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Saturn S-Series



  • Same thing happen to me today. Intake gasket replacement-charged me 470$ My saturn is SL1- 2002 model.
    What should I do, to get back atleast half my money. Should I call The saturn dealer. Any help would be really appreciated.
  • Hi 95 saturn sc-2 auto rebiult trans about 45G miles, getting a #25 code, no tourque converter clutch, hard shift 2nd to 3rd when it acts up but only once in a while mostls when cold. When it's left to warm up about 5 minutes no problems, thanks
  • Can not git it into gear. The clutch is working because I can grind it in. I have know idea how the hydrolics works on this and 100% sure this is the problem. when I push the pedal there is nuthing. can someome help or send dygram. thanks
  • Does anyone know what other years of Saturn engines will fit into my 1992 Saturn SL2 1.9 L DOHC besides the 1992 ?
  • 98sl298sl2 Posts: 2
    1998 sl2 173000 miles twin cam.has anyone had a hesitation when giving the car a little gas.and if you did what was wrong.mine does and i replaced the plugs/wires/tps/cleaned the TB and egr and checked for leaks.
  • kevsinkkevsink Posts: 2

    Went out to start my 02 Saturn SL DOHC and it sort of burped and will not start up. Turns over freely and every once in a while, it sounds like it will fire but doesn't. Fuel pump turns on and I pumped the gas pedal a few times and I smell gas. Replaced the timing belt, gears @ 20k miles back. Car has @94 k miles on it. No warning with this issue....has been running great. Please advise if someone has a solution. This is my first time using a forum....looking forward to it!

  • lancerfanlancerfan Posts: 17
    I have a 2001 saturn sc1 with about 75000km. Had it since about 50k. Been a very reliable car and has always started in weather colder than -40C except for if you get any snow spun up onto the starter cuz it will melt and once you shut the car off then it freezes solid and your gonna have to thaw it out. Once you do that its fine however and its only happened twice before. I have had problems with it burning lots of oil but the engine is still young and i don't drive it hard. I also had the head gasket crack and that cost about $1200 for parts plus labour. It shifts pretty hard into 2nd to. It is pretty quick off the line for 100hp haha but once you gotta shift into fourth its slow as heck. I would recommend this car to people plus its nice seeing these little cars instead of stupid sunfires, cavaliers, and neons all the time lol
  • shanjdshanjd Posts: 1
    I am not sure of how to better diagnose the problem, but it sounds very similar to what happened to my car, 1998 SL2. Sometimes it would start perfectly for weeks at a time, and sometimes it might take me 15 minutes of trying before it finally started. My son said that it sounded like the "Camshaft Position Sensor" was bad. I bought one at the dealer for about $35 and he replaced it. That was a year ago, when the car had about 250,000 miles; I now have over 280,000 and it has never given me trouble since then. He told me that it was very painful to be able to reach it, but with a lot of patience he loosened the bolt holding the old one and then plugged in the new one. I do not know what it would cost for a dealer to install it, but maybe they can at least try to diagnose it for you. Good luck,
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    I have a 1997 coupe SC!.I had starting problems.It was the starter.Went to the wreckers and picked up a starter and put it in myself and $75 later I was good to go.Hope it's that easy for you.

    Best regards
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    The Saturn engines don't have camshaft position sensors...most likely 1 of a couple of issues

    Crankshaft position sensor-tells the fuel injectors when to fire
    Corrosion on the coil packs you need to remove them and check underneath - no run....
  • kadsmdkadsmd Posts: 1
    I just bought an 97 sc2. It doesnt go into reverse. It seems to be in nuetral but if you rev it up enough it will start moving backwards just not very fast. Also the service engine soon light is on. Is this fixable? A solenoid or something or do I need a whole new trans?
  • mitchjmitchj Posts: 5
    Well usually on any auto tranny that would mean a rebiuld or replacement. Reverse is the first to go followed by I think it's 2nd. Reverse is usually the weakest link in the trans one so you can still use it (at least I feel so) and two its the least used so the components need not be as strong. look at about $1800-$3000 to have it done mainly because of the labor involved with saturns. As for the engine light is it the service or check engine light, if the service light then that's coincidence so that needs to be addressed how many miles on it? If its the check engine light then it could be because of the trans, you need to get the codes pulled.
    You could go with a junkyard trans but I would NOT recomend that, it will still cost you a good grand for labor at least and if the trans doesn't work you have to pay to have it pulled and another one put in now a used trans just cost you more than a new/rebiult one. Shop around at shops, trans shops. I guess the one you bought it from won't give your money back? Pull the dip stick and if it smells burnt and is dark red or brown then its the trans but you know that already. If you didn't pay for it yet don't!!! unless its a great deal!
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Commonly on the S-Series this is indicative of needing to rebuild/replace the valve body on the trans...very possible that the trans does not need to be rebuilt...Service engine light probably a transaxle code related to your problem...
  • gar2gar2 Posts: 5
    Try changing your transmission fluid and filter first. If that doesn't work, the valve body would be my next suspect. (around $1200 at the Saturn dealership)
  • most likely the pc control solenoid is bad in the valve body or a bad valve body...... and it could have a posslbe loose input shaft nut those are the most common problems that cause a no reverse in a saturn trans... no need for a total rebuild or new trans.. both can be fixed right in a couple of hours... ive worked on saturns for over 13 years now
  • mitchjmitchj Posts: 5
    I am getting a intermittened code 25 trans code,"no torque converter clutch" mostly when we don't warm the car up for about 5 minutes and you just go. It will not shift into 2nd gear and sometimes we even have to pull over and shift to park andf then in drive. it's definitely intermittened it can be fine for weeks and then every other time out but only when not fully warmed up! The trans was fully rebiult and has about 45,000 on it and fluid is nice and bright red, I have changed the external filter and now at a stand still. Once it does correct itself and shifts there is no problem afterwards. I was told it was a sensor but don't know what one,where it is, or what to do next! thanks for your help!
  • kevinc70kevinc70 Posts: 3
    When traveling down the road I get a rear thumping noise as I go Faster it gets faster to a point and then I dont hear it any more,it sounds like tire slap.It seems like the rt rear when I turn the wheel one way it goes away and when I turn it the other it gets worse. I rotated the tires and thats not it.Wondering if it could be a rear bearing or suspension any advice would be great.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds like a rear bearing to me...big clue is that it gets worse in one direction & better in the other.
  • tzeentchtzeentch Posts: 2
    My sunroof will open fine, but gets stuck when I tried to close it. (its motorized). I have to physically force it until it starts to move again. I tried cleaning the track, but to no avail. Any ideas?

  • tzeentchtzeentch Posts: 2
    On my 2002 Saturn SC-2 dashboard my security and repair lights come on togethor. They never come on without the other, i.e. security but not the repair light. They also only come on about 50% of the time.

    Any thoughts?

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