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High End Luxury Cars



  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I notice that the "Crown concept" is a V6 ...I wonder why they're calling it a Crown. I also noticed it is shorter than an LS, though I haven't compared other dimensions, or checked dimensions of the current Crown.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I ran across this in (while looking for prattster's article):

    "Eighty percent of buyers ordered the Intelligent Parking Assist option, which is bundled with the car's optional DVD navigation system. The package costs ¥230,000, or about $2,100 at current exchange rates...The automatic-parking system...accomplishes the parallel parking function without input from the driver."

    They are talking about the 2004 Prius hybrid, but hopefully it will make it over here in the Lexus line. Sounds like an interesting innovation to me...or maybe MB did it first and I'm just not aware?

    The full article: e=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=08721025
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I think that the first tone of the next generation Infiniti Q45 (although it may not be called "Q45" ) is starting to take shape under the code name of FUGA
    ...this is from Nissan news website

    Main Features of Concept Cars

    Proposing a new direction in luxury cars that are both sporty and roomy
    - Fuga’s styling achieves two elements of a sporty exterior and roomy interior without tolerating any compromises.
    - The FR-L Platform (FM Package), which is also used on the new Skyline, delivers superb driving performance.
    - Interior spaciousness surpasses all other sedans in this class. Fuga’s tall overall height that provides ample headroom, and legroom is expanded for rear-seat occupants.
    - The interior’s overall tone is unified in Japanese imagery and a modern design.
    - Human-machine interfaces (HMI) that are simpler and easier to understand and operate are located in the middle of the center console. Control switches mounted on the steering wheel reduce the driver’s workload substantially while providing multifunctionality.

    I am guessing that these ideas may appear in a 2006 Infiniti model.
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  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The FUGA can be seen at the link below. It looks more like an M45 replacement than a Q45. We'll have to wait and see. fuga_serenity.html#FUGA
  • bmwsellerbmwseller Posts: 200
    Camry means crown according to Toyota literature that I read when selling for toyota a long time ago. Maybe someone can verify this.
  • bmwsellerbmwseller Posts: 200
    Some have voiced comparisons/criticisms of the Pacifica and I wondered aloud how soon it would be before DMX would have rebates on them and start bending over backwards to get rid of them.

    Well, todays AutomotiveNews reports $3,000 incentive on Pacificas.

    Not that this is a luxury marque, I just know that they have come up in earlier conversations.
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    Though traditionally taking a backseat to BMW and MB the new A8 may be groundbreaking. I've owned BMW's, MB's, Porsches and most recently an A6 4.2. This new A8 seems better and cheaper than the 745 or S series. Maybe BMW and MB have been sitting on their laurels for too long. It seems that the racing technology Audi developed in the last few years is trickling down the production line. Interestingly one of my German engineer friends suggested that Audi is the place to be these days and that BMW and MB have the reputation of being a little old school.
  • i_drivei_drive Posts: 35
    you know what? i completely agree with you. having driven the all new A8L several times, i have concluded that the Audi excells in performance, luxury, styling, quality, workmanship, and technology. if possible, i would rewind back in time and purchase an A8L instead of the S430.

    speaking of mercedes, i had the opportunity to test-drive the 2004 S430 and S500 with the 7G-TRONIC transmission. all i can say is "WOW." this is something to be marveled at. at first, i thought "well what could be the difference?" but believe me, it was so smooth that in my opinion, it is superior to that of the Lexus LS430 transmission (which is already the smoothest one I have ever seen) one of the things that I loathe about my '02 S430 is the 5-speed automatic, which I find extremely jerky.

    also new for 2004: it looks like Mercedes has replaced the a MERCEDES-BENZ product sticker on the lower right corner of the windshield with a new one, which looks much more modern (21st century), while retaining the "y Daimler" signature. a very small detail but I'm obsessed with the small details. ;-)

    also, I saw the new Maybach "50-something on the showroom. looks very impressive, and the price tag was over $350,000. i asked how many they've sold to date: 2.

    something quite amusing that i feel i must add: after test-driving the S500, i sat in a new 2004 E500 wagon. but after asking where was the third-row seat in the back, she said: "you know what? Mercedes forgot add the third row seat in the first 715 E-class wagons! when the people at the port opened the rear door, they couldn't find the rear seats!" so there is no third row seat and instead, mercedes supplied a black plastic crate (seriously resembling those pre-school milk-carts). i don't know how you could sit in those things (they look SO uncomfortable and small; i asume that only one person can sit in it).

    for some reason, I can only imagine Mercedes for doing something like this. i guess when the seats come in, the owners have to bring their new car back in to install them?

    and finally, after thinking it over, I have decided to keep my '02 S430 until next year when the new 2005 S-Class comes out. i just signed up on the wait list. can't wait to come out, but unfortunately, it looks like the S430 won't come back...
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    Thanks for the input. I would love to buy or lease a Mercedes, especially one of the upcoming 2005 models but I need something sooner. I've gone through an interesting evolution when it comes to cars. What I have concluded is that you can't make a car that is everything to everybody. That is to say in my experience you can't make a full size sedan that offers the excitement of an all out sportscar. No matter how fast an E55 AMG is it won't provide the thrill I get driving my 996 C4S. By the same token a Porsche Cayenne can't duplicate the utility, towing capacity and payload of my GMC Yukon XL. So the question is for the money what is the best full size luxury "uber" sedan? Before you answer the LS 430 realize that I am biased towards German auto's( nobody's perfect ). Also it doesn't need to out accelerate my porsche in a straight line.
  • jgraveljgravel Posts: 54
    I've been looking for a 2001 740iL recently. I figured the final year of a model series should be fairly solid. Should I be looking at other cars as well? I've owned BMW's for awhile so I'm leaning that way but I don't want to pass up an opportunity if one exists.


  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    I know it's not a German import, but have you checked out the new Jag. XJ-R?
  • It's just my opinion but I think you would do yourself a disservice if you did not at least drive other luxury models....

    If you want a drivers car maybe you would want to try a Mercedes S class in addition to the 740iL If you want dependability and all out luxury maybe a Lexus LS430.

    There are other cars out there worth driving.
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    The A8L is a great car, but it has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Some reviewers and posters have mentioned a choppy ride, among other critiques. However, after several of my own test drives, I never understood those criticisms.

    Although, I am not sure about Ksurg's mention of the "cheaper" price issue, because the A8L with convenience package and wheel options will be in the $74,000 range, which puts it in the same range as an S430 or 7 series.

    I was very close to buying an A8L before getting my new XJR. I really liked the A8L. As I mentioned a while back in this forum, I think it is one of the ultimate luxury cruisers. It is spacious, well built, and it oozes quality.

    So, why did I not get an A8L..? Well, for me the A8L felt just a bit too large, and it was not quite as sporting and quick as the XJR. That is not a negative comment. For somebody that wants a big luxury/sport cruiser with a limousine-like accomodations, the A8L is my choice.

    I have mentioned my feelings about the '04 XJR earlier, so I will not tout it again. Let it suffice to say that I find it a perfect balance between luxury and high performance at its price.
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    I'm not sure that everyone is on the same page here. The 2004 A8 is a completely redesigned vehicle. I have yet to read any negative reviews. In European Car comment was made about undulations on choppy roads due to a long wheelbase but that same article rated it's ride superior to it's 745i and S500 cousins. As for price it is cheaper...look at comparisons here on Edmunds and keep in mind the options it comes with as well as the fact that it has standard all wheel drive. Lastly, it does look big but it is within an inch in length of the 745iL and the S500( interestingly there is a 4" discrepancy in width between published spec's and those here at Edmunds).

    As for the 2004 XJR, I haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll check it out!
  • fennfenn Posts: 197
    I know what page you are on. I am talking about the new '04 version. It has been discussed here previously.

    You need to read back through the older posts on this board to see some of the comments.

    I found this a link to the Car and Driver review of the '04 A8L this past August, which said: "It's a stiff ride for such a lavish luxury liner, but one that doesn't come with terrific body control. The A8 actually shivers side to side as the car clomps over broken pavement, a slightly more disconcerting feeling in a new $74,090 German autobahn inhaler than in, say, the 1953 Ford Mainline we recently drove across Mexico."

    I think that a few other Edmunds posters made the same comments in July after the car first came out. It may have been a problem with early production cars. I know that I did not find those ride issues to be present when I drove the A8L, but I thought that I would share the informantion anyway. (I was thinking that the car may ride rougher with the optional 19" wheels that they had on the test car).

    The only version of the new A8 that is being imported to the U.S is the A8L. This is the long wheelbase version.. I drove it after driving the XJR and BMW 745, and it did feel bigger to me. It is the ultimate large grand tourer. Drive the car and see what you think. If you often carry four or more in your car, you will appreciate the commodious back seat area too.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I've been seeing a lot of posts saying Audi has good quality and I would totally disagree. I don't mean for this to be a "I know someone..." post, but I do know a lot of people that have had major quality issues with Audi.

    One person in my office has an A6 that, after a few months of ownership, lost all interior and exterior lights. She was about 75 miles from home and called Audi roadside assistance. They said since the car could be driven they would not send help, so she drove 75 miles in the dark just to get home.

    Another person in my office also has had numerous electrical problems with her Audi. Too many to even list here, but it's been one thing after another. One odd item was the car just died once while she was driving it on a highway. The car was in for service for a week before the dealer discovered a problem with the temp sensor. The car thought it was 50 below outside and shut the car down. To make things worse, the dealer rented her a Chevy Cavalier from Enterprise because they offer no loaners.

    You can also check out some guy in the A6 forum who had his A6 bought back because of the many problems.

    Factor in the poor resale value and I could not imagine spending $70,000+ on a car no matter how nice it may be. A comparison article in a magazine does not give a true ownership experience.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    I am one that found the Audi A8L ride rather harsh and uneven and it was on the standard tires. I test drove it a while back so DonnFenn may be right that it is an early production problem. I am quite familiar with the old A8L as well, having driven and ridden in it often. I never felt that its' ride approached the refinement of the S-class or LS430. What I found disappointing was the new car ride was even less refined than the prior model. But I found the handling on the new A8 to be excellent (better than before)and the interior was well crafted and definitely had high-end materials. I would rate the interior more in line with Lexus and Jaguar and above the MB S-class. It is unquestionably spacious and luxurious and a nice place to live in.

    My old office had a lot of Audi buyers, particularly the A4 and A6 and people often had problems, some pretty serious including tranny related problems, with the cars. But many people were quite loyal to Audi and the main reasons were the sportier handling and the AWD offered in all models. This is the Northeast and there has been an awful lot of snow lately so AWD is highly valued. What is interesting is a few Audi owners had Toyota and Lexus suv's in their garages and in the big rain and snowstorms they showed up with them and left the car at home for their spouse.

    DonnFenn - I spotted a Q45 driving around a local strip mall the other day. It was in a dark burgundy color and I did a double take on it as the car seemed perfectly made for that color. Then the guy pulled right along side me and for the first time I realized that the Q's engine is as quiet as an LS430. I asked the guy how he liked it and he said he loved it.
  • ksurgksurg Posts: 48
    Thanks for your comments. We all have our biases. I suppose I know people who have had problems with just about every marque, with the notable exception of Lexus. Service in California tends to be better with Lexus and Infinity. However, I've recently been impressed by my local Porsche-Audi dealership. By contrast getting service from BMW and MB has been painful. I'm sure that is influencing my opinions. At least if you have a problem you know it can be worked out. Finally, we could probably find articles to support each of our points of view. Maybe this speaks to reviewer bias or the fact that these are all great cars and we're spoiled. I don't know. By the way have you ever liked a car on a test drive and on driving the vehicle again felt differently?
  • bluestar1bluestar1 Posts: 112
    "I suppose I know people who have had problems with just about every marque, with the notable exception of Lexus..."

    As an LS owner, I say AMEN to that :) So why not just buy an LS430 and be done with it? Aren't your time worth a lot to you if you are a lux/super lux car owner ? Mine certainly is, hence I can live with so-so styling for peace of mind, reliability and second-to-none customer service.
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