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High End Luxury Cars



  • brightness04brightness04 Posts: 3,151
    Sorry about the typo. I'm practically dyslexic when it comes to typing.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    It's quite all right. I am still basking in your compliment. :)
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,243
    Hopefully with a more logical response this time, grounded in some facts. Obiously you forgot the lessons from yesterday on citing imaginary facts without checking the real numbers. BTW, I wrote the previous post before I saw Pat's suggestion

    I honestly dont know what you are talking about :confuse:

    You did not respond

    I did respond to your posts about the residuals.
    I have made my points clear not only once but many times You have repeated your points many times over.

    Trying to win a debate by having the last word just for the sake of having the last word is kind of senseless. Dont you think?
    I think this debate scared off everyone in this forum. Except the resilient ones like Howard and our host Pat.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Um, then what are you doing? ;)

    How 'bout giving me the last word and just changing the subject.

    Daggoned Mets!! This was their year and they blew it!! :cry:

    (I'm sure many of them drive HELMs...)
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441

    Thanks, Pat . . . we can be glad you stepped in on this one . . . at least AYE know AYE am.

  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    The Mercedes E-Class BlueTec is just the very beginning. Check out this survey information which indicates that diesels will be well-received, even by the younger crowd.

    Younger Drivers Considering Diesel-Powered Cars?

    I guarantee that it won't be all that long before I get one.

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Thats okay. It will make it a little easier for the awesome Tayegers to win!
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Hows that AYE-Drive of yours working lately? :P

  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    What's your connection to the Mets? Are you a Noo Yawka?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Nope, just a fan since the Miracle Mets of '69. Everyone listened to the WS games on transistor radios during the daytime then. And of course there were no intermediary playoffs, the pennant winners were the teams who finished the season at the top of each league.

    Yeah, dating myself big time here. ;)
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Funny you mentioned it. To make a short story long:

    Just yesterday I had to delve deep into the bowels of the said controller.
    I found what I thought was a perfect parking lot spot next to a concrete divider. So I slashed my right front expensive Continental to smithereens against said divider. This prompted all sorts of bells, whistles and a huge exclamation point flashing across my Aye Drive screen. After purchasing a replacement tire, the darn reminders didn't automatically reset. I had to hunt through multimenus using the Aye Drive until I finally found "reset tire pressure."
    Now everything is fine.

    Aye can't believe I did it but indeed Aye did! :blush:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Why do aye think aye'm going to really regret suggesting anyone say aye about anything ... :sick: :shades:
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    No more from me. I know overkill when I see it. :surprise:
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    Why do aye think aye'm going to really regret suggesting anyone say aye about anything ...

    U OK? ;)

    '69 WS was amazin', as they said. Aye liked 'em in '69 2.

    But no more.

    Powders is right. Overkill here. Aye'm done 2 . . . Aye promise.

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,487
    Actually, Pat (begin dating!) I believe that that year was the genesis of "Divisions" in MLB. The Amazin's beat the Braves in the NL playoffs and then went on to allow Tom Terrific Seaver to become the first pitcher in NY Mets history to lose a World Series game! An honor he retained until '73 and the stinkin' Oakland A's... And I'm sure most of those players drove HELM back in the day, too! Except maybe Bobby Pfeil...

    And then I (age-wise only) grew up, graduated college, fell in love on the ski slopes, married the ski-bunny, moved to Boston and was swept up by the formerly forever a bridesmaid Boston Red Sox. Thirteen years later, the Sox pulled an Amazin'! Of course back in '86 I still bled blue and orange... And someday I hope to drive a HELM, as I'm sure Dr. Gary Gentry does! :D

    End of stream of consciousness...?

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 5,771
    Pat, some of us enjoyed this little lesson in finance. Another amazin show from my new best friend Brightness. He seems to know a LOT more about autos, depreciation, and finances than just about anyone else here. At least Hpowders understands numbers. Even I would be a little bit tempted to lease a S320 for $400. a month.

    The Mets put up a valiant struggle but they never really had much of a chance aganist the greatest team in baseball. It's all that tradition. ;)

    2013 LX 570 2010 LS 460

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Thank you, Houdini1.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,243
    Wow thanks Houdini1,

    I guess that makes me a financial dunce.

    Maybe I shouldn't have pursued a career in finance?
    Or maybe I shouldn't have earned an accounting and CFA designation?
    Oh well at least my clients are happy and much richer. :shades:
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    And at least you have that great new 335i sedan to show for it!
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,243
    Hey and dont forget my 06 530xi Touring. Pardon my modesty!
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