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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • chapin1chapin1 Posts: 1
    my trouble is that my van will start and run for 2 seconds then die,i got a scanner and it says "pass" no codes what could it be?
  • catladycatlady Posts: 1
    Has anyone with 2004 GMC Savana Van experienced extreme vibration and shaking with loss of power while driving on highway at 60 to 70 mph? Shaking may continue for 5 minutes, as we always try to pull off when condition occurs. After we shut down , we can then resume trip and vibration may not occur for 20 miles or maybe 800 miles. Dealerships have not been able to find problem.
    If anyone has any info on this I would appreciate to hear from them.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I'm looking at special ordering an 06 1500 van with both side doors, tilt/cruise, power locks, and limited slip. We'll use it to transport two people and up to 1,000 lbs of gear throughout New England. The dealer (Dobles Chevrolet commercial trucks) was much more knowledgable and responsive to my questions than the local Ford dealer - AutoFair.

    The dealer suggest that the standard 4.3l V6 will deliver much better mileage than the optional 5.3 - the 1500 has 4.3 or 5.3 versus the 4.8 on the 2500. Rear axle ratio is 3.42, which should be good for mileage.

    I have two questions. 1. Will the 4.3 give substantially better mileage than the V8? My experience is that oerworked engines can get lower mpg, and we will be traversing the hills in VT and elsewhere. 2. Will the 4.3 hold up? We'll drive it 20-25,000 miles per year.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Dealer can't guarantee any financing or prociing promotions if I order a vehicle. Anyone have their finger in the air about what propmtions would be in place on an ordered 06 van? Ford has their 06 Econoline promos up for August already.
  • rgaughanrgaughan Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone had a similar problem? $2600 (dealer) is a steep price for such a short period. Is GM any help? Any luck with AAMCO?

    2000 Express 1500 Mark III conversion. Purchased 2001.

    Thank you. :sick:
  • fornarogfornarog Posts: 3
    Hello, I am new to this forum and to Chevy

    I Just purchased a new 2005 3500 express extended passenger van with the 6.0 ltr and 3.73 rear end.

    What style of mirrors are wobbling after adding a bug deflector as I want to add one to the van?

    I am also looking for fender flares and want to know if the body on the 2005 is the same as any previous years.


  • gaspoor1gaspoor1 Posts: 9
    Hi, I have a2001 express 3500 cutaway with the 8.1 liter option for a motorhome. This is the best engine and ride I ever had. Get 10 mpg which in a 12,000 pound unit is fantastic. It also has incredible power. My question? Why did they stop offering this engine after 2002 in the van? Does anyone know?
  • fornarogfornarog Posts: 3
    Just bought our 2005 express 3500 extended passenger van and we are excited about it. I have a couple of questions though and would appreciate any help:

    1) Is it pre-wired to hook up a brake controller?
    2) Any recommendations on adding an extra transmission cooler?
    3) How is it different than earlier years (body, engine, etc) - useful in looking for aftermarket accessories?
    4) Any problems if I add a bug shield?
    5) Anyone ever put fender flares on one and where did you find them?


  • fornarogfornarog Posts: 3

    What kind of cooler did you add, and what kind of place does that work?


  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    anyone heard anything recent about savana/express duramax? there was a press release about it months ago but i read a recent article wihch didn't mention the duramax engine option .
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I was at the dealer last week and apparently they're having trouble fitting a transmission in that will handle the torque of the Isuzu.
  • stackstack Posts: 3
    I have an '03 with power heated mirrors (no turn signal) and they wobbled after about six months...and thats without a bug deflector! :mad: Good luck with yours...hope you bought the extended wty. Have had many problems with our 2003 6.0L 2500 12 passenger....the really expensive ones started happening after 36K miles
  • kpruskikpruski Posts: 2
    I have a 99 Chev Express Van and noticed that at about 25+ mph I hear a noise and experience vibrations very similar to having mud/snow tires on the vehicle. The problem is I have very quiet radial tires. This is a new noise on the van. I do not know if it is related to the transmission or something to do with the front or rear end. It definitely has nothing to do with the engine. If you coast (put it in neutral and turn off the engine), the noise and vibration is just as apparent. If you take a decent right turn curve at about 40+ mph the noise and vibration disappears. The vibration or noise does not increase or decrease under load. I do have 150,000 miles on this vehicle so everything could be suspect. Does anyone have any clues?
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Today we bought an Express Cargo 2500 with tilt/cruise, window glass and cloth seats. Paid $20,500 with the $1,000 rebate, pretty tought to beat. We have an older Ford Econoline and the ride and handling on this one is much better. I'm crious about what we'll get for MPG with the 4.8l V8 and 3.73 axle versus the Ford 5.8 and 3.73 rear axle.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    We got the standard AM/FM/Single CD radio

    1. Any good way to connect MP3 players?
    2. The radio supports 4 speakers, is the wiring in place for the rear speakers?

  • my 2001 Express has been nothing but trouble since we got it, now the silly thing has 91K miles on it, easy miles I would ask, and the stupid thing is leaking radiator fluid from seems to be the intake manifold on the driver's side, anyone know if this was covered by a recall that I missed, or by any other warranty?
    Mechanic said it will take about $1,000 to fix it, then the other side will do it's thing sometime soon, claims that this is a manufactered defect. :lemon:
  • Hi, I know when your are parked you can push your emergency brake down and they will go off, sorry not much help for while driving. I would do the fuse thing. I do not see why it is illegable to not have them on, there are alot of cars that do not have daytime driving lights. :)
  • Hi, we have a 97 chevy not gmc, we have had to replace the fuel pump, very costly luckily we had a extended warranty, air conditioner compressor. Alternator ,drive belt. other than that not to bad. :)
  • I would go with the 2500 and the 5.7 if you can still get them. they are power houses and can stand the hills with no problem. My experience with V6's have never been good, dogs to say the least. the 1500 probably will drop down in the rear with 1000 pounds of gear. Just my opinion, because i have a 1500 and it starts to drop down in the back with a few hundred pounds in the back. and with two three year olds. :)
  • My 2000 GMC Savana with a 7.4L motor has delayed starting that is intermitting. It happens sometimes at first starting or after its warm it is verry inconsistant. It also starts at the first turn over. It has 145000 miles, I have just tuned it up including a new ign coil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, Is there something that will delay the starting if there is low oil pressure or what. It has great oil pressure. I have replaced the fuel pump, filter and just about anything that I can. Can you help.
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