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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • rjsenrjsen Posts: 30
    Try posting your question on the A4 forum at If I recall correctly, one or two other people had this same problem, and it turned out to be a loose connection resulting in some circuit not getting completed when the clutch was depressed.
  • robnisrobnis Posts: 78
    They confirmed that the 2002 A4 will get the 217hp V-6 and mentioned it will go on sale next Fall, p.29
  • In Europe the new A4 arrives between January and April, depending which location.

    In the USA you might see a few in late Sept, but most places won't have a decent amount til Oct. Note that the Audi factory completely closes down in August, producing 0 cars while most everyone goes on (a full month!) vacation and the factories retool... also it takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship to USA depending which coast you're closest to. If you don't believe me notice that Audi is not introducing the new A4 at the Detroit auto show, a sure sign it isn't coming out very soon. The USA dealers are clueless on the new model and don't meet til June. Also, they just added 17" wheels, new sport seats, and "celebration" package discounts for the 2001.5 current design model.

    On the bright side this delay makes the Europeans guinea pigs for the new design, they have 6 months to tweak things. Audi has done many significant half model year tweaks in the past.
  • posted on a different forum, looking for feedback...

    oh, and does it feel good.....1.8t, brillant black, sports, prem, bose, quattro, tip, and eccru.....absolutley fantastic...interior is amazingly beautiful lit at night....cornered great and gripped the streets like crazy..especially in TO..woohoo, snowed again...can't wait to get out again.

    question....the 1.8T has a red stripe on its badge....nothing like the others...i think it's the celebration more thing....i didn't request, and believe the lumbar support only came in the 2.8T and s4..but my baby has it...? was that a nice christmas present?
  • I believe all the 2001's have the lumbar support, no matter what engine it comes with.

    Good luck with your new car. You'll love it more and more every day!
  • That's for the sports package.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    At the end of Oct, I asked a guy from the Madison dealership called me after they got the 2001 A4. In the meantime, I went to the dealership in Milwaukee, WI and talked to another guy in Love Park, IL. Both of them got a lot of A4 at that time. I remembered my friend told me the Madison one has very few number of cars, they always loaded the cars up with expensive but useless options, and they won't deal. I also remembered they told me to pay MSRP - $700. BS !

    I drove to the Madison dealer yesterday and found that they have less than 7 A4s.

    I found that the one in Love Park seemed to be the best. They offer 4.9% above invoice and I can still reduced the price a little bit. Last week, a salesman from Love Park, IL told me they have an year-end sale....

    The one in Madison probably an old-fashioned dealer and don't realize people can do researched on the web.
  • Can anyone one recommend how to clean light colored leather seats? I'm noticing some darkening & would like to get them back to the original condition.
  • I know that most of the people that post here are big time fans of the A4. I'm trying to make a decision. I drove the 2.8 and it was a great ride. I have heard some people have had some problems with their Audio. I am curious about what, if any, I could encounter. This would be a financial leap for me and I'm trying to justify (in my mind) spending 8K more than I would spend on a Honda Accord or a Jetty. Who can help me make up my mind?
  • drc4drc4 Posts: 56
    I recently sold an Accord EX 5 speed, which was replaced by an A4 1.8T and I can honestly say there's no comparison. The A4 is head and shoulders above the Accord in all respects except rear leg room and the sound system. My Accord had a great stock Alpine system that produced much better sound quality than either system in the A4s. But build quality, ride, handling, performance, etc are far superior to an Accord... not to mention a more distinctive design. My roommate has an Accord EX and after driving my A4, driving her car feels like taking several steps down. Whenever we go someplace, she always wants to take my car.

    As far as audio, I saw too many complaints about the Bose system on the AudiWorld A4 forum so I went with the stock Symphony system. It's not the best sounding system but I've had no problems with it other than the mid range setting mysteriously resetting itself now and then. But I'm not going to let that tarnish an otherwise great vehicle. The sound isn't bad... just not Alpine quality. Speakers are smaller in the A4s than in Accords and of questionable quality.

    As with all cars, there have been a couple minor issues but overall, the car is a class act. Whether or not you want to spend the extra money as opposed to an Accord EX or Jetta is your call. The A4 and Jetta are completely different vehicles, so you'd just have to drive both and see what better suits you. Like you, the A4 was a financial leap for me as well but I certainly don't regret it. Good luck deciding!
  • Hi all,
    My wife and I want the buy a new A4 with virtually no options (except color) or possibly the sports package. What are some prices those who bought in So. Cal paid? And could anyone recommend a good dealer? I'm in San Diego, but I'm willing to travel. Thanks for any help
  • I want to get the right CD changer for my '99 A4. Should I get the changer made for my car, and if so, where can I get it? If I get this changer, will it be easier to install, vs. any other brand. Also, any recommendations for other products?
  • My husband and I have the A4 2.8 and the Acura TL (equivalent to some degree to the Accord). The Acura is a wonderful car, but there is no comparison in any way to the A4.

    Also, I have the Bose system and I think it's great. I don't know what the stock system sounds like, and although I am no audiophile, I would definitely get the Bose system. We have a Bose system in the Acura, and I think the Audi's system is much less bassy. I like it much better.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make. BTW, I have had the A4 for about 15 months, and have had no problems other than a remote that didn't work when I picked up the car and a small squeak, which was quickly remedied.
  • I just purchased a 1997 A4 1.8T with an automatic transmission. The car is in great shape and I love it. The transmission shifts differently than any automatic I have driven. When I accelerate normally the car shifts quickly to a higher gear ie. fourth. If I accelerate faster and then let up on it a little it seem to take a second before it goes into fourth. Once in fifth the car does well. While the car shifts smooth and is consistant in the way it shifts, it seems a little quirky to me. Is this my lack of experience with the car or should I have it checked? Thanks.
  • I read with interest equalizer1's comments re. the two cars. I have just thoroughly reviewed and evaluated both and decided on the A4 1.7T. Interestingly, I believe the TL may be a "better value",(as does most of the Auto World) and to make things even more difficult, during the last few days of the year the dealers were pushing hard to achieve their year-end numbers, and I believe I could have signed a deal at or very near dealer cost. But it wasn't German... and I decided on the Audi based on the handling and the feel of the car as I was on the test drive. (Those of you who have not used the Acura web site and used the "Comparison" feature are missing out on a good info source. Take a look at it on ) The TL is a great value... but I bought the A4. Equalizer1 and her husband have solved the problem by getting both! (Does the first person out get their pick of the day's transportation?) GREAT SOLUTION!
  • Actually, the A4 is my car, and the TL is my husband's. He loves the TL, and I love my A4, so there is no fighting. He likes the luxury of the Acura, and I like the sportiness and quattro of the A4. We both like each other's cars, but would choose the same cars we each now have all over again if we could.

    And yes, the TL is a great car for the money. It has a wonderful Navigation system and is very comfortable (moreso than when I am a passenger in the A4), but the A4's driver's seat position is more comfortable.

    Both are great cars, you can't go wrong with either. They just serve slightly different purposes.
  • wondering if any one experienced problems with the cruise controll? The dealer has cleaned contacts many times and it continues to not work some days in the morning and then it will work on the way home. It will also turn off while I am driving without touching the control.
  • cote_mcote_m Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem, although it hasn't showed up in the last few weeks. Anyway, the car is scheduled at the dealer later this week to have the pump replaced. Personally, I'm not convinced that this will solve the problem. Like your dealer thinks, maybe it's a bad contact. I guess that I'll find out soon enough.
  • drc4drc4 Posts: 56
    This seems to be a sporadic problem and has been documented on the AudiWorld A4 Forum. I have a '00 1.8T that does the same thing. Strange but it'll do it on short local trips, ie: 50-75mi, but I recently took an 1,800 mi round trip and had no problems at all. My 10K mi service is coming up so I'll have the dealer check it anyway. Who knows what the problem problems, construction/assembly inconsistencies?
  • Does anyone knows when the dealer is taking orders for 2002 A4?? I need a new car by this year by early August. I have not heard anyone order their 2002 A4's yet! Any feed back would be much appreciated :)
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