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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    Just opened my new July Road & Track -- news item in it claims that the 2002 US bound A4's will have 5 spd manuals and Tiptronic 5 spd on the quattros and multitronics avail only on the Front Wheel Drives.

    This contradicts what salesperson at local dealer told me, but he did not have anything in writing -- he recalls being told that the A4 would have a 6 spd manual. This is what I drove in Germany (with a 2.5TD engine @ 180HP and stump pulling torque).

    Also, the web sites are depicting an A4 Avant -- which my dealer said would not be available right away -- perhaps this much is true -- the Avant will be delayed in the US?

    While someone must know, who knows who it is????
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Now you're just like the guy in the Jetta comercial! --show off!!! :P

    yeah, no H6 (subies don't have V6's but rather horizontally opposed boxers) with the Forester and no manual tranny with the H6 in the Outback :((

    btw, subie enthusiasts claim there's no sweeter sound than that coming from a boxer engine... maybe that's part of the reason along with the spooling turbo that makes the WRX sound so great-- mmmm, I love that sound!
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Are you sure there's no 6-speed manual??? I could have sworn that I read that the US bound 3.0's will have the 6-speed! *waaaah* (--something to do with Audi trying to fill in the gap for a missing new S4 ??) ...wait a sec, what am I crying for? --it's not like I'm going to be running out to trade my '01 for an '02, lol!

    Dang, I can't find that brochure that was posted over at AW had listed all the US specs, options and colors.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    Yep -- I read that the A4's would have 6spd's -- configured as they are for US customers (the US customers ONLY get the 3.0 V6 and the 1.8T for the time being, but in Europe the number of A4's/Engine options are many times what we are offered).

    Then, in the July Road & Track it says 5spd manuals. Period. Now, I do not claim that I believe everything I read in these enthusiasts magazines. Who knows when or even where they got their information.

    I told a German Audi employee in Ingolstadt that I had had a 1997 Audi A8 with a 5spd automatic transmission that was NOT a Tiptronic -- and he was dumbfounded. He said he was only aware of a 4 speed non-tip auto and a 5 spd tip tranny (this was in early 1997 -- I had picked up my 1997 A8 in November 1996). The point is, even within an organization of this size, the people in middle and upper management don't always know the real deal.

    The Audi Factory Reps -- in Germany -- who spoke perfect English, assured me that there would be an S6 saloon with a 6 spd manual transmission in my ("our" -- the US, that is) future. What I have been led to believe at this moment is that there will be only an S6 avant with a 5spd Tiptronic available in limited quantities badged as a 2002 model.

    Some "one" somewhere must know -- 'cause they're producing brochures (one would think) already for the 2002's. But finding out what content, options, prices and models is getting more difficult -- at least that has been my experience.

    Let's hope that R&T is wrong and that there will indeed be -- even as an option -- a 6spd manual transmission on at least one of the new S$'s.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    I work for a major commercial printing company and we print some of the major ones a few months in advance (about a month before the magazines hit the subscription readers). I will definitely keep an eye out when I am at the divisions and peek at what they're printing. Who knows..... maybe it's the 2003 S6 brochure.....I better stop dreaming.

    OOps, my bad Scirocco. Yup those are H6-3.0 engines. Boxer engines that show up in Porsches too.

  • fdxboyfdxboy Posts: 45
    Golf...I paid 4% over invoice..but that can't be really taken into a lot of consideration considering they offered $800 more for my trade in vs. any other place. Still it was very easy and Bill will not screw around with you (email if you would
    Laukd0g...I think you are talking about Busse woods? Just East of Woodfield? Also how did you get the Autolocking/unlocking to work? Recode at dealer. I would like to get that done..too bad my 5K service at my current pace is not until Sept. (900 miles per month average).
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Oh....I dunno the name of that forest reserve but yeah it's just east of Woodfield.

    I got the auto lock/unlock done by Bryan.....he brought along his laptop, wires, cables, and the VAG-COM tool with him at the KK people who want their cars have that recode done will pull up next to his Avant, and he hooked up a cable to the diagnosis port below the steering column to the left.....ran the program, typed in a new code, and you are done. He also ran his tool to check error codes (if any) on our engines. Lucky for me, none yet. I'm sure if he comes to the next event, he will bring along his laptop and stuff so you can do that quite possibly during the barbecue. Million thanks to Bryan for that recode.

    900 miles per month? Man I wish I can do that....but I got only one car and when me and my girlfriend go out we ALWAYS take my car (gotta use her Civic sometime), I'm putting on like 1,300 miles per month. Ouch.

  • Thanks fdxboy for the tip. I won't have a trade-in, so we'll see what happens.

    Hey Billy, don't sweat it. When I get mine I'll be putting on over 2K a month on it. I figure if I have to drive a lot, I might as well have fun doing it. Just in case, anyone have any high milage/usage stories they would like to share. I've heard Audis take milage well. Thnaks.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Well if you don't have a trade-in, that'll be like my situation. All the dealers in Chicagoland bashed about my 96 Accord with 120k miles on it, even it's in perfect working order. I ended up selling it over at Carmax cuz they gave me the highest rate. Well at Schaumburg Audi they offered me third to the lowest trade-in values (Continental Audi and Honda of Lisle basically offered me ridiculously low buy-out for the Accord and hinted they don't want to take it) and if you don't have a trade-in, you can get a low price there. Without bargaining I was able to get $2100 off and a little back-and-forth negotiating (was trying to see where the bottom of the lake was) I got it at $2340 off the MSRP. Check with Mike Burden over there and see what he can do. Definitely shop around as dealers will have various levels of stock available on the lot.

    That said, it's not a rule that Continental Audi offers low buy-out rate. Fdxboy got a good deal on his Jeep (right??) and understandably my Accord got LOTS of miles so dealers got to wholesale it rather than sell it in their lot. So yeah, shop around and good luck and let us know if you need any help.

  • fdxboyfdxboy Posts: 45
    My 97 Wrangler was only getting $9000 from various dealers(carmax $9300) but like I said Continental gave me $9900...SOLD!!! It was in nice condition with low miles. Hey make sure you make her take the Civic now and then..I will not even go into the city with my car. We take her '97 Stratus(junk!). As far as the reprogramming goes..I will look into it. I also understnand the dealer will do a one time recode for free! So I may try that first. How many people showed up to KK on sunday? All A4 or any TT(my next car)?
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    hehe our Chicago content must be scaring people away.....

    Anyhow, well we drove mine even when we go into town.....and nah it won't do me any good if I say her Civic is a junk and drive hers instead :> Cuz her 97 Civic coupe is actually a pretty handsome looking coupe too.

    For reprogramming, various guys commented that the dealers WON'T do the auto lock/unlock one, for fear that the locks won't be unlocked in case of an accident. People commented that's mostly BS.

    For the KK run, about 12 A4/S4's (I think I'm the ONLY A4 sedan there, 3 A4 Avants, 8 S4 sedans w/3 Nogaros), 1 A6 2.7T and 1 TT225 painted in Ferrari Yellow and 19" BBS wheels (VERY sharp). The run before that was even more addition to the Audi's, a Viper and a S2000 showed up. We are trying to get one of the guys's friends to bring over some Ferrari's.....we'll see what happens.

    OH by the way, ALL the A4's are SILVERRRRRRR :>

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    I found this web site while surfing on yesterday:


    This site is dedicated to providing information about ABS and ESP (intelligent handling systems). After reading the materials, I must say that a compelling argument is made that the vehicles that should have had ESP first (assuming all can't adopt this technology at the same time) are SUV's. Of course there are very few SUV's -- and virtually no popular SUV's that have this technology.

    What a shame.

    After reading the materials, I believe you will be convinced that you don't want ESP, you will come to believe you NEED it!

    Click on.

  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    are less effective UNLESS they TEACH the drivers how to use them. Like ABS for example, people were not taught at driving school how to use them. People don't know they need to apply MAXIMUM pressure on the brakes. OK so there comes brake assist.

    Another example. They taught us to brake when you try to reduce speeds. Fine, except they should teach people, when they try to reduce speed in a curve, they should visualize what's coming up and reduce speed, i.e. brake, BEFORE entering the curve, NOT during the curve. So there comes ESP.

    My point is, getting a license here in US is WAY TOO EASY. I was born in Hong Kong and over there we need to pass various and more vigorous tests to get your driver's license. I was shocked to find that I can pass my driver's test here with 8 hours behind the wheel (no prior driving experience) and only 1 point off the 25 possible points I can lose before I can even fail the test. My then-new 96 Accord before the Audi racked up 120k miles, and it doesn't have ESP or ABS, and I went through winters in Wisconsin and Chicago and I didn't have one set of snow tires. NO accidents whatsoever. I'm not trying to say I'm a good driver. OK I must be lucky.

    I have no doubt in my mind, ESP and ABS DO work. I'm just saying, even with these good tools and people being ignorant about how to use them, they will still get these freak accidents like oversteering and crash into the curve sidewall. WITH the tools and proper braking/acceleration technique (like take the gas easy if you are spinning in snow, I'm just amazed to find people ramming the gas for 10 minutes when they're stuck in snow), the roads will be one safer place.

    I guess the fundamental thing is, they should teach people that driving is an event they should not be doing with things like talking on the phone (hands-free kit is useless anyway, cuz I think talking is the blame for losing concentration), eating, drinking, putting on makeup, etc. I was in England and it's an OFFENSE if you take one of your hands off the steering wheel UNLESS you are shifting. You are required to be THAT involved.

    Like one German driver said, "I am comfortable doing 120mph in the Autobahn, but hell no I am not even going to drive in US."

    Again, ESP and ABS should be standard WITH standard features such as half a day to a full-day of advanced driving school.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    What lauk0dg said is so true. When I took my two and a half day driving school in Germany (The Audi Driving Experience) -- they spend considerable time on teaching the students how to apply ABS brakes. While my wife and I knew how to apply ABS brakes, it was absolutely scary how many in a class of 30 were way beyond clueless. And, TV news shows -- LOCAL TV news shows -- every winter attempt to Instruct Cincinnati's driving population how to drive on slippery surfaces. Guess what? They tell drivers to "pump" the brake pedal to help maintain control of the vehicle's steering. Well, the piece is 3 minutes long, and in the last 15 seconds they say, "PS the preceding doesn't apply to cars with ABS brakes." But they don't tell what does apply.

    Ask several people every day if they have ABS and how they apply them or how they would apply them on a low traction surface. Three out of four say "apply the brake until the ABS 'chatter' kicks in and then release slightly." My ABS instructor told me to "pretend I was Bruce Lee -- and hit both the clutch and the brake quickly and as hard as my legs could push." Then, with Brake Assist, the instructor says additional brake boost will only be provided if the brake pedal is pressed very quickly. If you are already braking and press something less than in a panic mode, the Bruce Lee comment still applies -- i.e., more pressure is better. Yet this is never told to American drivers (or perhaps a better word would be seldom told).

    The ABS education web site goes into detail on all of this -- hopefully the site is popular.

    It does not claim that ESP is a substitute for good driving by the way!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    "Just beat the heck out of the gas and clutch pedals." LOL.....just make sure you found the correct pedals and not the gas pedal :>

    By the way Mark, how much is that Audi Experience thingy again? Price inclusive of hotel, meals and instruction? How many days was that from start to finish? And how many days of instruction and driving? 2.5 days?? YOu mentioned that in a post long time ago and I just forgot. I remember though you need to buy the plane tix there (not included in packge) which shouldn't be too much in the winter months. Do you call up AoA to add your name to the waiting list?? Or you need to sign up at the dealerships?? I really really really wanna go, it's time to save up I guess :> Thanks in advance.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    The cost is always the same and is always in DM -- 2000. At this point Universal Currency Converter™ Results
    2,000.00 DEM = 868.19 USD
    Germany Deutsche Marks United States Dollars.

    Airfare is not included, and you will need one not paid for night in a hotel ($250 approximately) in Munich if you are coming from North or South America. The "best way to do this, IMO" is to fly to Munich on the Friday before the school (which means you arrive in Munich on Saturday morning); spend Saturday evening (after your anti-jet-lag nap) enjoying Munich's fantastic dining establishiments. Sunday take the "three hour bus tour" of Munich (if you've never been to Munich, that is), enjoy some more great food and drink and spend the evening with your fellow American drivers -- who like you, MUST BE MEMBERS OF THE QUATTRO CLUB OF AMERICA. This is a condition of going on this trip, BTW -- membership in this club is $40.00.

    The school is Mon - Wed and you must leave the hotel in Seefeld Austria by Noon on Thursday. (You are a 5 hour train ride away from Venice, BTW and there is a non-stop from Venice to JFK on Delta). All meals including alcohol are covered as are your acomodations (which are always 5 star and spectacular). The Audi "events" are 2 and one half days -- two days of driving plus classroom experience (lecture), safety training, and a private tour of the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, time in the Audi Executive dining room (for lunch with Audi English speaking VP's) and a visit to the Audi Retail Accessories Store (and the Audi museum, which is way cool). Evenings are filled with sleigh rides, great meals, special events and all is paid for in the above amount.

    My wife and I have each been twice to the school and are signed up for 2003 again. 2002 is already closed and perhaps 2003 is for all I know. In other words sign up at least one year in advance (there is a $500 non refundable deposit required in August prior to the school).

    You sign up for this via the Quattro Club of America, not Audi, not any dealer. And, as mentioned above, you must be a member of the Quattro Club of America (

    Send me an e-mail if you want more details --

    This trip could save your life and it is great fun!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    especially all those activities are INCLUDED in that DM2000.....just the driving experience and the prilgrimage to the Ingolstadt plant are worth the money paid. Definitely will check it out over at QuattroClubUSA and become a member's funny though I got that application form from the glove box in the car when it's delivered.....I was like, wow, is this official or's not, right? Interesting AoA would let them put an application form in the car.

    5 hours from Venice.....mmmmm my girlfriend is always talking about going to Italy and maybe I can get her to go to this event too :>

    Thanks Mark....I'll email you if I got anymore what dinner you and your wife ate the 2nd night you were there, just kidding.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    Audi of America did, for a time, put the Quattro Club of America's magazine and application to join in the glove boxes of all Audi quattros -- my wife's 2001 TT had one, my 2001 A6 4.2 did not.

    They are a not for profit organization and they are worth every penny of the $40.00.

    I have been to Munich so many times, I can tell you the places to dine -- ditto Venice.

    My wife and I went to Europe 6 times in 2000 and have already been there twice this year including the Audi Driving School, we're off to Amsterdam, Venice and Paris over an 8 day Fourth of July trip commencing June 29th. Anyway, we would be glad to give you some travel tips -- Europe is a blast, and Germany and Italy are amongst the best of the best places to visit, both because they love Americans (and we love them) and because the food and fun is so great!
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Actually I've been to Europe for 5 times.....3 times to UK, twice to France and been to Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland (which so far is the best). I wouldn't mind at all to check out Germany, Austria and Italy, although I think Europe is too gloomy in the winter, but good to drive around in a Quattro-equipped car :>

    Speaking of which, do they let participants to take a companion?? You guessed it, girlfriend is interested to come along but won't be participating in the driving. Do they give each of the participant a hotel room, or they pair up participants to share a hotel room (hope not, LOL cuz I might talk cars with my fellow participant all nite long)?? Thanks for the info.

  • Lauk, Mike kicks a**. I walked into Schaumberg, didn't know who he was and I started asking questions. He hands me his card and I say, "hey I've heard of you..." We both got a good laugh at that one. They have the one on the lot that I want: black, 1.8TQ, man., sport., cold, cel. pkg., Bose. He made it sound like I could get it or any other color for about $28K. He's definately a no nonsense guy. Thanks. btw, I drove the 1.8 for the first time today. Plenty of zip in that engine. I was grinning from ear to ear through every corner. I can't imagine it with 205hp and 250ft/lbs torque. (Wetterauer $500 stage 1 upgrade.)
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