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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    The A4 is being redesigned, but it isn't going to be an A6 copy. All that rumor comes from a few very good fakes of the new A4 that have been posted. Those fakes started from the A6 (because the new A4 is rumored to be slightly longer than the old one). So people think the new A4 will look like an A6.

    But until some real pictures come out, no one knows.
  • I would call your local Better Business Bureau and ask about their arbitration procedures. If Audi has agreed to participate, you should be able to ask for arbitration, if you want to do this. A leased car should be just as subject to Lemon Law and similar procedures as a bought car. The BBB arbitration agreements with the manufacturer will spell out the remedies that arbitrators can award.
  • bdaviesbdavies Posts: 1
    Hello, I just picked up a repo 1998 A4 Avant Wagon (2.8, Quattro) with 25000 miles.
    I have a few questions about accessories, since I can't even begin to fathom all the dials and displays on the dash yet. Would appreciate any advice:
    1. car does not have a sunroof. I'm considering adding one. Bad or OK idea? If so, who, what brands, etc.
    2. is there some thing that might snap in where the cargo cover thing is which would act as a dog barrier, to keep my Belgian Shepard in the way way back and off the seats?
    3. Do I need/want a bra on the front? If so what brand, where do I get it, etc.
    4. I know it's pathetic to ask about cup holders in a German car, but I don't see any, or if the little flip up things down on the center console are all that there are, can I retrofit the center console in any way?
  • cjv25cjv25 Posts: 2
    I am considering a purchase of the A4, but wondering...
    Can I get a chip for a V6, A4 and what will it do to the already has 190hp, I test drove the V6 and it wasn't as quick as I expected.

    Can I expect that a chip would make a significant difference? Would it compromise the car in any way? Thanks!
  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    I wrote you in one of the other forums to go to, go the A4 forum and ask whatever questions you have. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

    I have an A4 2.8 and love it! I have to admit for the first 3,000 miles or so it wasn't very quick, but as I put on the mileage (at 5,000 miles now), it has loosened up considerably, and the pickup and gas mileage have increased considerably. I can keep up with the best of them. If you are getting a five speed you should be in great shape. If you are getting the tiptronic, like I have, it is much quicker in the tiptronic mode as you have more control of the revs.

    I hope I have been helpful. Good luck!
  • black_tulipblack_tulip Posts: 438
    I hope the issues with your dealer about
    your first service have been worked out.
    Were they able to satisfy you eventually?
  • Check, but the short answer is that a chip for the V6 has only a minor effect. If you want speed, the key to this engine is keeping revs over 3000.
  • usc1990usc1990 Posts: 6
    Try They sell a chip for the 30valve 6 cyl. Not much of a bargain, they claim 10% hp gain. Not the huge increase you can get with a 1.8t. Also the links section of will give you links to other mfgs of chips.
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    re: aftermarket chips

    You might also want to check out Topic # 408 in Edmunds sports car forum, especially the posts by the host, Mr Shiftright. Although he's admitted to being a large reptilian creature chained up in somebody's basement, he seems to know an awful lot about cars. ;)
  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    If you are buying a 1999 from the dealer, the warranty is still in effect whether they sell it to you for $26,000 or $27,000. That is bull. I wouldn't trust them at this point unless that is the color you truly want. I would insist on the continued coverage of the 3 year/50,000 mile warranty, which you are entitled to and would get if you bought the same car from a private person if it were still under warranty.

    You do realize that not for much more with the options you indicated above that you can get a brand new 1.8.

    As far as color is concerned, although I think black is nice, it is very hard to keep clean. Unless you want to make a project out of cleaning your car, the silver is the better choice. I have silver and it very rarely looks dirty.
  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    Audi has still not rectified the ridiculous error they made in my first service. I gave them bad marks when I got my post service survey, and I have still yet to hear from them to rectify what they didn't do in the first place. They will get a call tomorrow if I haven't heard anything from them today. I have to say that after spending almost $35,000, I am shocked at this treatment. I know this wouldn't happen at Lexus or Infiniti!
  • bartful1bartful1 Posts: 1
    Have put a deposit on an A4 2.8 with tiptronic and my order is about to go into production. Just before purchasing the 2001 model with manual transmission, the dealer informed me that base pricing was now 1 cost for both transmissions (approx. $1100 higher) to my surprise. My immediate decision was to select the tip because I would have to pay either way for its cost. But after reading a few comments about performance on this site, I wonder whether I made the right decision. I want a car with some zip. Any reactions to owners with tip?
    Unfortunately, all dealers in my area had only manuals available for test drives, and therefore, I could not evaluate comparatively.
  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    Apparently, according to the enthusiasts at, the tiptronic transmission is much better suited for the 2.8 than the 1.8.

    I have a Y2K 2.8 with tiptronic and initially, it was a little slow, but now with 5,000 miles on the car, it has loosened up considerably, and the pickup and go is great. It is not a muscle car, but I guess if you are looking at an A4 that is not your intention to begin with. It is plenty fast, and in the tiptronic mode, very responsive and fun to use. I would definitely get it. It's the best of all worlds.
  • lou33lou33 Posts: 1
    I have driven both the 5 speed and Tip. The 5 speed is definetely quicker and sportier. When I did a test drive with the Tip, I was expecting it to be a cross between a manual and automatic. It is really another automatic transmission with a gimmick. Granted, it is a good automatic with a good gimmick.

    An A4 = sport + luxury. If you want a car that is more on the sporty side, *definetly* get the 5 speed. If you want something more on the luxury side and you don't always like shifting then a Tip may be appropriate.

    You have a difficult situation since you have to pay for the Tip anyway. I have a '00 2.8 5speed. If I had to do it over I would still get the 5 speed even if I had to pay for the Tip. The manual just suits my needs better. I highly recommend that you find a Tip to test drive before you take delivery. After you drive both, there should be no doubt in your mind which is best for you.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Hey all, just trying to get some ideas for my new car. I'm trying to decide A4 or Subaru GT Limited. Any thoughts?

  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    A4-great car-love it!!!!
  • This isn't quite relevant, but I was driving my A4 Avant in Death Valley a month ago, and encountered a lot of Subie Outbacks. Everytime I saw them blasting along the gravel roads where I had to crawl due to lower clearance, I thought "gee, maybe I should have bought one of those". But every time I blasted by one of them on the highway I was glad I had the Audi.
    IMO, the Subie GT gets you fairly close to the performance of the A4 for less money, but you give up a lot on amenities.
  • cjv25cjv25 Posts: 2
    Now I've been told that an Audi 1.8T that has a chip in it (which costs only a few hundred dollars)will out perform any 2.8 since a V6 only has a minimal increase if it has been chipped.

    I am very close to making a decision, however,I am in need of performance, I love the way Audi looks, but will either of these cars inspire me or impress me.....chipped or not.

    Keep in mind that I have only test driven 2 cars

    1.1998 A4 1.8
    2.1999 a4 2.8 QUATTRO
    Neither one of these cars impressed me trmendously. Thanks for any help.
  • usc1990usc1990 Posts: 6
    Probably not much difference in performance between a stock 2.8 and a "chipped" 1.8. The 1.8 should be a bit quicker because of the lower weight of the car. I test drove both a 323i and the A4, didn't notice too much of a difference. For just a bit more than the 99 2.8Q you could get an S4:)
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    If you are willing to keep increasing your investment, you can make the 1.8T significantly faster than the 2.8. At about 170/180HP it is even or a little ahead of the 2.8. This is possible with cheap upgrades, primarily a chip.

    Throw in a KKK K04 turbo to replace the K03 and you can then get to 225HP or more, like in the TT. Then you will leave 2.8's behind by a fair margin.

    The S4 is significantly more expensive than the '99 2.8Q. You're looking at $43K or so.
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