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Buick LeSabre



  • Your Mileage May Vary

  • Thats not a real good price for a 93 but if u decide to buy it check it over carefully. I own a 93lesabre and its been a good car but i started having things go wrong at the milage ur talking about (50000).Things like the water pump, transmission cooling lines to radiator (mine sprung a leak and almost ruined transmission when i lost fluid), alternator, cooler for power steering and rack and pinion which is under car, is in area where it rusts bad, are all things u gotta check out. Also check door locks and all the electronics.They r real expensive to fix. I had part called control head, its the buttons for the defrost,heater, air conditioner etc., go bad and it cost $850 to replace. Keep in mind that the control head can be part that is hard to check cause it can go bad gradually.Also if ur in rust belt (like i am)check car underneath and have mechanic check front struts.Personally i wouldnt get car unless he showed he has fixed some of items mentioned or unless he lowered price $1500 or so to cover ur anticipated expenses. good luck ED
  • rzeparzepa Posts: 1
    I am slowly looking for a new LaSabre. Here
    in the SW burbs of Chicago, the 2001 Custom
    with SD package goes for ~26K. What is the
    reasonble amount I should be able to get the
    car for ?
  • I have had my 2000 LeSabre for 18 months now, a Custom, fully loaded with leather and touring package. I love the way the car drives and I use it in Southwest PA winters, but,, and this is a biggy to me,, I am by far the youngest person I see driving this car. I have a minivan, but got tired of being the driving mom and got the LeSabre, anyone else out there under the age of 60 driving this car with a family?? I take it to the ball field and school functions and am surrounded by minivans, so I can easily locate my vehicle. Just wondering?? Plus, does anyone else think the dashboard looks a litte cheap for a 26K vehicle?
  • yea i c younger people driving lesabres. Infact a lady had her's for sale and her son who was in college begged her for it. He had a preppy type jeep at the time too, so it wasn't like he was desparate for wheels.I like the dash on my lasarbe, to me the simpler the better. Electronic dashes can be very troublesome.All in all though if I like a car I could care less what anyone else thinks of it but theres certainly nothing to be ashamed of in the styling of the lesabre.
  • It's not that I don't like the styling, I wouldn't buy a car for that money if I didn't like the way it looks. I just remember my salesperson being surprised that I wanted to look at LeSabres and not the Regal. He even told me that I am by the far the youngest person he has sold a lesabre to in recent memory. But, I went ahead and bought it anyway, I figure mine gets the best workout of the group it left the factory with, It maybe a family sedan, but it does handle well and I like to drive it on highways and see how the touring package reacts to the twists and turns on the PA turnpike.
  • Well its good u didnt let salesman influence u. Its hard to say what his agenda was maybe an excess inventory of Regals or better incentive payback on that model but they do try to stear customers to certain models by saying subtle things like he said to u. One of the best things i like about mine is the gas milage.
    U mentioning the pa turnpike brings back memories of when we'd drive to atlantic city, there was always construction along it but I liked the way they had emergency phones every mile.Nothing like that on roads around me here in n y.
  • Depending on how you optioned the car there are a couple of ways the dash can look. Mine has the Tachometer and speedometer and looks very nice. The odometer, oil pressure, tire pressure, engine temp and water temp and battery charge rate are all computerized.
    RZEPA here in the OKC area you can almost always find a dealer offering 3k off his on the lot LeSabres. That actually comes in under dealer list (but of course we know they get factory incentives). I like the car very much except for what I mentioned in #289 above.
  • know if starter motor is hard to change? My 93Lesabre is occassionally buzzing instead of engaging starter so i figure solenoid is going and i will have to pull starter out.I was wondering if its easy to reach or if manifold or something is in the way? (Its 10 degrees outside and i dont want to go under car right now). Also any ideas on whether this is something that will gradually get worse or will it all of a sudden leave me stranded?
  • I am in the process of identifying a used sedan for purchase this spring. I am looking in the used market and wish to spend no more than 15K. Would anyone recommend a Lesabre around 3to 4 years old as a good used purchase?? I would like to get something with about 50 - 60K miles with the intent of keeping it until its done!
  • What is a GM card? And how does it work with
    saving you money on a new car?

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The "GM Card" is a regular Co-branded Mastercard credit card managed by Household Bank, NA. The GM Mastercard and rewards program was recently overhauled to attract potential GM customers. The card is offered as a regular and Platinum Mastercard. GM awards the consumer with a 5% rebate on every single purchase charged to the account towards the purchase or lease of any new and unused (Or unregistered GM demo vehicle) GM Car or Truck with the exception of Saturns, Saabs, EV1 electric vehicles and in some instances the Corvette models. Obviously, the more you spend, the more 5% rebate points you accrue in your account. Under the provisions of the new GM Mastercard accounts, there is no limit cap as to how much you can accumulate during the year. You can accrue as many points as you like and these are valid for up to 7 years, provided that you don't default or close your credit card account. However, GM also sets limits as to how many "points" you can redeem on the cars and trucks allowed under the incentive program. For instance, if you want a Chevy Impala, you can only redeem a maximum of $2,000 points towards the purchase/lease of that model. You can also combine your earnings with other incentives (Rebates/special financing) offered at the time of purchase as well. The new GM Card also allows you to redeem your points on selected Non-vehicle purchases as well. There is no annual fee for the card and credit limits are often generous but they depend mainly on your credit worthiness. I bought my new '00 Chevy Impala LS using some of the points that I had accrued in my card. Is really neat and one of the best deals in Co-branded credit cards provided that you want to buy/lease a GM product. My wife and I make all of our purchases using our Platinum GM Mastercard and we are currently accruing an average of $100.00 per month on earnings....for sure her next car will be a GM product.

    Also, on new model year introductions, the GM card guarantees that you can apply a minimum of $1,000 points towards the purchase of this new model of car/truck..not bad at all.

    Read all about it at:

    Hope this helps. ;-)
  • I will have to check into that as I am wanting to get a new LeSabre end of year of 2001.
  • WOW! That was an authoritative response you received to your question concerning the GM Card.
    I wish I had said that. I do want to add this from my personal experience. I have carried the GM Card for eight years. I pay off the balance at the end of every month. If you don't do that (as with any credit card) you are fooling yourself when it comes to "earnings." The company has been great. I have never found an error in their accounting. I have had no problems and I would recommend the card to you. As indicated by teo, the rules have recently changed. With the "new" GM Card your earnings are unlimited but the amount you can apply is limited. With the old card you could earn up to $500 yearly, or, for a while, up to $1000 yearly if you carried the GM Gold Card. I did. When I got ready to purchase my new car, I got the best deal I could get on my new 2000 Le Sabre Limited. After those terms were set, we then subtracted my GM Card earnings off the purchase price. They were worth $5,273. No doubt someone, somewhere did even better than that. It would be interesting to hear from them in this forum.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I payoff my balance every month. I never acrue any interest on my credit cards as I never ever have balances on any of them ;-)
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The new method of accruing unlimited "5%" earnings on a yearly basis and aplying those points towards a new car with a set cap amount, than waiting 5 to 7 years to accumulate a significant amount of earnings under the old "Blue" GM card $500 per year cap program guidelines. With the new GM card you can accumulate points and buy your car faster than ever before.
  • I have a 2001 LeSabre Limited loaded in my driveway on a test. I find a lot of glare in the drivers outside mirror and side window. It comes from the left side of the instrument panel. I wonder if there is a fix for this. Turning down the interior lights also stops the reflection but makes seeing the dash lights hard.
    Clark clarkjudy@hitter,net
  • Just took my 13+ year old LeSabre from St. Louis, to DC in a 14 driving marathon.

    The formerly light blue car is now road salt grey!

    What can I tell you about snow removal.

    1. Illinois -- Fair
    2. Indiana -- Poor
    3. Kentucky -- Good
    4. West Virginia -- Excellent
    5. Virginia -- No snow observed.


  • I just bought a 2001 Le Sabre Limited last week, and in general I am very pleased with it.

    One problem that I have not been able to figure out concerns the door locks. When I start the car in the morning and get out to clean snow and ice off the windows, the doors automatically lock after a short time. The first time it did this, I had to use the spare keys from my wife's fob. After that I used the valet key that I keep separately from the regular key. It's a nuisance.

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to prevent the doors locking like this?


    Indrek Aavisto
    Sudbury, Ontario
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    Your Lesabre locks automatically because you unlocked it with the remote keyless entry. This is standard on most autos. When not driven the doors re lock. Check your owners manual under remote keyless entry or power door locks. Next time, unlock with the key in door. Merry Christmas!!
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