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Buick LeSabre



  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    FAstbuck - I'm a 45 yr old family man driving my 2nd Gand Marquis - buy em used and drive em till they drop - who contends they are the ultimte economy car (when true vehicle long-term cost is calculated) and make more sense to own than just about anything on the road. I drive about 25-30K hiway miles a year in the northeast. The comfort is fantastic - riding over hours of asphalt (hm - could make an interesting pun there!) and the gas mileage is the same on the newer models as a Camry or other small to midsized vanilla car. I would like to buy a newer car next yr and love the classy Infinity I-30 and the arguably sexier Maxima GLE, but remembering the last half dozen accidents I've seen along the way home, I think my enjoyable big car ride is probably cheap life insurance too.

    We used the Grand Marquis for our primary family vehicle over the last 7 years and the addition of a used green Surburban to our driveway has certainly given us an alternative - but at 13 mpg for "Reptar" and uncertain future gas prices, it still makes sense for our 'second car' to be able to accomodate the family if/when needed. I'll probably buy another one - or maybe one of these 2000 blue hair LeSabres or maybe a Bonneville (smooth riding but sexier looking).

    Just call me Tpke Ken - cruising in comfort.
  • I'd like to know if anyone has done any upgrades to the sound system on the 2000 LeSabre. The Concert Hall II system is a terrible disappointment....lacking in stereo effect and it has irritatingly strident highs. I'd like to upgrade the speakers but don't ant to re-invent the wheel, so if anyone out there has made a measurable improvement to the poor sound in the LeSabre, I'd love to hear about what "fixes" did the magic.
  • Thanks, guys. I downloaded your kazoo comments, and my dealer accepted my diagnosis. Had the windshield resealed. Warranty. No sweat! Saved us a lot of searching. Local sheriff told me a dealer would be breaking the law to condone a 70 mph test in a 65 mph state. The dealer won't even let a mechanic ride in a car exceeding the speed limit. Sounds to me like that MA dealer didn't explain himself very well to his customer.
  • My experience with the Grand Touring option with Firestone Affinity tires is bad. The ride at first was firm but not too harsh, but after 1000 mi the ride is harsh with every small road imperfection felt. Also, there is a vibration at 70-75 mph felt in the steering wheel and front seat. I believe the problem is poor tires and lack of isolation between the suspension and driver. I wish I would have bought the standard suspension with the optional 16-inch wheels. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the GT option?
  • Consumer Reports and a couple of car magazines said the Gran Touring package was jiggly. I have the 16 inch wheel option withoout GTP and it seems a little firmer than the 15" that were on the demo I first drove. But I'm very pleased with the ride. The tires are Generals and seem to do pretty well but when the time comes I'll probabally go to Bridgestone Re930's which the testers say are quiet and very capable. (and I might add, a whole chunk less than Michlins)
  • wpswwpsw Posts: 1
    There are several comments about the dreaded Kazoo sounds for 2000 LaSabre's. Has anyone had the problem with a 2001?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    What's the consensus from you LeSabre posters on the Custom's wheel treatment - I think they look out of place - some attempt to generate a retro/futuristic sort of impression. And are they covers or alloys? I don't have catalogue handy to check out but just saw another one - a silver Custom - up close and decided that I definitely don't like that particular wheel look.

    Turnpike Ken
  • I recently bought a 2000 Buick LeSabre Custom which has Firestone 16" Affinity tires on it. I'm not having any problems and I'm totally satisfied with the car; however, in light of the Firestone tire recall I was curious if anyone has heard anything adverse about the Firestone Affinity tire.
  • dpons: We have the GTP option and have the Firestone Affinity tires. We have almost 10K miles now, but we have not experienced any deterioration in ride. I will say, though, that the '00 LeSabre with GTP is much stiffer than the '93 LeSabre with GTP which is what we had before. The handling of the new LeSabre is much better than the last generation, but the ride is definitely harder.

    tpken: I do not care for the art deco wheels either and that is an excellent description of them. Our cousin got them on her '00 (I do not think she thought twice about it), and they are alloys. When my folks were picking out their '00 I was happy when they said that they did not like them either (my dad hated them, my mom did not care).

    The GTP wheels look nice, but they are what I call tooth brush wheels since you need one to clean out the brake dust.

    rhraasch: I have not heard anything either about the Firestone Affinity tires. No problems with ours either.
  • I have owned my 2000 Limited with the Gran Touring Package for fifteen months. I have 14,000 miles on the car with no problems. I have had good experience with the Fireston Affinity tires. Just to be super safe, after the Ford/Firestone problems made headlines, I took my car in to the dealership. They assured me that the problems did not extend to the Affinity but they voluntarily put the car on a lift and went over the tires by hand. They found no indication that anything was amiss. I am satisfied with the tires and completely pleased with my Buick. I will likely buy another.
  • I think it's a good idea for a prospective buyer of a new LeSabre to drive a new one with the grand touring suspension and also drive a standard version. The 2000 LeSabre's suspension has been "snugged up" quite a bit from previous year LeSabres. In fact the standard LeSabre is about as firm as the old GTP. Lots of folks don't like the 2000 LeSabre with the GTP because it is apparently "jiggly" at low speeds and the tires have noticeable pavement slap due to the firmer shocks. Drive it both ways first so you won't be unhappy. Another suggestion is the standard suspension with 16 inch alloy wheels and tires. Mine is set up that way and I'm very pleased with it.
  • dponsdpons Posts: 3
    (rhraasch): My 2000 Lesabre Custom with Grand Touring suspension has Firestone Affinity tires. The dealer found the two front tires out of round which they say is the cause of my vibration problems at speed. But I think there is more to the problem, because the vibration gets worse after time on the road, which implies the belts are shifting. The dealer said he could not offer me another brand of tire, I am stuck with the Firestones unless I want to buy something else at my expense. However, the same dealer told a fiend that was looking at a new Buick "he would not sell any Buicks with Firestone tires". If the replacement Firestones do not cure the vibration, I guess I will have to shell out another $500 for tires on my new car.
    (macarthur2): The "pavement slap" stems from insufficient rebound damping, which is the complaint I addressed earlier with my GT package. The rebound damping was OK for the first 1000 miles, but quickly decreased thereafter, due to poor quality shocks (typical GM). The GT package has firmer springs, and needs a better quality shock than used on the standard suspension, otherwise they will wear out fast.
  • Hi everyone ! I just turned 5000 miles on my 2000 LeSabre Limited and have not had any problems with it at all. I have the GTP with the Firestone Affinity tires and they are riding really well. I just want to thank everyone here at the site for all your comments about the car. I will definately buy another one in the future.
  • The rumor in Detroit is that Ford will be dropping the entire Mercury line just like Dialmer-Chrysler has dropped Plymouth. It's a shame because the Grand Marquis was nice looking and good competitor for the LeSabre. Now all they will have is the uglyish Crown Victoria. I own a LeSabre, just thought you all might find this tid-bit interesting.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I understand Ford is dropping the Mercury name, but not discontinuing the Grand Marquis. I don't know what the GM will be called.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    the Mercury Marauder...and it will kick some butt!
  • bryangzbryangz Posts: 24
    After I steered them away from the Lesabre's with the white walls and dealer installed carriage roof, they decided they liked a sterling silver Custom model.
    It has the "tour edition" discount package which if I remember correctly, includes leather seats ,the gauge/driver information center and aluminum wheels. I was disappointed in a couple things: 1. no back seat armrest or head rests. 2. Automatic air conditioning is an option. 3. In general, at least to me, the Lesabre doesn't seem to take the bumps very well despite being built on a rigid platform. I realize the some of these things can be had with the Limited, but come on, no arm rest or head rests in the back seat? How cheap can you get?

    On the other hand, I like its styling and the fact that it has side impact bags and that the 3800 V-6 is under the hood. Also, I made sure to take it on the highway to see if it had the kazoo sound, which it didn't.

    Any other things I should consider or look for before we pick up the car Monday?


  • I was wondering if anyone else is having as many
    problems with their Lesabre as I am. I have only had my 2000 Lesabre for a year now and the problems are mounting up. The air conditioner doesn't cool the car down and my drivers side window will not roll down. I've also noticed water in the passenger floor board after it rains.
    Could I have gotten a lemon??
  • Also, could there be engine problems on the way. I have noticed that every once in a while it doesn't start on the first try. Should I just take it as a loss and find something different. The dealer seems helpful enough, but I don't want to take any chance on major auto trouble down the line.
  • bryangzbryangz Posts: 24
    Hasn't the dealer fixed these problems? Air conditioning, most likely has a coolant leak and needs to be recharged, but in the past I have seen cars that have been overcharged and that can also cause an inability to cool.

    As far as water leaking into the cabin, it could be a myriad of things: 1. Improperly sealed windshield. 2. Leaves blocking the air conditioning drain (check up by the windshield wipers) 3. Improper body weld.

    All cars sometimes fail to start on the first start. Sometimes just adding fuel injector cleaner can solve such problems. If it continues though, have it checked.

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