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High End Luxury Cars



  • did you already "do" the taste and i missed your review?
  • This article about Diesel exhaust left me worried...

    link title

    Diesel hybrid technology is being used in buses, so this would trickle into cars soon...
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Not yet. Thanks for asking. A few more weeks to go.

    After sitting in the GS and LS at the auto show, I am not very encouraged.

    I found the LS driver's seat too soft with minimal lumbar support and a too narrow foot well.

    As for the GS, my right knee and leg kept hitting the console despite multiple efforts at adjusting the seat.

    It seems like Lexus uses a 5'10" person with narrow feet as their driver's model. It's about time they move it to someone around 6' tall with average to wide feet for their USA-destined vehicles, so at least someone like me has a fighting chance. (I am 6'2", 200 lbs).

    Except for wanting 2"-3" more legroom, I never have had trouble getting comfortable in any BMW vehicle. No console or foot well problems.

    I have to say though that the wood in the LS vehicle was first rate. Very expensive looking.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I found the LS driver's seat too soft with minimal lumbar support and a too narrow foot well.

    I believe there is a power lumbar adjustment. But too bad on the other issues.
  • Please do me the honor of driving [thrashing] an IS350 and let me know your thoughts.
    I'm 5'10" 220 lbs and I thought that the GS's inside room didn't reflect the cars outward "looking" size. In other words, it looks like a bigger car than it really is. Rather cramped, but the funnest car to drive there with the exception of the S class.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    TOL...In the past I suggested driving the LS in "sport" mode. I should add that I think there is a separate switch that you can put in "power" mode. The former is for the suspension and the latter the transmission. Anyway, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Yes. The GS is no bigger than a 3 Series inside, perhaps even a bit smaller. A friend took me for dinner last week in his 2005 GS and I had to adjust the passenger seat to its lowest setting because my head was grazing the sunroof. But the GS350 should have good pickup.

    I wasn't planning on driving an IS because I know it will be too cramped for me, but I might as well as long as I'm there. It is a good looking vehicle.
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    How long does it take for the new diesel to warm up? i.e. stop clattering? IIRC, one of the characteristics of diesel is taking forever to warm up. The 300TD I had many years ago literally could idle for hours without melting the snow on the hood.

    Your good questions indicate that you most likely haven't had the opportunity to test drive even the recent Mercedes (prior to BlueTec) diesel. Modern diesels are far ahead of the 300TD that you were last familiar with.

    It is not unfair to compare the diesel with the V8, due to the near neck-snapping torque. It is just amazing. Even with the very last diesel there was just a little exterior chatter at idle, otherwise very quiet and smooth, and from the interior it was barely perceptible.

    What state do you reside in? If the BlueTec is available in your state, I suggest that you check it out. You can get all your questions answered, and then let us all know what your impressions are.

  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    I somehow was under the impression that you didn't care all that much for Bentley. I remember posting some compliments on Bentley at one time, and I thought your reaction was lukewarm. Did I misunderstand?

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    I haven't driven the LS yet, only sat in one. I will mention I want the "sport" and "power" modes turned on to the person in charge. Hopefully he/she will not be from the auto show and will have some idea of what I am talking about.
    The "power" mode switch is a carry-over from the out-going LS, if I remember my test drive correctly, and results in more pick-up, but a little more fuel consumption than the "economy" mode. Imagine spending $60k and up and worrying about an "economy" mode. LOL!
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I will mention I want the "sport" and "power" modes turned on to the person in charge.

    The best thing might be to just remember to set them yourself when you get into the car. The sport/normal/comfort switch is on the console near the shifter. I forgot the power/normal/snow switch when I got into the LS myself, but I think that is near the other switch; I think what it does is, if set to power, keeps the car in a lower gear longer than it would in "normal" mode.

    However, not all cars have the variable suspension setup that lets you switch to sport. I believe when I went to TOL, 3 out of 4 models did....that's something you can ask the coordinator.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Okay. Thanks. I will mention that I want an LS with variable suspension. The LS that I sat in at the auto show didn't have this option. I remembered what you previously posted about it, but did not see it on the console.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The SL is shall we say a familiar sight on the road today. Now comparing the SL550 to the top XKR is only somewhat correct, you and I both know the SL55 is the car to pit against the XKR. Of course on price Jaguar almost always manages to look better and duck the real competition. I wouldn't get to caught up on what front end has been seen on what car before with the XK's snout being in place on cars other than Jaguars.

    The XKR is somewhat inbetween the SL550 and 55 AMG, just like the S-type R. The fact that it costs less than the standard V8 though does make the 55 AMG look a bit overpriced.

    In defence of the Jag's snout, Jag sports cars have had that look since the D-type racer of the late '50s, long before the Taurus even existed.

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The "power" mode switch is a carry-over from the out-going LS, if I remember my test drive correctly, and results in more pick-up, but a little more fuel consumption than the "economy" mode. Imagine spending $60k and up and worrying about an "economy" mode. LOL!

    Lexus vehicles have always had a "Norm\Power" switch. The "snow" mode is a fairly new addition that I believe showed up when VSC replaced the Trac mode. In "normal" mode, the electronics cut a bit of torque in first gear to reduce wheelspin, the transmission upshifts early, and is more reluctant to downshift unless you really nail the throttle to the floor.

    In "Power" mode (and with VSC or VDIM turned off) no torque is cut, and the transmission shifts at redline and will downshift more readily.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    When I drive the LS in Miami in a couple of weeks, I will be keeping the "snow" mode off. Sounds like the "power" mode is for me.
  • houdini1houdini1 Kansas City areaPosts: 5,770
    Hey, what are you selling. This article is almost 4 years old and concerns transit busses in...Canada.

    We are talking about state of the art, ultra clean, personal vehicles in the good ol' U.S.A.

    2013 LX 570 2010 LS 460

  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 265
    My 2 cents. I took a good look at an IS recently and found it troubling to get in and out of the seat due to the B pillar intruding on the door opening. I'm 6-2" with a long inseam. With the seat back for my legs, I seemed to hit the door jam getting out everytime on the showroom floor while my LS was in for service. Was looking at it as a potential long term upgrade for my son in a year or two from his Civic getting him a used one at that time. He'll have the same issue as I did so I don't think we'll consider the IS as a candidate.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    "Does this mean there are dozens of others sitting in the ho-hum part of your collection?"

    Not dozens D-Man, but I do have a few more interesting rides like the '48 Packard similar to the one that was featured in Driving Miss Daisy.

    Also have a '70 Chevelle SS 454 and a '71 Pontiac Trans Am Judge IV Ram Air.

    And then more modern cars like a '87 Buick Grand National and '92 Corvette ZR1(I have all 6 Corvette models C1-C6).

    So not ho-hum, but not quite as interesting than the cars I first named. And I'm still on the prowl for more. It's a "small" habit.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    I am the same size as you and I am not looking forward to the IS at the TOL. However someone here requested my impressions, so I will attempt it.
    Hope they have a big can opener.
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