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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • Added bonus is that you will notice no black brake soot on your rims - the ceramic dust doesn't stick! No more messy crap!
  • Does anyone know if the 1500 has the hardware (plates, bolt holes etc) to install a rear bench to upgrade it from 8 passenger to 12? I've a bunch of kids, so the weight isn't an issue. The 2500 is a 135" wheelbase too, so the space is available. I'd hope to buy a 1500, go to the scrap yard and pick up a 4 up bench .... but if there's no hardware I don't want to be the one installing it.
  • I have a 2006 Express 2500HD Duramax, it has all kinds of low end grunt. Mine stays packed full with tools, carpenter, and has never bogged down yet.
  • 8.1 vortec gas motor somewhere in the range of 450 # torqe at 2800 rpm doesnt even know its pulling a trailor. Ken 2002 savana 3500 ext, 155" A pulling monster. P.S. deisels stink. LOL
  • Hey there all, I hope some can help me with my 97 Savana 2500
    all the brake lights work fine until I turn on the head lights then all the brake lights stop working. Any thoughts?? If you could help please let me cknow, I realy don't want to get hosed at the dealership, Thanks Paul
  • lana2lana2 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 I bought with 4k on it and as long as you have sand bags in the back and a good set of studded tires it works great.But you'll spend a lot in upkeep!I found out the hard way at around 85k you have to replace the transmission and at 150k peplace the radiator.At the shop they say all the 1500's are like this.
  • lana2lana2 Posts: 2
    For two years my right signal blinks really fast,and when I turn on nite time driving lites the left signal won't work at all! Then I had to pull the fuse for the interior lites or else they stayed on 24/7.Now all of a sudden when I apply the brake & turn signal at the same time the dashbord lites flicker?It's a 99 Express cargo van 6 cyl.I've had it in the shop several times over the years and they've replaced several things and nothing works.Now they want to replace all the wiring and says it will cost $ 500.00!Any help out there?
  • I have a 97 GMC Savana van with a 350 vortec engine.I
    ' never had any problems with it until one day it just wouldn't start.I've narrowed it down to no fire to the fuel pump.I replaced the fuel pump relay and the wiring seems to be in good shape.I was told that the oil pressure sending unit would cause the ecm not to send the needed fire to operate the fuel pump.This would happen if the oil pressure was dangerously low to eliminate engine damage.I have good oil pressure and i dont know what else to check or replace? Any advice would really be appreciated.Thank You very much.
  • Hi, I've looked on the internet for the interior dimensions of a 1993 chevy sportvan. I can't seem to find them. I need to know because I will be driving 7 hours in one to pick up a tv that is 55"x57"x25". I need to know if it will fit. If you can help me find a place that has the dimensions or just simply tell me whether or not it will fit, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Austin.
  • Hi, I have a 99 express and hade the same thins happen with the lights. It turned out to be trailer lights need to be hooked up different than normal. U-haul fixed mine. Good-luck
  • dah3dah3 Posts: 1
    I'm considering a 2006 Express 2500HD Duramax. What kind of fuel milege are you getting? Its been a month since your message on Nov 12, 2005, are there any new opinions about the duramax and the transmission that they are currently using?
  • I'm having problems geting my 5.7 engin to start. I have fire. I have fuel pressure. cap and roter are new. there is 120 psi. compression. it ran one day, now it will not start again. can anyone help me? :sick:
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I'm considering a 2006 Express 2500HD Duramax. What kind of fuel mileage are you getting?

    We've logged fuel use for 4K miles on a 4800 (gas). Range is 15-17. Dunno about diesel.
  • Mine did this too, and I fixed it. Email me if you still need help.
  • How did you fix it? I have a 97 Chevy Express and the brake lights don't work when I have the headlights on. I also have a trailer wiring harness attached and someone told me this might have something to do with it. Any suggestions?
  • exnerexner Posts: 2
    It's probably your bulb sockets. See my earlier post. Thats what fixed mine!
  • dsmnfdsmnf Posts: 2
    Do tell more about these ceramic pads....I have a 2000 Savana full size conversion van and, at 66K miles, have had to replace the front brakes every 20K miles (which isn't too bad), and am on my second set of rotors. My mechanic is using, I believe, metalic brake pads and I am looking for something else that may get me longer life out of my pads and rotors.
  • Im wanting to buy a expess van and would like to know how AWD works. If only one wheel pulls at a time or two or all wheels. Also how a locking diff. works. I wish they would make a true 4X4 van. Conversions are spendy. Im wanting a van that I can go down the beach at South Padre Island without getting stuck in the sand...Help...Thanks
  • I own an 02 gmc savana 1 ton. My question is on the rear brakes with the drums and single rear wheel do I have to remove the axles to get the drum off of the van. Or is it like any other vehicle, they just kind of slip off. so any insight would be great. Thanks
  • Does anyone know if cylinder deactivation technology is/will be used in Chevy Express vans with V8?

    Thank you!
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