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Saturn S-Series



  • lbp47lbp47 Posts: 2
    Did you ever find out the problem? I have a 98 that does the same thing and would love to know...
  • We have a 1999 Saturn SL1. Neither the horn nor the odometer light are working. I've checked all the fuses which relate to these malfunctions and this isn't solving the problems. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get the horn and odometer light working again? We appreciate any help you can give us concerning this matter. Thanks!
  • I have a 95 Saturn SL. I am stumped with this electrical problem that I have. I have a complete and total electrical failure while driving. I can be driving and for no desernable reason, I will have a complete failure. I can be at 2800 RPM's and it is like a shut the key off. No sputter, no anything just dead. What is funny is that my hazard lights won't turn on. I have no electical power whatsoever. I have jumped the car and with a great deal of difficulty and the car drove fine. Sitting in my driveway trying to find the problem I ran the car up to 3000 RPM and it happened again. It seems not to matter if the car has a load on it or not. The fact it happens around 3000 RPM is my only clue. If anyone has any ideas please email me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Have a 1997 SL1. It was running fine until my daughters boyfriend went to replace the stereo. He cut all the wires that attached to the stereo. Now the car does not turn on. All the lights, power windows, locks etc.. are working. I have checked the fuses both under the hood and in the car and the only ones that are burned out are the radio and door chime fuses. I tried to jump the car and beat on the starter but no go. Any suggestions? Chris
  • I have a '96 SL1 on which a brake light has just burned out, and I'm at a loss as to how to replace the bulb. There doesn't seem to be a way to get to the bulbs; inside, the trunk liner is a solid piece of plastic. Outside, there are no screws to remove the light cover. The only possibility appears to be a thin piece of rubber on the lip of the rear body (covered by the trunk lid when it's closed) that has two screw-like heads on it. Unfortunately, neither has a groove in it so it's hard to see whether these are meant to be removed.

    Is it possible to remove and replace the bulbs, or is this deliberately designed to be a "Saturn-service only" procedure?

    Many thanks for your advice.
  • So i'm having a major problem with my Saturn's headlights...for some reason out of nowhere they decided not to turn off when the switch was off and the car itself was off, i never knew what to do so i'd have to pull the fuse to get them to go off so my battery wouldnt run down. that has stopped since, but now the right headlight is out. so i replaced it but it still won't work. now the only way both day-time running lights come on is when im pushing on the lightbulb connector thing,and even then, the right headlight portion still wont turn on, just the day-time light. i dont know whats going on!! any suggestions?! :confuse:
  • Died on hwy. Replaced CBad coil. Now Good Fire on all four. But won't start. 6 or 7 revs and soaks plugs. Regulator not leaking. All scanner readings look good.
  • :confuse: I bought a 1997 sc2 with 120k on it. The service engine soon light will not go out. the trany will down shift from 4th to 2nd when you hit about 45 mph..If you remove the single wire (ground wire?) from the neutral safety switch assy. the car shifts properly. I have had it to Saturn and was told the valve body was shot. I drove it to a local shop and had the valve replaced..same problem..any Ideas??
  • Hi. Did you ever find out what the problem was with your car. My car is having the exact same problem now? Thanks

  • I am havind the same sort of problems on a 93 wagon. It starts and runs fine but when you put your foot on the brakes it kills the engine and ther turn signal lights come on although the turn signals and 4 way flashers are off. I am kinda puzzled
  • on my Saturn it was the Oxygen Sensor. $100 part 2 min to screw in !! :)
  • Can Some one tell me what the average milage you can get out of a 1997 Saturn 1.9L motor I was told that 250.000KM was the best.
  • mklady4umklady4u Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Saturn SL. Starts fine, idles at around 3000 RPM fro the first minute then goes down to 1000 RPM's. While driving it runs like a top for a short period of time, then all of a sudden it acts like its running out of gas, if I give it gas then it dies. If I just let it idle it will run for a little bit but wont go anywhere. I have changed the spark plugs, added dry gas, changed the oil and had the fuel injectors cleaned. My check engine light does not come on until the car stalls, but goes back out when it is started back up after a cool down spell.
  • casualkcasualk Posts: 4
  • Please help me! I am a single black woman and don't know much about cars! I am on a diet and don't need this stress! The back-up lights are not working on my 2000 SL1. I tried new bulbs and I tried replacing the fuse in the fuse box under the hood. Neither fixed the problem! I am at a loss. Please give me ideas. Thank you
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    re. your back-up light problem.I have a 95 sl1,same problem.It turned out to be a $15 screw in sensor in the transmission casing under the hood.For me,it was a 3 min. fix.This will not cost a lot of money to fix!

    regards, Ian
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    My 97 coupe has a radio/cd that has a theft deterant on it and you need to know the 4 digit code before you remove it.
    a dealer can help you.

    regards, Ian
  • here is my suggestion on the oil consumption, i have heard from machine shops that after about 30k or 40k miles the valve guides start wearing out on saturns so that is something to look into.
  • here is my suggestion on the oil consumption, i have heard from machine shops that after about 30k or 40k miles the valve guides start wearing out on saturns so that is something to look into.
  • I have a 2002 Saturn SL w/apprx. 65,000 miles on it. I am told that my intake gasket is broken, the car is idiling roughly. What is an average cost for this repair and is it bad to drive the car when it is like this? thanks!
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