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High End Luxury Cars



  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Regarding the new 5 series and 7 series: "BMW, you're breaking our hearts."
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    "As imposing as a 2-ton piranha and about as friendly." From the latest Automobile Magazine.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    You sound like me. BMW is grounded and got sent to their rooms. But you won't get any arguments from the happy campers around here ;-) They'll just add fuel to the fire.


    In the 5-series threads a lot of this got discussed last year and many were POed, livid. Now that there are a lot of new 5-series owners the moaning has died down. But the schism continues. Some previously loyal BMW owners want no part of these new cars and I think it will be this way for several years if not forever.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Between the off-putting new "look" and the needless complexity, what in heavens name were they thinking? Count me as one of those former BMW people. It looks like there may be a Lexus LS 430 in my future and I cannot believe I am saying that unless another car comes along before summer with incredible power and BMW-like ride and handling in the 50-60k range to change my mind. Lexus GS 430? Infinity M45? We'll see.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129 p;am- p;am- p;n=156


    The fender flares may be a little excessive but I think it looks pretty cool.
  • vic6vic6 Posts: 2
    contemplating buying a 2005 A8 or A8L and hoping to hear from owners about their experiences, especially service and dealer issues as i have been spoiled buy japanese ownership.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    ..notably not being discussed here. I saw it in a car show, and I must say I find it totally overrated from a design standpoint. It's an E class, but with a design language that seems entirely Japanese, and also borrowed from European lower end cars with all those excessively flowing surfaces. And the back seats look even more claustrophobic that in a true coupe... it deserves to flop, and probably will.


    What is neat, however, are the high end luxury hatchbacks that both Audi and VW seem to have penciled into their roadmap, somewhere and somehow. I am a luxury, sporty hatchback fan. If anyone remembers the British Jensen brand they'll know why. Childhood dreams. :-)
  • What's the purpose of the CLS anyway? It's not an S class for sure a stretched and morphed E class with swoopy rear styling that's sure to be a headknocker for the back passengers that has no real true market position IMO. A narrow, niche product at best.


    At least Mazda's RX8 is truely more purposeful as it's billed as a 4 door sports car carrying over from the wonderful Rx8. M.B should focus resources on getting quality up and not putting out cars that have very limited market scope.
  • axel1axel1 Posts: 5
    vic6 - not sure about the dealers yet as I've had one for only 2 weeks, but mine seems like they will be at least fair (brand new dealership). I love this car!!! One intersting thing I almost walked away as they weren't really willing to deal at all. Then they realized I came to them via AAA, and took $2k off the sticker, just like that (I had committed to the deal with $600 off of chrome wheels, but they actually changed it AFTER I was sold).
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    Audi and VW make great looking wagons. Saw a new A6 on the road today. Thought it looked quite attractive. The grille didn't look as shocking as when I first saw it.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    Agree. It definitely has Honda characteristics. Don't like it at all. What's with DCX and interior room these days. Sat in a Chrysler 300 the other day - rear seat - and it felt like someone compressed the roof in. Sat behind the wheel and realized that I better watch out for any of these on the road because the driver certainly doesn't have much of a view of what's behind him. Design seems to rule and apparently has overcome common sense at DCX these days.


    Designman - I tend to agree. That grill looked worse in pix than in person. Can't say I like it in general though. But each Audi seems to wear it differently and on the A6 it looks bold and fits well. Good looking car.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Lexus revealed some of its future plans in an article in this week's Automotive News, an industry trade magazine:


    1. Redesigned IS, coming fall 2005, will offer two engines: 2.5 V6 and 3.5 V6.


    2. Redesigned GS, arriving in spring 2005, will offer a 3.5 V6 or 4.6 V8 (if true, this is different from previous information saying a 3.0 V6 and 4.3 V8). A hybrid, GS 450h, will team a 4.5 V8 with an electric motor to create V12 performance with V6 fuel economy. Launch date has not been set, although reports say next spring.


    3. The high-end of the truck line will gain the JX 470, based on the Sequoia. It should arrive spring 2006, although it is unsure if it will replace the LX 470 or supplement it.


    Also, in a press release yesterday, Lexus announced:


    1. World premiere of the LF-A exotic sports car concept at the North American Int'l Auto Show (January 9).


    2. Debut of the 2005 GX 470 in Detroit, which sees a horsepower boost from 235 to 270.


    3. Also in Detroit, the 2005 RX 330 Thundercloud limited edition will be introduced.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Interesting news..... Thanks lenscap. Great find.


    "A hybrid, GS 450h, will team a 4.5 V8 with an electric motor to create V12 performance with V6 fuel economy. Launch date has not been set, although reports say next spring.


    WOW !!! is all I can say.... A hybrid car with a V12 performance and a V6 fuel economy ??? Is MB watching this ??? I sure hope they do, since all MB appears to do lately is churn out gazzillion new models and super-charged high octane motors. Who wouldn't want a V12 performance car with a V6 fuel economy ?? It's the best of ALL worlds for any car enthusiast....


    I can see it already: even MB and BMW afficianados will want to check out a GS with such specs. Who wouldn't ? And if Lexus can get these people flocking to their showrooms, chances are great there'll be plenty of converts to the Lexus brand. Afterall, if you couple luxury and performance, with legendary reliability... It's the best of ALL worlds. Sorry, I am repeating myself here, but I had to... I'm just giddy about this news....


    Lexus rules .... the happy camper tune :)


    ps: Now Lexus is still coy about their LS redesign and release plans. What the heck are they hiding ???


  • oacoac Posts: 1,594


    Do you have output ratings for any of these engines ? The 3.0L touted for the '06 GS3 had 245hp, will the 3.5L be a de-tuned version of the one in the '06 Avalon with 280-ish hp ?? Sure will be better than the 3.0L originally suggested...


    How 'bout the *new* 4.6 V8 ?? Never heard of that except the patent filed by Lexus earlier this year. But no rating was given in the patent application. One can speculate at >300bhp, right ? And what will an 0-60 spec be for both the v6 and v8 engines ? Just more questions than answers for me....
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Thanks syswei.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    oac - The article gave no mention of horsepower. However, it did say the V6s are from a new engine family and that both Toyota and Lexus vehicles will use the engines. It also says the V6 can be as large as 4.0.


    At the Lexus driving event in August, the Lexus regional GM told me the new IS horsepower would be around 240 for the 2.5 and around 320 for the 3.5. Things may have changed since August but that is what he said.
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    Super thx, lenscap.


    A 320 bhp 3.5L V6 in the GS350 will be hot.... That'll compete favorably with the 530i and demolish the E320. The latter is a rip-off, price-wise, anyway.


    So the 4.6L v8 should start north of 350bhp then ?


    Sweet ! Just the kind of things Lexus needs to be doing to maintain and capture more market share from BMW and MB. Now, if only their exterior designs will meet up with what lies underneath the hood ??? :)
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    This is just a guess but if the engines are being developed at the same time then the hp might turn out proportionate to the displacement, so if the 3.5 is 320hp the 4.6 could be 400+.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    320 hp in the GS will be hot? In the IS it will smoke the 3-series and a ton of other cars. Are they still making the SportCross? That would interest me. Probably not, it just ain’t selling, just my luck aye? With AWD it would hit my sweetspot but I could compromise it for a sport setup.


    And so it’s new and bold, hats off to thee

    To our colors true we will ever be

    Firm and strong, united are we

    Rah rah rah, sis boom bah

    Best scout camp is Lexus blah blah blah

    Onward to vic-to-ry!!!




    (I hope they like those jokes on the moon.)
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