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Saturn Outlook Lights

pgc77pgc77 Posts: 3
how do you remove low beam bulb, on passenger side


    The same way you replace the driver side, remove the bumper. If your hands are small enough though, you probably could squeeze down and removed housing for bulb. One thing though, if the car is under 36k miles the replacement of the headlamp bulb is covered by the warranty. Also of note, it has been confirmed that sometimes the wire harness for the low beam light may have burned causing the bulb to blow.
  • armesarmes Posts: 32
    Tis true!!! You must remove the front fascia and grill. I started to replace one and saw no way to extract the bulb out of the socket. There is a wall directly behind the bulb with an inch or less room for moving the bulb assembly out of the housing. Also, mine did have the bad wiring harness which was replaced under warranty. I here the cost for having GM replace the bulbs is $250 to $300 if out of warranty. Learn to do it yourself or find a body shop that might do it cheaper. :(
  • My 05 outlook is having a similiar problem. Sometimes my passenger headlight works and sometimes it does not!! I have checked and the headlight is secure. Does anyone have any repair suggestions???
  • armesarmes Posts: 32
    They had trouble with wiring harness on headlights. Have had both of mine replaced under warranty. Last one failed with 500 miles left on warranty. Warranty on this is 36,000 miles.
  • My father and I replaced the light today. He has been a dealer of lease turn in GM cars for 25 years now. There is a much easier way than removing the bumper assembly. There are 4 small screws in the wheel well that will remove the plastic fenders above the wheel. From there all you need to do is reach up, remove the plastic cover by turning it 1/2 a turn to the left if your on the drivers side, or right if your on the passengers side. From there all you need to do is reach up and unclasp the light from the two pronged clip it is housed in. When installing the replacement, make sure that you do not touch the bulb with your fingers. I used a fine grade paper towel. Turn the car on a put it in drive with someone watching the light to see if it works. Replace the round plastic cap and put the plastic fender back together. Much faster and easier than taking off the bumper. Much cheaper than having a dealership do it for you. Good luck!
  • Thank you very much. I did just this this past weekend and went really smooth. However when I replaced my left low beam the headlight did not work until I moved my wiring around so my wiring harness needs to be replaced. Do you have a recommendation on how to replace it? My local dealership agrees this is a problem but since my 07 Outlook exceeds 36K miles it will cost me approx $150.00. Any help will definitely be appreciated. :) :surprise:
  • paynskipaynski Posts: 11
    Thanks for the post. I'll try your method. I replaced my left fr. low beam about 6mo ago and it's dead again. It cost me over $200! That's absurd, but it's no accident. Turns out the bulb was ok but the 8" connectorized wiring lead assy. which runs from the bulb to the main harness was totally burnt. Insulation was fried. This can only be caused by the wire gauge not being large enough for the bulb current load. Since the low beams come on automatically when you start the car (day or night) the light is destined to fail regularly. It's like GM purposely did this so they could make lots of money on servicing burned out lights at $200 a pop!
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    very very very common outlook problem.
  • Awesome. Thanks for posting. I'm going to be replacing my first bulb. I was a little concerned on the bumper idea...I will give it a try. Thanks again!
  • paynskipaynski Posts: 11
    Bucky11482 is right on. I replaced my bulb and burnt harness in less than an hr. I jacked up the front wheel and removed it so I could easily remove the plastic snap retainers and metal screws on the forward half of the plastic wheel well liner. It was quite easy to bend the plastic fender liner back about 12" to access the 3 light bulb connectors and the large flat connector to the main harness which is clipped to the framework below the light housings. The replacement harness I cost is $40.00 and is upgraded with larger gauge wire and improved contacts which have pink insulators at the low beam bulb connector. The orig. harness has wires going straight into a black epoxy in the conn. with no strain relief. This is where the insulation and wire burns. When you buy the new harness, make sure you bring the old one with you for comparison.

    The hardest part was threading the high beam connector thru the housing hole. I did this by first removing the high beam bulb, then opening the hood and threading a coat hanger wire thru the high beam port and out the side housing hole. I then bent the hanger wire end back over itself clamping the harness wire at the base of the high beam conn. I then gently pulled it thru the high beam port. From there it was simple to install the high beam bulb with qtr. turn and clip the harness conn. to it. The parking lt. and low beam are much simpler to connect.

    THIS PROBLEM IS DEFINITELY A GM/SATURN DESIGN DEFECT WHICH SHOULD HAVE A RECALL DUE TO POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD. One could easily make this a good law suit case against GM for continuing to ignore a potential fire hazard, and for charging their customers over $200.00 for a 1hr or less procedure to correct a design defect they created!
  • Going on a vacation today after church. I was struggling trying to figure out this routine headlight replacement. I saw your message and many thanks. I will make it to the church on time and be beaming out a bright headlight stream all the way to the beach! The Outlook is new to us. My wife and kids love it. They say that 6 female design engineers created this vehicle. I believe it. It is comfortable and very convenient...except for routine maintenance.
    Happy Fathers day guys!
  • Same problem with my 2008 Outlook. Just wondering what is the part number for the harness?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057
    Please let me know you found the part number. You can also find parts at Hope this helps.
    GM Customer Service
  • paynskipaynski Posts: 11
    I will try to find the p/n for you. I don't have access to my records during the day, so you'll have to wait. Hopefully, l I can dig it up.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    my ro shows harness is #20858015....
  • paynskipaynski Posts: 11
    The GM part no. for the driver side headlamp harness is 20913209. This harness has the improved wire strain relief on the connectors.
  • Yay!! it worked!! Thank you for posting this. My husband was about to take my car in to have them fix the headlight....but I found your post just in time. Thank you so much! :)
  • paynskipaynski Posts: 11
    I'm glad to see others are making use of this information instead of blindly getting overcharged by the Chevy dealers for such a simple procedure!
  • I went to replace the lo beam bulbs on my 08 outlook and found the connectors melted. I called the dealership and they told me there is a recall for it. I have it in the shop today and they are replacing the wiring free of charge.

    I havent seen a recall for this on though?
  • It's too bad it GM so long to admit and recall the design flaw. The recall doesn't help us owners who've already paid the ridiculous $200+ fee to replace their bulbs and burned out defective wiring harnesses. GM should re-imburse those owners! If they don't, it will make it look like they deliberately stalled on this recall, so they could keep charging the absorbanent fee for a simple proceedure. The dealer said they had to remove the whole front bumper assy which I now know is a lie. I paid the $200+ for the first headlight then found the forum post with the simple proceedure. I removed my 2nd burned out harness in less than 20 min and then showed it to my dealer, they still charged me for the replacement parts and refused to acknowledge that it was such a simple procedure or a design defect. Instead they blamed it on the bulb which was factory original. :mad: Very poor business practice GM. Shame on you!
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