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Saturn S-Series



  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I love it.
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    I second that!
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    Norbert444, last year I took my Olds in for a routine injector cleaning and they performed a service which also flushed the carbon from the motor. I actually had very little carbon build-up and was not having a problem with the car, but afterwards the difference in power was incredible. The whole service only took about 10 minutes and you could actually see the carbon blowing out or the tailpipe as they did it. I had it done at a Penske garage and the entire service (injectors and carbon flush) only cost about $60.00. I would highly recommend it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Never got such a warm response to my posts before. It made me smile knowing that my point was heard by at least someone :) Thanks for the kind remarks
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    Men are from Mars.

    Women are from VENUS, not Saturn.

    I doubt Saturnboy is a female. Not too many women have a sort of passion about any one particular brand of cars like he does.
    But Saturnboy, change your name to Saturnman. Better to be a man than a boy.:()

    And yes, I'm stereotyping. Let the flame wars begin.
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    I never would've thunk it, but Satrunboy has turned up on the Ford Ranger list! Says he is thinking of trading his Saturn for a Ranger. I'm speechless
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    you think in life you have things you can count on to always be the same and BAM, something like this happens.......

    I have nothing else to believe in now...
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    From saturn phanatic to ford truck buyer? Who woulda thunk it?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Hey everybody,
    Look at the crap Saturnboy just pulled with me. He emailed me this message dated the 24th.

    "It's been a pleasure listening to you also, I would like to know who made you the Saturn expert? Or shall I say the king of bashing Saturn. You will never draw customers away from Saturn, no matter how important you think you sound, nor how many times you say how horrible you think Saturn is. Their success will continue regardless of little pipps like yourself. Have a nice
    Saturn free life, oh, I blocked your email address, don't call me, I'll call

    Now I know we are dealing with a child. I think that is a bunch of crap to email me this sort of message. But two can play this game :) Anyone who would love to send Saturnboy (aka Steven VanBuren) an email telling him how ridiculous he sounds, please let me help you! He can't block an email unless he knows what it is :) Have fun with this :) I bet he didn't expect this at all. Who's the dimwit now?! Oh, and Steven, since I know you are watching the forum, you are pretty stupid thinking I can't contact you as I do have other screennames :) But, I am not as childish as you, so I will refrain and instead allow others to do it for me or force you to change your email account.

    I'm sure anyone here would consider this taking a forum way too far by actually breaching trust and emailing a nasty letter to me when I did not do the same to him nor give him permission to contact me. I believe I just effectively destroyed any credibility Saturnboy had in this forum. I still think it is so funny how I suddenly became the king of bashing Saturns when I just pointed out a few simple crash test data and my own small experiences with Saturns. Oh well, his loss not mine. And if this is the kind of people that are in the "Saturn family", count me out! Thanks for listening everyone and I hope you find Saturnboy's actions disturbing.
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    You're right, that is childish behavior and just more proof that saturnboy cannot wash his hands of this forum, as he has already claimed to do two times now. I wouldn't let it get to you. It is kind of sad that Saturnboy feels he has to waste so much of his time and energy defending a car company with his ridiculous comments. Especially when he sounds so dead set on jumping ship to Ford. Seems like a very unbalanced person to me. And as far as him dubbing you the "king of Saturn bashers"--well that is cool--at least you get to be king of something! It is not a position that too many of us get to attain in life!
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    I think Saturnboy or Stephen or babywolf or, whatever his name is, is wrong about forums like this not hurting sales of Saturn or any other car company. Luckily word of mouth is one of the most powerful forces in decreasing sales when customers are unsatisfied and this is something that more car companies ought to pay much more attention to. All the hype in the world is not going to convince me to buy a car when I hear numerous stories from owners about cars, any cars, burning oil or blowing head gaskets or whatever at 40,000 miles. Ironically a strong influence on my recent desicion not to purchase a Saturn was Saturnboy himself. Like it was posted above, I felt like if that is what the Saturn family was, I didn't want part in it. After reading Saturnboys ravings, I was afraid that if I bought a Saturn I might turn into some sort of stepford car owner.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    LOL, if anyone got bent out of shape in this forum, it is you Saturnboy. You were the one that took it so seriously as to email me a stupid letter. Now that you know how ridiculous you sounded, you come crawling back into the same forum you claimed you would exit permanently to try and salvage your dignity with acting normal for once. Well, it won't work. You have already ruined your credibility and made yourself look rather stupid and childish.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    How about all the rain we've been having lately in the Great Lakes area huh?
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    saturnut: (oops, I mean saturnboy) GET A LIFE !!!
    He'll need a Ranger to haul all the BS he shovels about.

    Floridian, tired of his rantings!!
  • macarthur2macarthur2 Posts: 135
    Saturnboy, man talk about vengefull! I mentioned the exorbident dealer profit on the cars. $1500 to $3000 above their invoice cost and mentioned that that alone would buy a lot of customers donuts and coffee. You would have thought I'd kidnapped his family and burned his house down. I started calling him Hostile Man --I don't think he liked me too well. But I really got tired of not being able to discuss the car because he arrived on his white horse in full armor to defend any little negitivism. It got really old and I suspect he drove a lot of nice folks off this discussion because of his over zealousness for something made of metal, glass, wire - and oh yeah let's not forget the plastic. Now I will say again Saturns are nice average cars to me-nothing more, nothing less.
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    I think Saturnboy should have studied a little bit harder in his psych classes because they certainly did not help to improve his interpersonal skills. Perhaps when he reaches maturity and joins the real world, he should consider a career other than the psychology field. I am sure Saturn could use somebody with his zeal even if he does (now that the truth has come out) find their products questionable. Don't worry Saturnboy, we won't tell that you dont think Saturns are perfect. Your secret is safe with us!
  • claryclary Posts: 18
    I move that we rename this topic "Autophilia Hubris - The Rise and Fall of Saturnboy"

    And now for a Saturn car question. My SW2 has
    56 000 miles on it. Is there some major service or investment in new parts that I ought to do that is not mentioned in the owner's manual? For example, when do I put new struts on? The Book says nothing on that matter. Also, as my car is a 1997, I am curious to hear from anyone with high mileage experience with this engine. Can I easily expect an engine life well in excess of 200 000 miles? What stuff will begin breaking as I approach the almost 100 000 mile mark? Thermostats? Tach cables? Just curious.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Actually, posting private e-mail is pretty damn childish and petty while you're at it. People don't need permession to send an e-mail to someone. And you're threatening to send him a lot of stuff? C'mon.

    clary: I have 90K miles on mine ( a '96 ) and have as of yet just done book maintenence. Everything seems to be in solid working order ( knock on wood ). Every other car of mine has needed substantial work by this point ( escort, tercel, VW passat, saab 900 ) so i'm pretty pleased about that.

  • ken1776ken1776 Posts: 41
    I, on the other hand had to have substantial work on my 95 SL 2 at 80,000. And have not had to do the same kind of work on my other cars. If it's running OK stick with the book maintenance. You might want to have your compression checked. This is one area that Saturn motors have had issues.
  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    Judging from my past experience with other cars, do not expect to have to replace anything particular "first." ken1776, you suggest compression check and I have been advised by people who like to stick to the subject of this forum to have other things (like decarbonization)done, which are items not suggested in the Saturn book. I usually keep listening to any unusual sounds or behavior developing on the car and then do the checking accordingly.

    And, my question: I have had a lot of problems that were taken care of during the warranty period (transmission, front end alignment, instruments, battery). Since then, the head gasket leaked but nothing else seems to misbehave. Has anyone been involved with a car like that - what should I expect to fail, or what should I do to protect the car? My '95 SL2 is now approaching 50K miles.
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