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High End Luxury Cars



  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I think it was tiag_m5/jovialanus who blasted the LS for poor braking performance. I pointed out that the C&D review he was basing that assessment on tested the LS with all-season tires and the S with summer tires.

    CR tested both cars (MY03) with 17" all-seasons on dry pavement. The results?

    60-0 S430 135 ft
    60-0 LS430 134 ft
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    i am curious. out of the many LS430, S Class, A8, 7, Phaeton, and Jag owners responded? it would be very interesting to see how large or small the sample group for each specific vehicle is.

    i did go to the website and read the snapshot and overall reliability ratings. they tested the S430 and overall the car did well. the only negative aspect was the expected reliability and the electrical. here's a thought... if CR is going to post opinions on products it might not be a bad idea to let the CR member know how many people actually responded to the survey.
  • Merc.

    Perhaps you have a source that shows the top 5 or 10 Problems with S Class Mercedes. Or...Are you just guessing there are no such problems.

    NOTE...the OR ANYWHERE ELSE is part of the Problem catagory.
  • CR requires a min. number of responses before they will rate a car or anything else...If you look carefully you should find what that number is for CARS.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    CR is fairly responsible in using statistics, more so than some of the people on this forum, and you'll see for the S that for some years they do not have a large enough respondent sample, so in those years you see a * in brakes or whatever category, meaning they didn't give reliability statistics for that year.
  • I have raised my Lexus Ultra to have enough clearence at the Car wash....It lowers itself on the freeway.
  • The "whole world" knows no such thing. They are different! Read any automotive magazine that has reviewed both and you may then understand that they are DIFFERENT CARS FOR DIFFERENT BUYERS.
  • How about this for a new topic. What is the group's opinion of the various I-Drive, MMI, etc. that are coming to market. Do that add or detract from the luxury car driving experience?
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    i searched their site for any explanation on
    how many surveys they receive per vehicle without any luck. i did a search on google and came across this link. it is interesting.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    CR ain't perfect but it, along with JDP, are what we have when it comes to data that can make any claim to being based on a decent-sized sample. There are other surveys in the EU and especially Germany. To my knowledge, they ALL tend to show MB in an unfavorable light as regards reliability. Are they all wrong? Or can you dredge up a survey, ANY survey, that shows MB to be more reliable than Lexus?

    Would you rather have us gauge reliability based on your own personal experience with a handful of cars? Talk about a small sample size!
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    the mmi in my Audi is really great.
    easy to read and nowhere near as
    complicated as most people would think.
    here are a few examples.... when you want to use the seat heater. you press the button next to the passenger or driver temp controls for seat heater.
    then on the mmi screen it will show a picture
    of a dial with 5 settings to choose from.
    all you do is rotate the mmi control to
    the temp. setting that you want and press.
    same thing when you want to change how the
    suspension is adjusted. click the "car" button next to the mmi control then rotate the dial and click. when you are listening to XM all you have
    to do is rotate the mmi knob and you scroll through the available channels. what is nice about it is you can see about 7 or 8 channels on the screen at the same time while you scroll through. plus you can also group them. and
    if you don't want to have the mmi screen up and exposed in the center of the dash you can use the duplicate screen between the tach. and speedo. there is also controls on the steering wheel for certain functions(vol, channel) if you don't want to use the mmi dial. i haven't even read the manual yet but
    i understand a good amout of what it offers.
    i have yet to drive the nav though.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    it would be nice to have a good explanation
    on how and how much information is gathered
    on a product before they put their stamp on it.
    especially if so much emphasis is going to be placed on their "results".

    as for my sample size. i've owned MB's,BMW's,Acuras, Toyota's,Honda's,
    Mitsu's,GMC's, Chevy's, 1 Audi, and 1 Olds.
    in all of the cars i've owned
    i have never had one lemon.
    there were only 2 issues with
    any of my vehicles.... after i sold
    them and they were with the Toyota
    P/U(Blown Head gasket/voluntary
    engine rebuild) and Supra(transmission
  • To Turn on and adjust the Seat Warmer on my Lexus you simply reach over push the pops up turn it to the heat setting you want and you are done...You do the same thing for the through seat Air conditioning...Same button...
    Now Look how easy that was to explain then go back and read your post...Lexus is an awesome Machine Yet..Easy to use. and I also covered Air Conditioning.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    oh can do the exact same thing with the A8. hit the button and turn the temp control dial right next to it. can also control it through the mmi controller which is more conveniently placed closer to the
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 261
    If Groucho marx still had his show on TV ("You Bet Your Life") the duck would have dropped and you would have won $100 for using "panache".
  • oacoac Posts: 1,594
    I suppose after the hard bruising *debates* around here, it is time for some fluff on features - iDrive, MMI, etc.

    My take is basically anything that detracts a driver from the actual art of driving is a bad thing. You don't need to toggle, push, pull, then scroll.... just to turn on a darn radio ! Good technology makes your life easier. MMI and iDrive, despite all what hard-nosed owners will admit, is an unnecessary and ill-fated feature. But for those who love these features (minority), good luck trying to fix them when they break, and break they will sooner or later....
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    have you ever sat in an Audi A8 and used
    the mmi? MB has a new S Class
    coming out very soon. if they install
    a device similar my guess is that it will
    eventually become standard issue for all
    cars in this class. as usual the Germans
    are leading the way. the same complaints
    you have made i bet were made by many
    people when navigation systems were first
    available. now they are considered common
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    has anyone checked out this link yet?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    I have experienced the MMI - it failed on me so many times that I had to pull over and make sure there wasn't something wrong with the car. On the shoulder of I-95 with people whisking buy at 80mph - for cryin out loud. It was no fun and an absolute nightmare. The damm thing was so bad that the last thing I could enjoy was driving the car and prompted a lot of cursee by the people that were with me including the owner who gave Audi hell on the phone. The MMI was awful - warned ne that things had to be checked, shut off the radio so many times I lost track, cutoff the nav system at a time I badly needed it etc etc etc. I posted about it last august. Its needless useless and complicating and I pray Lexus never goes for it. But if they do it will be done a lot better than BMW or Audi knows how to do it because electronics is absolutely a Japanese strength and a German weakness.
  • denaliinpadenaliinpa Posts: 169
    did you own an A8?
    from what i've seen the
    04 mmi's had some software
    issues that have been
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