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Saturn S-Series



  • footrestfootrest Posts: 1
    i own a 97 saturn which I like, though don't truly love, but was interested in buying a used one for my teenager. i was surprised to hear engine noise in a SL2 98 and an SLl 99 louder than what I have in my 97 that already has 75,000 miles on it. These cars had l6,000 and 30,000. what should i be suspicious of in such a noisy car?
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Could you clarify noisy engine? You mean at idle? Or while driving?

    I wouldn't be too concerned about engine noise, its not indicitive of any particular problem. Where are you buying this Saturn?

    Have you considered buying yourself an L series and giving your son yours? The L series is quite an amazing car and currently you can get a 2000 model for a great price. I think you should go drive one.
  • fredfred3fredfred3 Posts: 73
    Does Saturn have any plans for styling revisions on the L series? I have heard a lot of good things about it, but the front end I think is so bland. It could use some more rear overhang too. A bit too stubby looking for my tastes.

    Just curious.
  • raernraern Posts: 1
    Hi- Chrissy, I believe your major questions last week were concerning the longevity and super-mileage-ability of Saturns. I believe my experiences can help.

    I bought a 93 SCI (plum!!!) and put 36K miles on it in a year and a half, then decided I wanted a four door. I bought the 95 SLI and am just passing the 118,000 mile mark now. My husband bought a 91 SL2 with 28,000 miles on it in 94 and proceeded to put 90K more on it (with my help)over the last 5 years. My brother now drives that one as a family car for his 2 year old. All of these miles are hard driving, back roads, errands, stops and starts, hours and hours of highway driving on end, etc.

    Anyhow, no real problems at all and I really beat the living crap out of any transmission I come in contact with. I think most of the "work" I have had to do with all of the cars is to change the EGR valves---definitely has to do with driving A LOT. And the brakes squeak periodically when it is cold or rainy---but that happens to all cars with the asbestos-type linings.

    My one bad experience was with a particular saturn service place, not the car itself. I moved 80 miles away from my usual saturn dealer so I tried the service stop closest to me...they found $800 worth of things that needed to be fixed- power steering pump, transmission pan, gaskets everywhere. I had enough $$ for the power steering pump so I fixed it even though I had had no problems. Driving home that day, I could not turn into my driveway. Royal runaround when I took it back...eventually took it to my regular Saturn dealer (Worcester, MA--- YAY!!!) the "new" pump was faulty, the tran pan gasket was leaking a LITTLE and the EGR valve needed a dusting---as usual for me!! ALL DONE FOR LABOR COST ONLY OF THE MINOR THINGS!

    Saturn's are great little cars, a little noisy (but you can crank the radio), and the SLI's need a bit of oomph to get up hills when they get older (so do we all).

    And I still get 32-40mpg, my brother gets 26 on the 91.

    I am thinking about the 2001-2002 LS2 for next be truthful, I am also checking out the Subaru Legacy Sedan, too...Must decide between 4wd or 6 cylinder.

    Good Luck
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    As far as I know there is no planned changes to the L series styling. There is two new colors for 2001, bluesilver and cream white. The styling is somewhat bland IMO. However if you drop the car about and inch and add 16 inch chrome wheels the car becomes quite a looker. No spoiler for me thanks!

    I'll probably go to an L series when my two year lease is up on my 2000 SC2.
  • travelertraveler Posts: 67
    One of the automotive magazines (popular mechanics) reported that for 2001 Saturn SL's will have a gm automatic transmission instead of the saturn unit. Did anyone else read of this?
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    My understanding is that they are considering the GM 4 speed transmision for the 2002 model. Not the 2001. However I didnt read the article.

    This is Whoop btw

  • chasmalachasmala Posts: 14
    First I heard that the SL model was in for a major face lift in 2002. Now I hear 2003, because 2002 will be the introduction of the new SUV. Anybody know about when the SL model will change?
  • I recently leased a 2000 SL1 and have no complaints about the quality of the car. I have discovered, unfortunately to late, that the electronic fuel pump emits Radio Frequency noise that interferes with my Citizen's Band and Amateur radios. This is a common problem for new cars with the electronic fuel pump in the gas tank and the common place for antenna installation in on the trunk. Ford is aware of the problem and has engineered a filter to be installed at the owners request. Saturn on the other hand, stated that they were unaware of the problem and did not intend to rectify the problem. I'm not sure what other electronic equipment this will interfere with but it makes a High Frequency Amateur radio and a CB useless in the car.
  • travelertraveler Posts: 67
    I reread the August Popular Mechanics and it gave 2001 as the year Saturn loses its transmission and 'gains' GM's 4-speed automatic and at a later time loses its engine and 'gains' GM engines hence it becomes just another GM. :(
  • ken1776ken1776 Posts: 41
    This was copied from the expert review on the 2000 SL's from Saturnboys bible JD Powers & Associates. I have maintained all along that although this car is different then GM products, it's still a GM product. Now the experts are calling it a division of GM, and the parts are being replaced by or redesigned by GM. So much for a new car co.
    JD Powers & Associates
    Since Saturn's launch just one decade ago, GM's
    newest division has focused on maintaining a close
    relationship with its customers.

    GM worked hard to reduce noise and vibration in the 1999 Saturn engines. Pistons were made smaller and lighter, connecting rods were made longer, more counterweighting was added to the crankshaft, the block was redesigned and reinforced, the timing chain was made smaller. The cylinder head was redesigned on the twin-cam engine. The list goes on and on.
  • travelertraveler Posts: 67
    I agree that the Saturn was owned by GM, but the total car including engines and transmissions were made at Saturn thus were not clones of any of GM's platforms. Now in a couple of years the Saturn will be one in name only and not a unique car. The popular mechanics article also stated that the Saturn SUV is a GM platform and a new sport coupe will use a similar platform from GM and not be a Saturn platform. That is why I called my earlier post Disappearing Saturn.
  • afallerafaller Posts: 1
    I just purchased a used 95 Saturn sl2. I'm satisfied with the car, except for the issue of its audio system. It only has the factory system, which is only a tuner, no cassette, and no cd. I'm looking at putting a cd player in, but as of now i know very little, and am looking for information. Has anyone out there installed a CD player in a 95 sl2? Is it difficult? Where can I get a kit, seeing as all the GM kits I can find are not compatible with the 95 sl2? I understand that I have to get an antenna adapter, but do I need any other auxiliaries? Any information would be great. Thanks.
  • chasmalachasmala Posts: 14
    Has anyone read the lastest Consumer Reports article on the SL2, Ford Focus, Sentra, and Neon? I find it hard to believe they thought the NEON rated as a better car. I don't argree with this report based on the '99 SL2 that I have driven.
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    They hate Saturn. Always have. Always will.

    If you read their reviews, they often make snide comments about Saturn which they don't do with other manufacturers.
  • shanianshanian Posts: 26
    For anyone inquiring about the longevity of this little car. My 1992 SL2 has about 156K, when I tried selling it, I had the satisfaction of noting that there were only 2 other cars in that sundays classified's with higher mileage, a legend and some civic or accord.
    I have long ago stopped fussing over it, recently its new owner, my brother found that it had low oil, Oh, well top it up and get on with it. While it has had the usual engine mount, alternator problems, it never stranded anybody, ever.
    Reason for getting rid of it, engine noise and boredom with the same car, I am sure it could go on till 200k, but my new car urge was greater than my curiosity.
    My new car is an Intrigue GL, and it's go only 2.5k miles, so too soon to comment. If you value 1)value, 2)looks and 3)power then look in this direction.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Just curious why you chose the Intrigue GL instead of upgrading to the Saturn LS. Styling? Cheaper V6? No GM Card discount until recently? I'm just curious.

  • jimontjimont Posts: 5
    My 95 SL just turned over 100K and the fuel pump went. My first warning was ~ 2 weeks ago when the engine stumbled and ran rough for about 10 minutes, then miracuously cured itself. Then a few days ago it quit and could not be restarted.

    FYI..., if your engine behaves like this, take it as a warning. If it conks out and you're stuck, check for spark and fuel (unscrew the cap of the shraeder valve near the fuel rail and depress the stem.) If no fuel and you've jiggled all the wires and checked the fuses/ relays, then whack the gas tank with a rubber mallet while someone cranks the engine, this can sometimes jar the pump into operating again so you can get the car to a mechanic you can trust.

    Of course, you kind of have to know what you're doing. Then again, Saturn could make a better pump.

    Oh yeah, check your rear exhaust hanger too. They rot out unexpectedly.

    Gee, my dodge K-car (sold at 163k)and Plymouth minivan (sold at 113k) never left me stranded like my Saturn...oh well.
  • After many problems with my 98 Intrigue I am seriously looking at a 2000 LS2,V6.The Intrigue has had Starting problems, The battery had to be replaced at 37000 miles(2 ys, 6 mo). Brakes at 1800 miles.The steering has been the worst problem, with re-occurring replacement of the rack, the half shaft and just about everything in the steering components.The interior filled with water after a hose from the a/c became disconnected during one of the repairs to the steering.The car has 45000 miles and is a real disappointment. I thought Olds had its act together,and I bought the hype instead of buying a quality car. Maybe the new ones are better?
    I am impressed with Saturn,and I found the V6 as quick if not quicker than the Intrigue.The styling is nothing to shout about, but I'd rather drive a good overall car, then a stylish repair sponge.
    Good Luck.
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