this just happened again) (but maybe they've fixed the newer cars). I've been told things like "you'll just need to expect this every 6 months", "It's because the car sat and you did not hold the gas pedal to the floor when you started it (aka cold start)", "You did not wait for all the lights to go off before starting it", and "You took too short of a trip so the gas fumes did not burn off and it flooded". Ykes - when I paid all that money I thought I could just turn the key and go!

    I know lemons happen and I got one - the kick is that American Honda was not responsive when I involved them. Just beware and if you know of anyone with trouble like this or have heard of what causes self-flooding cars (and if this could have some truth to it) please share! Thanks!
  • Valenbrown,

    Go test drive the '99 Accord EX V6. It comes fully loaded with leather, sunroof, ABS, CD-player, power seat, garage door remote, steering wheel radio controls, 200hp VTEC engine, etc.... all for only $21,900 (in Los Angeles).

    Honda makes lemons too, but they're far and few in between. Remember, for every one dissatisfied owner, there's probably millions of satisfied owners who don't have access to the Internet.

    I owned the newly redesigned and re-engineered '98 Accord and it was a blast to drive. Its fit and finish was excellent, even better than my Lexus, which has some rattles. Accord had ZERO rattles and required ZERO warranty repairs during the 20K miles I owned it. I strongly recommend it.

    I do like the new Maxima's engine though.... but haven't seen the interior or driven it, so I could't recommend it. I drove the '98 Maxima and I definately couldn't recommend it. I hope Nissan improved the seats and the radio reception.
  • sv1sv1 Posts: 12
    The suggestion about the EX 6 would be great, but again, it's out of his pricerange.

    About that 1 to a million ratio, I think you're exaggerating. The Accord has a 90% satisfaction rate. That means 1/10 people are not happy with the car. The Taurus has an 80% satisfaction rate. That means 1/5 people aren't happy with the car. While the Honda's satisfaction rate is significantly better than the Taurus', it's still nowhere near 1/100 or anything like that. In short, there are still A LOT of buyers not fully satisfied with their purchase. And that can be said about ANY car. Still, 90% is up there...

    Oh, and if you were wondering, by comparison, the Nissan Altima's satisfaction rate is 85%. That's pretty good, but some domestics can match it. I don't think any are in the 90% rate though. Maybe specialty vehicles, like a Corvette or something, but not bread and butter midsized sedans.
  • The Accord EX V6 cannot be had with a manual.
    Anybody knows if the shifter will be available for 2000?
  • sv1,

    How is the Accord EX V6 out of his price range, when he is considering the new Maxima w/ a higher MSRP? Since Maxima is being powered by a new 222hp V6, it'll be a looooooong time before rebates start popping up. If it's a success, then forget about discounts. So, right now, Accord is the best bargain out there.

    Honda has sold millions of Accords (400K+ yearly) for almost two decades. I doubt that think they all post here. I've only seen a small percentage of dissatisfied owners (or those claiming to be) on this board. So like I said, FOR EVERY DISSATISFIED OWNER WHO POSTS HERE, there's millions of owners who are happy with their cars.
  • bpincusbpincus Posts: 1
    I have just driven the Passat, the Accord and the Camry ...all v6's. I find their seats an abomination but the smooth ride is delightful as against my current v4 camry. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to spend more than 19k and would like to get side air bags. Probably not going to be possible. anyone know a discount dealer in Maine for Passats and Camrys? My current camry is just 7 years old...anyone know the going rate for a camry in excellent condition? I do have 123,000 miles on it and have done all the maintenance and upkeep.
  • sv1sv1 Posts: 12
    First of all, hondabro, someone else brought up the Maxima, not him. Second, I gave that someone the same response I gave you--it's out of his pricerange.

    And your claims are somewhat eschewed. For every person that complains about their Honda, there are 9 satisfied owners. For everyone that complains about their Taurus, there are 4 satisfied owners. For every unsatisfied Altima owner, there are 6.7 owners who are satisfied. The Camry--a car he's considering--has a 95% satisfaction rate, so for every unsatisfied owner at this board, there are 19 satisified owners.
  • taurus2taurus2 Posts: 63
    I'd go with the Camry XLE because it's like the Lexus ES300
  • antwonantwon Posts: 1
    What is the best deal going now for the year end clearance on 1999 Honda Accords V6 sedan.
  • ant,

    $21,900 for Accord V6 EX in Los Angeles.
  • mikegmdmikegmd Posts: 1
    just bought the accord ex (4) after extensive research. bottom line that i found was you cant beat the deal, or quality of the accord. you may not get the driving crispness of the vw, or similar a4, but the accord is competent. the real difference was in interior styling (ie german vs japenese/american) and price. vw and audi not willing to bargain, while honda's for invoice. for the price, the accord is miles ahead, plus a pleasure to drive and by reputation hassle free, with good retention of value.
  • rspringrspring Posts: 1
    I have heard that the Acura's maintenance fees are the most expensive of practically any model car. I'm thinking of an accord v-6 wwhich is 3.0 liter vs. the Acura 3.5 liter. Is there a parallel here?
  • My Acura dealer charged $19.95 for oil change; $350 for 30K mile service; $300 for timing belt & water pump service...... no more expensive than other luxury makes, maybe even cheaper.
  • D, I just purchased new 99 EX-V6 yesterday, paid 21500 for the car. Out-The-Door price came out to be a little less than 23800. (including temporary insurance fee of $125) The dealer is in NJ. I must have searched at least 7 Honda dealers including Auto-Bytel. Above price was the loswest of them all.
  • What is this "temporary insurance fee" you paid up? is this refundable?
    New auto insurance can be gotten in less than 24 hours.
  • rocko4rocko4 Posts: 1
    I'm also looking to buy a 99EXV6 in New Jersey. Where was that dealer and will other dealers accept same price??
  • For the price I paid, the deal was that the car must leave the dealer the same day. I purchased the 'non-refundable' insurance to protect the car for the next 48 hours until our AllState agent issues the formal insurance. It's minor cost considering the saving.

    Bob Ciasulli Honda in Jersey City, One other dealer in Tenafly came close by offering me just $400 above the deal. You may want to call the dealer prior to visiting them to find out what kind of price is offered. Don't be discouraged by highier prices offered by other dealers. The highest quote I got was 23500 just for the car. I was told many times that "Accord will not be sold at your price". Good Luck.
  • Matthong,
    It seems to me that the $125 "temporary insurance", which you say is 48 hours, (that's $22,500 a year!)is nothing but dealer profit and should be considered as part of the purchase price.
    I don't consider a dealer trustworthy, if he won't let you keep the car in the lot for 24-48 hours while you arrange for insurance, and insists that you must drive the car out right away.
    In any case, the last time I leased a car, I called the insurance company (GEICO) from the dealer's office, and they told me that I was insured effective immediately.
    My $0.02
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