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Buick LeSabre



  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    Did it start BECAUSE it was jumped? Was the battery dead? I had a GM product a few years ago that drove me nuts. There was never a shortage of battery power. The engine would falter, sometimes completely die under any and all circumstances. Since that time I have wondered if there is a "safety" switch that perhaps senses that the car is upside down, etc. and disables the ignition. Mine would always start back up again but three GM Service Departments were unable identify the problem. Good luck.
  • mercerjmercerj Posts: 2
    As I recall, there use to be a cut-off switch in the trunk that would cut off the fuel pump in the event of an accident. I believe it was on the Towncar that I once owned. Not being a mechanic, I'm not that familiar with the problem.
    What is interesting is the adverse comments made about the LeSabre. I presently own a 2000 Toyota Camry, 4cy, and due to the lack of power and mushy acceleration, was considering trading it on a 2001 LeSabre. I'm now having second thoughts
  • fwilson3fwilson3 Posts: 1
    I have owned my 2000 Brick LeSabre Limited since May 1999. I have put 13000 miles on it and every mile has been a pleasure. Last Saturday I was stopped at a red light and hit by a jeep wagoner traveling at a high rate of speed. My car has been totaled by the insurance but I was protected by the passenger compartment and was able to walk ways. The insurance adjuster told me he had read the 2000 LeSabre was one of the safest cars on the road and this accident has made him a believer. I have already started thebpapers to purchase an other 2000 LeSabre. The only option I am getting differently is the color.
  • nwalkernwalker Posts: 17
    I agree with fwilson3. I have 10,000 miles on my 2000 LeSabre Limited and am still waiting for the first thing to go wrong. The passenger headrest was replaced by the dealer because it would not maintain its adjustment. That's it. I recently read in the newspaper that the Japanese cars finished first, second, and third in terms of owners complaints. Finishing first among all the American cars, and not far back of the Japanese, for having the fewest customer complaints was the Buick. I also own a 1991 4 cylinder Camry so I know all about excellence in design and engineering and, of course, I am on intimate terms with mush acceleration. I am happy with both cars and I would encourage you to take a close look at the 2001 LeSabre.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    I'm an Impala owner but since the two cars share the same engine, trans etc, I also read the LeSabre forum.

    I copied this post from the Impala forum V.
    It may be the aanswer to your problem too.

    "#93 of 201: Engine shutdown (wilhannes) Thu 18 May '00 (05:03 PM)

    I,ve been following this forum with interest, I
    have a 2000 Monte SS Silver, with every option. I
    am as crazy about this car as you guys are with Impala. Now have about 4000 miles and love it more than ever. When it had about 150 miles it
    started the dreaded "engine shutdown" no warnings
    and I could not associate it with any other
    functions. Hot, Cold, it would happen any time. It
    would always start right up,and not happen for a
    week or two. Sometimes it would do it 2 or 3 times
    and not happen again for a long time.
    There was no check engine light so I figured there
    was no trouble codes stored in the computer.
    I finally took it to the dealer figuring they
    would have it forever,

    <<<<<They put thier scanner on and it showed a bad crankshaft sensor.>>>>>

    They replaced it (same day) and it has run perfectly since. This was about 4 months ago. The car was built in the end of November, 99. I took delivery just before Christmas 99. I hope this might help some fellow 3.8 owner. It'a terrible thing when the car you love has a mysterious boo-boo. "
  • rviscusorviscuso Posts: 2
    Lets start at the beginning, back in June of '99 we ordered a Ltd with the GTS option from Thompsons of Placerville, CA. As everyone knows by now the GTS was on constraint. The car we ordered never arrived however one did sans GTS. The dealer asked us to come in and test drive it anyway. So we did, checkbook NOT in hand since we were not prepared to go without the GTS. After the test drive and hearing that we were willing to wait for what we ordered, the salesman makes the statement that he heard the entire Le Sabre line was being put on constraint. Well, we weren't willing to wait two more months so we believed what he said and took the car. What a mistake that was. After 200 miles the car developed various problems, the primary one being rattles throughout the entire vehicle. Thompsons service department: replaced the drivers visor due to rattle, the rear passenger door seal due to noise, speed control did not work due to faulty connection, replaced front passenger power window motor due to sluggishness, every door panel was removed to correct rattles, trunk pass thru modified due to rattle, constant engine whine coming from speakers which they said was normal, and most noticeably the entire dash rattles which they were unable to resolve. Of the numerous visits to their shop three times the car was returned damaged, once a glob of grease was on the headliner, once the entire interior had dirt/oil marks throughout, and the last time the rear door was scratched. After the door was touched up the car has not been back to Thompsons. A letter to Buick HQ and to Thompsons outlining the above resulted in a phone call from Buick, however Thompsons refused to acknowledge my letter. What is Thompsons lack of response telling me, that they don't care about the customer?

    We are now brining the car to Folsom Buick. They are having limited success in resolving the problems. The car now has 12,000 miles on it and the rattles are getting worse. Additional developments: the drivers side mirror is blurry, the replacement is also blurry. The drivers top door seal does not seal, letting water get past. The radio and temperature settings mysteriously change themselves when returning to the car (no memory option, no one else driving the car). The engine sometimes idles smooth, sometimes rough which can be felt through the steering wheel.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems? Aside from the problems we really do like this car; the ride is comfortable, and the gas mileage is very good averaging 26 mostly freeway and 31 on trips, engine is powerful and transmission smooth.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    What does "on constraint" mean? Curtailed production? If so, why was it constrained?

    It sounds like rviscuso has a "lemon" loaded with problems. I've read that it happens in all makes and models. Does CA have a lemon law for cars?

    We bought a 2000 Impala in Feb. and it was a step down from my Olds Royale. Although I love the way it drives - same engine and trans as the LeSabre - the radio/CD/cassette is absolutely THE WORST sounding thing I've ever heard. It really spoils a great car. The Chevy dealer has given me no satisfaction with it. And NOW my wife tells me she hates the look of the Impala (but she sure loved those heated leather seats in the cold weather).

    Unfortunately, many of the features of the Impala are tied into the special radio, therefore it is not readily replaceable. (One guy actually put in a whole second audio system just to get decent sound!)

    Although the Impala runs fine, I'm thinking I should have gone for a Buick of some kind instead which is why I'm reading these Buick boards. I'm actually considering trading it already with just 3000 miles. However, it is very discouraging to read about some of the problems on the LeSabres.

    What else should I be aware of and how is the road noise at highway speeds on concrete and asphalt?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Just my usual .2 cents worth of opinion. I know your frustration with your Impala LS over the quality of the sound system. However the question to be asked is if you are willing to, first of all, take a strong hit ($$$) at trade in time to get a car (Buick) that might come with the good sounding Radio you like, but in the end the car might not be as satisfying as the Impala?. I think the trade off and loss is much greater by getting a Buick Regal (That you know has annoyances you can't stand....Windshield reflection for example) letting go of your 3000 mile Impala, bite the bullet, and be now stuck with a car you don't really have warth feelings toward??

    It's your call, but I think in the end you'll be much better off risking it and upgrading the amplifier and speakers of your car. True you don't know what they will sound like...but until GM releases a "fix", you can seek advice of a good an experienced car stereo'll be surprised at the results!. What's more, you can never compare the $$$ losses over Trading the Impala for a Buick vs. Installing a new AMP and speakers in the Impala and sticking to what you really like.

    I'll bet your wife doesn't like the Impala much anymore, because probably you complaint to her about the car every single day and she is already annoyed by the subject. She, I am sure, wants to see you happy with your set of wheels, so think about what to do next, but I honestly don't see you too happy behind the wheel of a Buick, whether Regal or LeSabre.

    Good Luck!
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    On paper the Buick LS sounds good. Good acceleration, good gas milage, good safety. But I looked to the real world to choose my car. I have 33,000 hard driving miles on my 98 FORD Crown Vic with NO problems. CD/Radio works as good as day 1, haven't had interior light problems, no engine shutdowns, no check engine lights, no door seal problems, etc. As someone once mentioned on the CV board, keep an open mind when choosing a car. If you don't consider gas millage as your highest priority, check out the CV/GM board before you choose a car. If you are looking for that mpg limit, there are a lot of cars that can average 31mpg highway and go from 0-60 in about 8 besides the LS.
  • mercerjmercerj Posts: 2
    Since first reading about the problem several people have experience with the engine shutdown, I've conducted some research. The results indicate that there is an excellent possibility that the engine shutdown is due to the electronic ignition system. This can be difficult for the computer and the mechanice to diagnose because after the shutdown, the engine will often restart after a brief period without jumping the battery. If the car is running when taken to the garage, the computer, nor the mechanic is able to say for certain if it is the electronic ignition. Since it is expensive to replace, generally $125 to $250, the garage doesn't want to experiment by replacing it. The car can cut off numerous times and restart as though nothing is wrong. It will never correct itself until the electronic ignition is replace. Good Luck !
  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    We have a 2000 Buick Limited and had the same problem with the engine quitting. It restarted and we haven't had a problem since. But it is worrisome knowing that it could happen again...without warning. Thanks for the info. We will let our dealer know what worked for you.
    We are having a problem with a wind noise howling sound that occurs at between 50 and 70 MPH. It is the kind of sound that you can make by blowing across a soda pop bottle. It is intermittent but annoying. Anyone else having this problem?
  • ccnewm1ccnewm1 Posts: 1
    We, too, have experienced the howling sound that occurs at higher speeds on the highway. Our 2000 LaSabre has the Gran Touring Package as an option. Since this howling sound is only heard on certain highways, we conclude it is tire noise.
  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    I am fairly certain that the noise we hear is from air blowing onto or across something that creates the sound. Sometimes a gust of strong wind coming from the side will make it howl for a second or two. Sometimes it will increase strongly in pitch and then suddenly stop. I wrote Buick at but because of the holiday weekend haven't heard from them. When I do I will post their answer. I hope that they can help.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    I have driven several cars that have windshield wiper resonance. At certain windspeeds and angles it creates a kudzoo effect. It can be that or a door seal that is experiencing a similar resonance.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    kudzu - a noiseless, fast growing, large-leaf plant imported from Asia that grows several feet tall, mainly in the American southeast

    kazoo - a small musical toy :)
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    Ya got me duraflex. The Southeastern USA has too much kudzu as well. Wasn't there a cartoon as well...or was that kazoo? In any event, windshield wiper or wind seal could be the cause of the howl.
  • dandbhood1dandbhood1 Posts: 8
    What an accurate discription.Kazoo sound. Thats it. The response I got from Buick was, "See your dealer" Apparently they don't know the answer or they haven't heard of the problem or it is easier to shift the problem to someone else. I guess I'll see what the dealer has to say when I take it in for the 3000 mile service. Thanks for the help....and the humor.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    I test drove a 2000 LeSabre on Saturday. It too had the kazoo sound at higher speeds. It also seemed to have more WIND NOISE all around than I would have expected - more than my similar 2000 Impala. Don't know why.

    ROAD NOISE, however, was minimal - much less than my car.

    The LeSabre had the GT package with 16 inch wheels. It felt big and heavy and very substantial but well-powered and responsive.

    Although it drove great and rode like a dream, I was a very disappointed with visibility - especially the big reflections from the defroster vents in the windshield. If they were set closer to the glass, they would fall lower in the field of view.

    99s and earlier LeSabres had bigger glass and much better visibility but I never cared for those front ventaplanes.
  • mcgowan1mcgowan1 Posts: 16
    We owned a Le Sabre Limited until early this year, and traded it--after much research,test drives, and so on--on a 2000 Avalon XLS.
    Not that the Buick we had, nor the 2000 model weren't good cars tho.
    We thought the 2K model was much improved over our 96, and aside from one major fix (Warranty service on leaking head gaskets), our trade in gave us good results.
    In short, we felt that the Avalon deserved the edge, and chose it over the Buick.
    They are very close in price--optioned up to the max--and the Avalon is referred to by many as Toyota's answer to the LeSabre.
    However, what convinced us was the fact that the AV seems to have more bang for the buck, in terms of quality, comfort, and little things like storage, cup holders, etc.The car is a pleasure to drive (And our Buick was as well),but the AV is far quieter--I've never been in one as quiet!
    The one item which really convinced us was the Toyota reputation for reliability, and its positive effect on trade in value. Everything we saw pointed to this as being a decided strength for the AV.
    Hope we haven't angered any Buick fans, but we thought maybe an alternative opinion might be of interest.
  • Went to pick up our daughter at the Orlando International Airport and started to get the dreaded "Kazoo". So I ran ran the windshield wipers to see if there was any change at all. It seemed to change pitch in rhythm with the speed of the wipers.
    We also looked at the Avalon before we bought the Le Sabre Lmt. I agree that the Avalon is quieter and shifts smoother than the Buick. BUT there was about a $5000 price difference. (We are in Central Florida near Ocala) We did get the retired GM employees discount on the Buick. And didn't feel the price difference warranted the Avalon
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