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Sprinter door locks inop

sprintergurusprinterguru Posts: 25
edited March 20 in Dodge
Do the door lock not work on your Sprinter?

1. If your locks do nothing not even click when the button is pressed you most likely have a tripped crash sensor. If you recently had a panic stop or lots of wheel slippage with your steering wheel cranked one way or another the truck thinks you have been in a wreck. The computer has tripped the crash sensor and dissabled the door locks so you can get out. Take it to the dealer tell him you think this is the problem and you want your door lock DTC erased. The door locks will now operate normally.

2. We have found that most inop door lock issue occur at the side door. Especially if you use this door a lot. There are two contact switches at the back of the door each switch (not really a switch just a contact pad) has two brass pins that are depressed and make contact with the door frame contact pads when the door is closed. Clean all of these contacts with emery cloth at the side and rear doors. Try your locks again. Still not working? move to step three.

3. remove the side door inner panel, you will now be able to look with a flashlight towards the rear of the door and see those two contact switches. Both each have two tiny wires riveted onto each brass post. Most likely one of those wires is broken off. If so replace both contact switches. if one is broken the other is not far behind.

4. If this does not fix your problem you most likely have a door motor (Daimler calls it an Element) issue. I would not recommend just buying one as these are expensive. Take it to the dealer, have them scan the CTM (central timing module) for codes and also have them look and see if the computer is seeing the side door or any of the other doors for that matter locking and unlocking. The door that is not locking is the problem child.

5. Properly operating door locks should work as follows: Press once on the key fob to lock, the turn signal lights should flash three times. For unlock, press the fob once you should see one flash, this has unlocked the driver door only, press again within a second or two and the light should flash a second time. All the doors are now unlocked.

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