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Saturn S-Series



  • My car is also doing that same problem that you responded about. Exact same. Ive replaced soo many things and Its still happening. What do you do to fix yours?? Please help me. Thanks so much in advance

  • My saturn does the exact same thing. No check engine light. I have replaced a whole bunch of parts and nothing has fixed it yet. WHAT DID YOU DO TO FIX YOUR PROBLEM??? Please help I am at my witts end im thinking about blowing it up. PLEASE HELP Thanks so much.
  • if the driving lights, the voltage to the lights are constantly available as they are also used to flash the lights when using the keyless system. There is a ground path that is switched to ground to turn them on. Just move the wires directly behind either light to find out which line got grounded. There is a wire splice with tape that caused my lights to stay on. I snipped off the protruding wire and re-taped.
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    1997 coupe.Front rotors will not come off.Are they rusted on or held on by bearings.I had a 1995 SL1 ,those rotors came off with no problem.Am I missing something? Any thoughts anyone?
  • How hard is it to replace the valve body for the transmission. The car seems to shift fine up until 4th gear, and bangs into reverse. I have read the forums, and have come up with it being either the PC control solenoid or the valve body. Is this difficult to replace?
  • booboo6booboo6 Posts: 46
    Saturn brake discs are not held on other than by clamping forces generated by bolting on the wheels. I use a big gear puller and a torch to pull off the disks. The discs are not to be re-used when removed like this. They will be warped.
  • booboo6booboo6 Posts: 46
    The job itself requires quite a number of procedures, none really too difficult. There are videos on YouTube that covers the procedure. Here is one I noted:
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    I have done this job before on a 1995 sl1,no problem.The new rotors have M8 threaded holes for jack screws for removal.The old ones don't,What's holding these guys on,rust?
  • rbillieuxsrrbillieuxsr Posts: 47
    Bad wheel bearing --replace :lemon:
  • bambiebambie Posts: 12
    I am on my third Saturn now. I have had many, many cars in my life It has been my experience, that a bad bearing will be noisy all the time. It sounds like a CV joint (constant velocity) / axil. Not expensive. My wife's SL1 is noisy turning left. My guess is agressive snow tires, alignment is out and a worn tierod end. Hope this helps.
    Ian B
  • booboo6booboo6 Posts: 46
    I agree. Noise of a bad wheel bearing can be encouraged by a right or left turn that may load the bearings more on growing defect in the bearing race, and can go quiet when steering the car in a manner that unloads the defect area. In general, the bearing noise is not audible at low speed and sounds like the whirr of a prop airplane when at speed. A grinding noise when turning or heard at low speed is often a damaged CV joint. Look for obvious signs, like a rip in any of the CV boots.
  • mmmagicmmmagic Posts: 1
    I have a 4 cylinder automatic 2 wd Vue and the reverse just went out. The vehicle only have 78,000 mile on the motor. Does anyone have any suggestion on what may be the cause or thing I should check? I have already checked the fluid levels and it is not burnt and is at the proper level. Drive gear works nd shift fine.
  • booboo6booboo6 Posts: 46
    I am not a Vue owner, but scoured the web on 2003 Vue Reverse Problem. Your tranny appears to be a failure proned component. Best concise information is at Wikipedia. It is only warranted for 75,000 miles "due to high failure rate" (of the VTi transmission).
  • rebinpassrebinpass Posts: 1
    When cold engine will not idle, it automaticle reves up by itself to 2000 RPM's. At the same time temperture gauge flucuates wildly. After warmed up engine runs well but still reves by itself.
  • ssklsskl Posts: 45
    We have the same condition in the same type and year Saturn. Have ignored it in the past. It's only a guess but I remember having a Cavalier that had a bad temp. sensor which controlled thru the computer the fuel supply on startup that was bad and the thing wouldn't start. Replaced the sensor and all was ok. Your clue is the fluctuating temp gage which reminded me of that previous condition that I had with the Cavalier. You might start by replacing the sensor which is not very costly and should be easy to do. Otherwise a computer readout might be needed. Revving could be caused by lack of fuel as well as too much fuel because of a faulty sensor signal. Also check for vacuum leaks which screw up fuel mix. Also the idle control valve could be malfunctioning, but since the temp gage is moving erratically I would think there is a faulty electrical signal in the idle circuit.
  • sounds like transmission shift sensors have car checked with a computer try auto zone they will put it on your car and tell u why your check engine light is on
  • I have a 2000 SL2 that has an issue with the vent line in the tank and return line from the engine. It makes it makes it very hard to put fuel in the tank and whenever it is running with the cap on the back pressure pumps gas out of the return valve next to the filler tube. The amount of gas it dumps is phenomenal so we have started driving with the gas cap off. We have replaced the fuel pump module and the computer with no resolve. There is a gas vent control box on top of the tank which no one seems to know anything about. Should have been a recall on this but the welded return line does not cover this type of behavior. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • hello, i have a '02 sl2 twin cam w/100k miles. i began having start problems intermitently. fuel pump not working so it was replaced. It worked for two days then wouldn't start. The fuse is good, relay checked good, jumpered the pump at relay and it works. relay doesn't seem to receive power to energize it. also the fuel gauge that had worked before now doesn't read either. any ideas?
  • booboo6booboo6 Posts: 46
    I have '02 SL1. I have not studied the circuitry yet, but it sounds like possible ignition switch problem. One of the lines may have gone bad so no power is applied to sections of the fuse panel(s).
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