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Audi S4 and S4 Cabriolet



  • I am currently searching for a S4 and have 2 I am looking at,

    car 1- 2000 silver S4, manual, sports package 46,000 miles no warranty, seems like the guy hasnt replaced anything major.
    car 2- 2000 dark blue s4, auto, standard package, 70,000 miles, he purchased from audi and has until august with his warranty. He has all maintenance records and takes it to audi for everything.

    Which is the better deal? They both are selling for approx. $16k
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm thinking you meant to say that car 1 is a 2002?
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I just bought a Sprint Blue S4 Cabriolet, top-of-the-line except for a four spoke steering wheel. It is absolutely gorgeous- I don't know why you'd want to tamper with its classic yet modern lines, but I'll tell you what you can do anyway. No, you cannot get the deck lid spoiler, that was built specifically for the sedan, because they have different trunk lids. If you look up, 'Audi A4 Cabriolet Body Kits', you may find something, or better yet, change the A4 to S4, but that may be too complicated. You can probably get an aggressive yet understated chin spoiler, which would look good on the already-beautiful A4 shape. You can also get bigger wheels, preferably Audi ones, because other companies look too 'Dubbed' for it. You still want M3 drivers to think you're an A4, but then dust them at the stoplight, right? And, by the way, it looks pretty masculine in brilliant black or dolphin gray, without substituting its beauty. I'd really rather opt for the creamy sound of the S4's V8 than a vacuum-cleaner type sound of the M3's inline six, and you really have more stealth and exclusivity driving an Audi, with better interior quality, more torque off the line, and the look on the face of a sports car driver when he stares into your 'lesser' four rings. It's just cool to have an Audi.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    As much as I like (have considered buying) an S4, I don't think it will out accelerate M3 anytime soon. It did, however, outran an M3 when TopGear (British Automag/TV program) ran them in a race track.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    Who are you answering to? I didn't say the S4 could dust an M3. And, who really notices four tenths of a second? I mean REALLY! We may notice one whole second, but we can't even calculate four tenths of a second with just our minds, unless we have ESP[N]. Lol. Are you going to buy an S4? You're making a mistake if you don't. It's just the fullness that the Audi has, that the BMW doesn't. It's very possessing.
  • tigger5tigger5 Posts: 2
    I am just about ready to commit to an S4 cabrio, but am still hung up on the wheels. I like the Avus wheels, but love the 18" 5 spoke, S-line wheels that are available as an option on the A4 3.0. I was told that the S-line wheels are not available on the S4 cabrio (kind of strange) - has anyone heard otherwise or have any ideas on how to get the wheels I want without doing it aftermarket at additional cost. Finally, dealer is quoting $1,000 below MSRP for an in-stock car - is this a good deal??
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I really wouldn't know what to tell you about the wheels... You really should buy them, but if you're desperate not to spend the extra money, try getting the five-spokes on the S4 sedan. If you can't get that, I don't think wheels are a big enough problem for you to just not get the car. And, yes, if this is a 2005 S4 Cabriolet, then $1K off is a good deal. We didn't get that.
  • carlsbadcarlsbad Posts: 2
    What do people know about the 2006 S4 cab. Will it have the new body style? What about the interior, will it be the same as the 2005.5 S4? A picture at the 2004 Paris auto show touted a 2006 S4 cab with the old body style. Any thoughts?
  • rkbrkb Posts: 3
    I was in the market for a new car (as someone above said - divorce will do that to you) as I "lost" my daily driver, a 2002 BMW 330CiC with Premium, Sport, Cold pkgs. After much research, the choices came down to MB E or CLK, Acura RL, or an Audi A6. After driving everything MB had to offer, including a new CLS (and while the SL was tempting, I need a daily driver, not a toy) - MB came out as overpriced and quite frankly blah. I liked the CLK 500 - but again, not as practical a car (and too flashy for parking in an open parking lot). And, the diesel E is not quite up to the European diesels - we do have our non-low-sulfur gas to thank for that.
    Never drove the Acura - I have an old 90 Legend coupe, and the new cars just don't do it for me.
    On to an Audi A6. Will someone please tell the Germans to stop putting the stupid iDrive, Command System, joystick-wheel-button pushing craziness in their cars? It just ruined the car for me. I actually did not even consider the BMW 5 series for that reason. Beautiful car, easy handling, nice interior - but did I mention the spin-a-wheel malarky?
    As a lark I drove the S4. Perfect car for me. The seats are even more comfortable than the BMW 3series in Sport. The interior rivals the MB, even at S levels - the silk leather feels better (hope it holds up). I don't have to worry about back-seat passengers so the tight rear seating doesn't bother me - the car actually doesn't feel any bigger than the convertible I'm leaving behind.
    On top of it all, because of a different car "connection", I'm stepping into a silver/ebony 2005.5 S4 with premium, Sirius, carbon fibre, heated seats, wheel upgrade for less than $52K this week!
  • The new body style is not for me. I like the 2 SD slots but don't want NAV to get it. So there are left over S4's witht the "old" body style.

    I got lease quote of about $3700 down with 15K miles and payment of about $575-585 with tax for 39 months. It may have been 36 months but I remember 39.

    My brother in law has the tip and loves it. I test drove 6 speed manual today and loved it!!! The clutch action is so light. When I came back to my car (Mini Cooper S) the clutch felt heavy!


    They had plenty of new 2005.5 A4 & S4.

    Hear on Audiworld that after May 7th there will be a new lease offer on the new S4.
    Not sure if it's true but might be worth waiting to see.

    Dealers I spoke to are trying to twist my arm to buy before end of April.

    I dont care about new body style but I loved the arctic S4 with manual I drove. Wish it didn't have the wood trim.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The Cabriolet is a seperate production line and will not get any new grill or body changes until the 2007 model year. The 06 is basically carrying on unchanged.

    I wish the new 2.0 & 3.2 engines were going in the 06 Cab's, but they will have to make due with the old 1.8 and 3.0 engines.
  • mabodmabod Posts: 11
    I just came from the dealer. e said AUDI will stop production of S4 cab until 2006 model comes out with the new front grill to match all other new audi. I want the old style grill som am looking to buy soon before their aren't available. Someone here said in May "something will change" with the cab. Now I'm confused. Any help out there ?

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    To my knowledge, you will be able to order a 2006 S4 Cabriolet, and they will have the old style grill.

    They changed the cupholders on the cab's, and mid year 05's were available with the new MMI Nav screen. That's about it for changes, except for some colors & maybe different wheels.

    In terms of "stopping production", Audi shuts down plants for a bit between models years, so that may what your dealer may have been talking about.

    You might not be able to order an 05 anymore, and have to wait for 06's, which will arrrive around September.
  • mabodmabod Posts: 11
    Thanks BUT !!!!

    I just called my Audi dealer . He said 2006 S$ cab will be the new grill. PERIOD !

    where do you get your info ??
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I don't think that makes sense. The A4 Cabs are a totally different production line.

    Why would they put the new grill on the S4 and leave the 1.8 & 3.0 the same?

    I work for an Audi dealer & the corporate high ups told us it would be 2 summers until we got the new grills & body style on the convertibles, which means 2007 model year.

    We'll see as one of us is wrong. It could be me as I'm going on what Audi reps are telling us.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    I am assuming because it is a 2005.5 it does not have bluetooth. Do you know what other options are going to be included on the 2006 vs. the 2005.5?

    Also, the 52k, before taxes right? What did your car and options invoice at and then what $ amount was the dealer profit on top of the invoice cost? I am trying to find out how much they are dealing right now on the 2005.5.

    Also, you made a comparison of the seats being more comfortable than the 330i sport seats. Were those the 2006 330i sport seats or your 2002Ci sport seats?

  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I just bought a 2005 S4 Cabriolet, so I know more about that, but I can still answer your questions. No, there is no new scheduled body style until all the A4s are redesigned in 2007. The reason for this is that the Cabriolet is newer than the sedan/wagon was, and they didn't think it was old enough yet. The interior will be essentially the same- it'll probably have new colors, though.

    I think the '05 is pretty enough already.
  • rkbrkb Posts: 3

    Correct, no Bluetooth - sorry don't know what the new options for 2006 will be.
    Total invoice was almost identical to invoice as per "New 2005 Audi S4 listing" and the dealer "made" ~$1200 over invoice. This was the first 2005.5 S4 sold at my dealership, the car was traded for from another dealership. Good luck with negotiations, I had several other connections to this dealership and I had done my research in depth - for example, I initially did not want the wheel upgrade, but the car "came" with it, I countered with an offer of cost on the wheels and they immediately accepted. So either, invoice is actually not what we are getting from and, or I got "taken" in some other aspect. Funny thing was that the dealer, when I was getting ready to sign papers asked how I knew that the wheels cost $410?
    The seats are compared to a 2002 330CiC with Sport, Premium, and Cold pkgs.

    At 500 miles I am even happier with the car! Easy to drive, fun, spirited when you want it to be. Excellent choice for me for my daily driver with 60 miles of highway per day. It's nicely "stealth" with a real muscular feel / look. AC works fast (good thing with the Ebony interior) - just haven't determined if the auto dimming rear view makes any difference at all.
    The controls are really ergonomically excellent - better even than the 2002 BMW.
    Only oddity is the "road feel" that is present in the accelerator. Feels to me like something is grinding, or the brake is on, or just something weird is going on. Never had this feel in a car before - so it'll take some getting used to.
  • esfesf Posts: 1,020
    I'm just guessing- you have an S4 Sedan? Well, my Cabriolet already had a problem. I feel bad to rag on Audi, and this S4 is the best car I've ever owned. Anyway, I've owned it for a little less than two weeks. I haven't needed the A/C or heat yet, because the weather's been pretty perfect here (suburb of Chicago) for the past few days. But, yesterday, it got a bit hotter, so I tried the A/C. Of course, it didn't work. So, I brought the beast to my local Audi dealership to get it fixed, and they give me the most beautiful car: 2002 purple Pontiac Grand Am, for a loaner. It's pathetic- even my 23 year-old daughter said that. I'm embarrassed to drive it, so the only drive I'm planning on doing besides bringing it home is bringing it back to the dealership. I'm currently driving my son's '98 A4 sedan 1.8T. Can't wait to get my convertible back...
  • mav1mav1 Posts: 5
    have been on the market for a new S4. The dealership I leased my last car from has an S4 that I would like to buy. Invoice price for this car is $49,340
    (with options) they want $51,506 this price includes a charge of $506.00 for prep (cleaning etc.)of car and a Document processing fee, that I have never heard of before! and is not on the agreement as a separate item.
    they also would like me to buy an extended warranty. I am not sure what to do.
    Is this $506.00 charge for preping the car legitimate? and is $51,000 a good price.
    Please help! buying cars has really stressed me out. I have not been able to sleep much.
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