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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • Since I live in the Dallas area I don't think I'll be able to make the meeting, but it would be fun to drive to CA. in the E55. I have about 1400 miles on mine so far and no problems at all. It averages 19.3 mpg to date. Has anyone maxed your car out yet to see if it will hit 155mph. I have only gotten to 135 so far. I will have to get out of the city to really try it out.
  • Nod but my speedo said 160 and it didn't hit a fuel cut for some reason.I backed off at that point.
  • shoesshoes Posts: 131
    You guys are really brave to drive that fast in the US. I took delivery of an E-430 last year in Stuggart and I never got near that speed because of all the truck traffic on the autobahn. Would love to air out the E-55 in Nevada sometime...
  • Having thrashed an E55 and Jag XKR, Honda NSX, Ferrari F355 around Castle Combe racetrack in UK with Alan McNish of Le Mans winning fame both he and I declare the E55 the best. And yes, we've done the latest M5 too.

    What an all rounder, just waiting to try out the new S55 too, although I'm not that impressed with the new S Class. Also, where are the diesels in the USA??? The new BMW330d and Merc S320 TD are fantastic. BMW = 143 mph!
  • I'm all for a silicon valley E55 gathering
    somewhere. I've seen a few E55 tooling around
    the Mountain View area. I've seen a black E55
    and two M5's at Verisign, across the street from
    me. Now they only need a Porsche Turbo to get the award for best company parking lot. A silver e55 use to be in the same area, but I haven't seen it in awhile. I saw a very funky silver E55 in Palo Alto that seemed to be lowered somewhat, with non-AMG wheels.

    I still use my Mazda Millenia S (best 6 cylinder engine ever made)as my everyday car, so I only have about 450 miles on the E55 so far. I'm not pushing it too hard until the 1000 mile mark.
  • mtl3mtl3 Posts: 22
    >>both he and I declare the E55 the best.<<

    Well,...might as well close the topic now that that has been settled. :)
  • for the next Audi -- they're on a roll. Nice thing about competition is there's never a permanent winner (except for us!).

    helplondon: Diesel??? In the US??? Wrong tradition, wrong culture. The only people here who EVER drove diesels were old burghers in old Mercedes, and the ex-hippie in the odd Peugeot.
  • Hi gang -
    New member - my first post.
    Finally took delivery in late Aug of a 2000 M5 which I ordered in November 1999
    Paid sticker - no gouging by the dealer on Cape Cod
    Anthracite gray with saddle leather - mint looking
    Turns a lot of heads

    Several major problems:

    1. ) Clutch cooked itself after the first 550 miles after only 8 days. I was going 30 MPH, downshifting from 3rd to 2nd when the clutch pedal went down and wouldn't come back up. Dealer replaced the clutch - said it was burned. I wasn't beating it - I was babying it - believe me!

    2.) Low gears feel grindy & rocky - R,1,2,3 - all very toothy - when you shift, it feels like major grinding - I'm almost afraid to complete the shifting for fear I'm going to grind some teeth out. I test drove a 540 last year and the transmission felt like Land O Lakes (butter) - my M5 feels like Rocksville

    3.) Oil consumption. The engine has consumed 2 quarts in about 500 miles since the 1,000 mile service. I thank "quattroguy" for his post on this board dated June 26, 2000 in which he tells us of a friend who had to return his M5 because it was "drinking" 1 liter of oil per 200 km. My new M5 is way thirsty, too. I am using the oil specificed in the manual --Castrol 5w/60 Synthetic Racing Oil.

    I am ready to return it.

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best response gets a dozen Titleist golf balls with BMW logo.

    -Jack McDaniel
    Worcester, Mass
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well you could go either way here. First though is BMW handling all the problems in a timely manner? What does BMW's techs say about the oil consumption? If worse comes to worse, you'll probably be able to sell it for more than you paid for it.....

  • you may just have a lemon -- it happens. See about trading the car in on a new one. BMW's national office would probably help you do that, if you're interested.
  • kiwi8kiwi8 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when BMW will change the current 5-series body style?
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87

    Based on most reliable estimates the chanle would at MY2004, which would reach us in 2003.
  • Wow! Excessive oil consumption! Bad clutch! Bad trans! It's gotta be a lemon. The M5 is the top of the line for 5ers and I can't believe this is anywhere near normal. The M5 is still listed as my dream car, but I'm getting less and less enthused about it. Even a *perfect* one is very thirsty on gas, a non-trivial item at $2+/gal. So, now I'm thinking, E55 if I still want ultra performance, or maybe an E320 (28 mpg hwy!) with 4matic perhaps.... OTOH, I don't like the idea of giving up a stick shift (spoiled by my M3). Why not get the new M3 you ask? Nice, but $50k for a 3 series seems much, even if it's the fastest one ever, and you get so much more car in an E320 or E430 for about the same money, and while neither of these is a rocket, they're no slouches either. Anyone think I'm just getting old?
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Yes. You are getting old.
  • Well, that figures. Your profile says your dream car is a 2001 M3! I think what's most likely is that I'll end up being unable to give up a stick, hate having a car that's just "ordinary," and also miss my M3's performance, so I'll get on the waiting list for the 2001 M3, and buy it (1) when I can get it for MSRP (bound to be a markup at least initially); or (2) the old one ('95) wears out (well, when it needs an engine overhaul anyway). I might have to wait a long time....
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I want a 2001 M3, but won't have one for a few years at the earliest. I'm probably going to have to settle for a 325i next summer. Poor me :)
  • pboy1pboy1 Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    I too received delivery of my M5 several weeks ago. I have put up 2500 miles of mostly commute driving, and have had to top up the oil level only once, but I have been told by the dealer to check the level every 500 miles. As long as I am only having to top it up once in a while then I am not concerned.
    I agree that the clutch is clunky in traffic, but it's getting cleaner (could be my 'no good' left foot).
    Definitely no regrets so far, but I do feel guilty about clocking up so many 'commute' miles.
  • esse22esse22 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if there will be any different colors on the 2001 M5

  • This is getting worse! Another M5 that is drinking crude! And the dealer is advising to check every 500 miles (that's like every other tank of gas). There aren't that many of them so this is quite alarming. I wonder what the problem is? The rings have to take a lot of pounding in this engine; maybe they're too hard and not seating? Bad valve seals? Something wrong with the cylinder walls? (Didn't 540i's have some problem like this not too long ago?) So maybe it's an E55 if not an M3?
  • pboy1pboy1 Posts: 2
    Hey, need4spd, I don't think 1/2 of one quart of oil over the first 2500 miles on such a high performance engine, can be described as "drinking crude".

    I've certainly not experienced anything like "jackmcdaniel" msg.#259.

    I have a friend with an E55, great car, wish they made it with a 'stick' not just 'auto'. M3, not enough power with the current models, and the waiting list for the 2001 is way too long, plus production has been delayed twice already. If you want to jump the list and buy one 'used'(minimal miles) next year, be prepared to pay $10K over MSRP
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