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Chevy Express/GMC Savana



  • amiles1amiles1 Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 chevy 1500 conversion van which I am having audio problems with when the vehicle is first started the factory systems sounds fine then few seconds later the sound goes down to a whisper and sound is only coming out of the passenger front and rear speakers at a whisper could someone give me an idea of what could be wrong is it a problem with my head unit or does the van have a factory amp that may be malfunction any help would be much appreciated
    thank you
  • Well, I went ahead and bought a used '07 Express over a Sprinter because it costs 12k less. Can't fight the math :).

    Anyway, does anyone here know if the emblems in the rear and on the front door have position holes behind them. I would like to remove them but don't want to expose any holes in the van.

    oh, to answer my own question regarding the swapping of bench seems the second and third row benches are similar in track length so maybe they are switchable.
  • As far as i know, all emblems around the vehicle are using very strong double sided tape instead of pin mounted like the old days.
    It is not easy to remove them, you should heat it up using a heat gun (not hair blower) to solften the adhesive at the back of the emblem, then peel it off gradually. Most of the time, it will left behind the residue on the vehicle, you can use glue remover to remove it.
    Body shop has a set of tool just for removing emblems before sanding the body of vehicles. For removing the glue residue, they're using a rubber wheel (they claimed it is made of air craft tire's rubber) attach to power drill, & spin the wheel against the glue area until it is cleaned; it won't damage or scratch the surface.
    You can buy these tools at your local body shop supplier. ;)
  • I am having trouble reading my 01 van computer.
    When I plug the code reader in it tells my it can not access the computer. Any ideas?
    There is something wrong the van because I do get a light but I can not read what it is.

  • 6xadad6xadad Posts: 2
    No, the second row seat doesn't fit into the third or fourth row slots. The 2008 Express has as standard equipment center shoulder belts for every bench.
  • Are you sure? I asked my Chevy dealer and they said the only new features that they know of are: standard curtain airbags for the passenger version and tweaked-up engines. He is not sure on the shoulder belts for all seats. Where did you find this info? I would be very bumped if it were true since I was, for the long time, torn between buying an Express or a Sprinter. I settled with a slightly used Express because of the huge price difference between the two.

    You also said the second row wouldn't fit into the third row. I haven't got the time to actually remove these two benches to try them out. From just looking at the legs and latches, they seem to match up pretty well. Have you actually try them out? Another bump for me since I thought I could try a junk yard or actually buying new to get the extra shoulder belt and two child LATCHes :( Thanks
  • I had the opportunity to really check out my '07 Sprinter and found that most of the interior trims don't seem to fit tightly and have big gaps. I took it back to the dealer and they said that is the way it was built. I know it is a workhorse but the quality seems so inferior. For instance, the area around the belt holders on the headliner doesn't seem to attach to anything. I keep pushing it up hoping it would click onto something but no. The plastic trim around the lower glass in the rearmost bench has huge gap between it and the glass. I could see some sort of attachment of the window glass but the trim, again, does not seem to click onto anchor. Lots of 'give.' The bench floor anchors don't seem secure (the pins that say L and R) but I am sure they are. Plus all mine anchors look rusty or very reddish in color. Let me know what yours are like since it is hard to get hold of another passenger express for comparison. Thanks
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    The only difference I can think of is the passenger side shoulder strap that allows you to get by the first row. I didn't really examine it that well. You could probably rig a middle shoulder harness by attaching it to the top seat frame. I think they didn't have one for the third seat because the seat in front would be soft? Or just carry 11 people instead of 12, or whatever it carries.

    I had a Dodge 97 and it was a nightmare. The Sprinter looks ok, but like you said, it is over 10k more. And has that small V6. Not sure how well that is going to hold up. But the 22 mpg is impressive.

    This is my second Chevy Van, the fisrt was a 2000, this on is a 2006 3500 passenger.

    Just make sure your tires are properly inflated when hauling that many people and you are good to go. 85 in the back and 55 in the front. Van's and SUVs can roll over when the tires are low. (especially the extended van)
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    Did you mean your 07 Express? I have the 06 passenger, which is the exact same. I thing the he trim is fine, but I know what you are talking about. I just took mine apart to install speakers, run wires, etc. All the trim pieces snap in and out. It's like that on all the SUVs, even a hummer. Most of the peices have a small clamp so you have to be careful to line it up. But that back one is loose at one end. Doesn't bother me. The side panels and doors all have insulation. IMO you get the most bang for the buck with the passenger van. I wouldn't want to add all that in to a cargo van.

    I had the same issue with the seat belts when I disconnect them from the seats. I did manage to push some of them in to the slot. Or you can purchase a screwdriver to disconect them from the ceiling.

    As far as the pins. No mine aren't rusty at all. One of them had a slight vibration when going over a bump, but that could be fixed by using a small wedge or something. I'm pleased with the ease of removing the seats, instead of having to use a bolt mount. Maybe the dealer should offer you non rusted latches if you bought it new? If not they should be cheep, if they bother you. Or paint them. My seats had a slight amount of rust but I got mine used and it doesn't bother me. They must have been taken out and left in a storage unit.

    It's not perfect for me either. I wish the seats folded down flat. There was more room in the front leg wells, and the drivers seat wasn't so close to the side.

    I would like to keep comparing notes with the rest of you.

    So far I'm getting 15 mpg with the AC, city and highway. I hope it goes up a little, but that's a little better than my 2000. And the V6 Dodge only got about 16 or 17. The other much smaller SUVs only get about 15 - 17 also.
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    About your seat belt. You could order the second row harness from the dealership in the parts department. They can look it up for you with your VIN number. Should be reasonable. I don't think you will find it at a salvage yard, but good luck. It appears to be attached to the top seat frame (duh!). But you would have to also attach the other end at the bottom. The second row has a bolt, so you would need to order the strap as well. Then bolt it on. I don't have the third seat at my house (already put that in soreage) But I'll bet they are the exact same seats. There is already a slit down at the bottom. You can also pull the fabric out from the plastic, but I would try and cut a small vertical slit in the fabric then bolt on the strap and sow it back up. The top part has a star screw so you will need to buy that scewdriver from an auto parts place. (the GMC one) I'll bet it just bolts on to the top frame, but you should take apart the second row one to make sure, before cutting into the third row. (to take apart that top seat belt plastic housing, start with the small plastic around the stap, there is a star screw inside, then the the rest of the casing staps off and you should be able to see how it attaches to the top seat frame.

    Good luck!

    (edit: I just took another look at the bottom fabric and you don't have to cut it. That plastic cove pulls right off and back on)

    (Also, about the Sprinter. That van has a higher profile and will get blown around by the wind. The 3500 Chevy doesn't get blown around like all the other vans I have owned. Finally! That really bothered me most about driving a van and I even put bigger tires and heavy duty gas shocks on my 2500 Chevy, which helped, but nothing like the new 3500.)
  • johnscjohnsc Posts: 14
    I think the Chevy Van build quality is very good. I also had a Toyota way back, and I remember the steering rods needed to be replaced, where the joits (AV joints or something like that) had warn down. The Chevy has a grease housing around these joints where as the Toyota and Dodge didn't. I rememeber I could always hear them squeaking in the Toyota and nothing you could do other than spraying them with WD40. The Chevy Express 2000 and 2006 also had galvanized bolts holding a lot of parts together in the foot wells, at the bottom of the doors, and other inside outside places, where as the Dodge and Toyota had ones that rusted in no time flat. The Toyota's AC broke, curze control, and a lot of other little things. The Dodge was just a nightmare from day one. The Chevy 2000 2500 had only a few minor problems with the door locks, one of the doors wasn't hung right and another back latch broke, and the gas gage broke, and it may have developed a slight leak in the radiator, I had to add about a half gallon a year at the end, and should have had it checked (make sure to keep it filled! And change it at about 35,000 miles if you need to.) But that was it, and I didn't even have any of this repaired.

    I hope the 06 Express holds up as well or better.
  • oops. i meant my '07 Express. I still felt bad for not having enough dough for the Sprinter so it is always in back of my mind.

    Thanks for all everyone's suggestions ...
  • Hi! Does anyone know if GM is going to install engines with valve deactivation on Express? It can really help highway mileage.
  • Does anyone have an '08 Express or Savana 12 passengers. I want to know whether the four-person bench can be split. The picture on Chevy website seems to show some sort of line down the middle of the four-person bench but there is no description anywhere on the 'splitability" or "foldable" of this bench. Thanks
  • It comes and goes. In summer, when cold, it would start and stall. Each time it would run longer. I could feather it to get it running better...When I tried to drive it, same... wanted to stall... I feathered it. Went away when warm. Then, it vanished for a while.
    IT's back and it's way colder and now it fires for a second and stalls. Can't get it going now....... ?????????

  • I don't think the seat can be split! I am looking for '01 -02 LT or SLT center row buckets, if they will fit the floor brackets - my dealer cannot determine if the attachment is workable! (Someone, please help) These seats recline (not fold flat) and would allow plywood to be carried vertically between the seats! I have already installed floor brackets and belts for a '4th row' in my 8 passenger to carry plywood on top of the seats, but it is 'mickey mouse'.
  • Hi all,
    I'm working on a 2004 Chevy Express 3500, and the instrument panel gauges have died. When the car starts up, the arrows wiggle a little, and the alternator gauge goes to normal, then they all quit. the panel still lights up, and shows the prnd, but no little underline bar to tell you what gear you're in, and the odometer is no longer adding miles. The check gauges light comes on, but I have yet to find the problem. All fuses, both under the seat and in the engine, look good. Is there a connection in the dashboard or something that might be loose? they are obviously getting power, just not functioning right, or poorly. An item that may or may not be related, is the reverse lights on the rear aren't turning on, and quit at the same time as the gauges. Thanks, Ryan
  • I have a 1999 2500 cargo van with 400,472 miles on a 5.0L motor. At times it wont accelerate and has a bad hesitation. Then out of no where it runs great! Installed new plugs, wires, pcv, rotor, cap, tps, fuel filter, and checked timing chain. It is putting out over 50psi of fuel pressure. I pulled wires with it running and noticed that one time when it was doing this the whole left side of the motor wasn't firing, but then it was great. Might it be the injectors?
  • momto7momto7 Posts: 1
    Now I know I'm a woman but give me a break...the instructions on how to remove the right taillight cover to replace the bulb are ridiculous! I have the nuts removed and can barely pull the assembly to clear the studs but now I'm supposed to "turn the side assembly on the outboard side, releasing the upper clip". I have been pulling and wrenching that thing in all different directions and it isn't budging an inch!! Can someone give me a clue as to what I need to do before I just break it open.
    Thanks, BJ
  • krcossinkrcossin Posts: 3
    I just replaced my 2001 Express LT tail lights. You have to remove the molding piece above the tail light also in order to remove the tail light itself. I know I used a socket & wrench (forgot what size) and a phillips screw driver.
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