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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulators

ldillonldillon Posts: 3
My wife bought a used 2007 Limited 4x4 this past June and we have already had to replace both windows and regulators on the passenger side and this morning I had the left rear window and regulator replaced. We have had the vehicle for five months, it had 12,088 miles on it when we bought it and is at 16,250 miles now. Why hasn't Jeep recalled this model for the window problem? Do you know of any place to go to get help? The one today cost $600 since the warranty expired last month.? The window has to be replaced along with the phoney regulator.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Why hasn't Jeep recalled this model for the window problem?

    Do you have any reason to believe the problem is widespread versus a few isolated cases?

    tidester, host
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  • I researched the power window regulator problem when the first window failed. There are many many complaints on the internet regarding this issue and Jeep is very well aware of the problem, yet they let the consumer pay out of pocket for a design failure that they built into this model. Explain that to someone that might be thinking about buying one of their vehicles..........
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Explain that to someone that might be thinking about buying one of their vehicles ...

    It would certainly make me think twice! :)

    If anyone else has experienced this problem, please let us know.

    tidester, host
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  • mars9mars9 Posts: 3
    Left rear window in 2006 Liberty slid down last week - called dealership - they wanted $500 to fix - said the window needed to be replaced and the whole mechanism was one piece. Read this forum and discovered that I could fix it myself with a kit from Steiger Performance for about $90 and a couple of hours. Can't believe that they wanted to stick me with a $500 bill to replace one little plastic part (the repair kit uses a metal piece for a permanent fix) - I am sooooo pissed! Will definitely be griping to the dealership.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    When my wife's Liberty rear window regulator failed, I purchased the part from the dealer and it didn't cost that much, I think maybe $40 if I recall. I replaced mine myself with the help of a camera and the Chilton manual and lots of patience. $500 is an absolute ripoff. How can they, would a straight face charge such prices?

    It sounds to me like you got a different part that's been modified to not have it fail again. I ordered a replacement part.
  • mars9mars9 Posts: 3
    Yes, the piece I purchased is metal as opposed to the original plastic one. My research on the web indicated that if you replace it with another plastic one, it is destined to fail again - so thought I'd try for a more permanent solution.
    Yeah, I don't know how stupid the dealership thought I was - they even said they would have to replace the glass - that was my cue to hang up the phone and fix it myself! Just want others to know that the fix is cheap and relatively simple.
    Thanks for your input!
  • I have had seven (7) window regulator replaced; two (2) on the driver side, four (4) on the rear left passenger side and one (1) on the rear right passenger side. It was happing about every six (6) months now its every two (2) weeks Thank God that my Jeep is still under warranty. I have been jump through hoops with Chrysler Motors on getting this problem resolved (Still waiting for a return call from Crapysler). My dealership suggests that I invest in an extended warranty. That’s just [non-permissible content removed]. Chrysler knows that they have a serious safety issue. I won’t jeopardize putting any of the kids and/or pets in the back seat. Is Chrysler waiting for someone to get killed or hurt before they do something about this problem? They said that they did re-design on this part. “THE NEW DESIGN DOESN’T WORK EITHER” I’ve decided to contact the Texas Attorney Office for assistance on this issue; to see if it falls under any type of Lemon Law. It’s a persistent defect/safety issue.

    In the mean-time, I would advise anyone who is going to buy or know someone that is thinking of buying a Chrysler product to take their business elsewhere.

    Please be aware, my dealership informed me that, not only is it happing to the Jeep Liberty’s, but also to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge trucks.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    Our Jeep is an 03 and so far only 1 window has failed. I don't use the windows unless I really have to. At least I now know that it's not that difficult a job for a do it yourselfer. It's just tedious.
  • mars9mars9 Posts: 3
    To be fair, I have a 2006 Liberty, and have put over 100,000 miles on it with literally no problems outside of this window thingy. I'm not saying that this window regulator debacle is right - just that I still like my Liberty - but do feel that Jeep has really dropped the ball on this problem. My advice? Fix it yourself with the metal replacement part available through Steiger Performance. And complain, complain, complain to Chrysler. I can't imagine why they haven't resolved this issue - seems to be ubiquitous and unsolved, as far as I can tell.
  • If you want a copy of the Mopar service bulletin regarding the jeep window and regulator problem, email me at,
    I finally got a parts counter worker to print it out for me and it is a signed confession that Mopar is certainly aware of the problem. But, It did not keep them from charging me $293 for my fourth window and regulator which I paid Safelite $65 to install.
    Or go to your dealer and ask about body bulletin 68058661-AA, it spells it all out there. :lemon:
  • Email me at :
    And I will send you a copy of the Bulletin MoPar issued to Jeep dealers describing the window problem and how to correct it...This problem is huge and they know it.
  • Well I thought the new 2008 and newer would be better and not have window problems the earlyer ones have.. Well today my driver window went down, and would not come up. just made a rumbling noise. I was like darn, why am I plaiged with these issues... so i left it with jeep, and they are ordering the part.. well see how it goes..
  • Yesterday someone sent it back to me jpg file format. I will try to go to CarSpace and see what it is all about... I don't have a clue. If anyone knows how to post it, please email me at : and I will email the file to you so it can be posted.. Open to suggestions.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,917
    Try this sequence of clicks:

    My CarSpace > Manage Albums > Add Photo Album > Add Photos

    Then you can browse for the filename and upload it, then hit the Add Photos button.

    The page will ask you to name and tag your photo.
  • Isn't there a lawyer who wants this case? There are thousands of us, Jeep Liberty owners who have had power window regulators go out not once but several times. Today is the 3rd. time my 06 Jeep Liberty drivers side rear window has gone out! I paid $350 to fix it a little over a year ago, the first time it was under warranty. I called today and they said they will talk to Chrysler, but I will probably have to pay for it. If there is a lawyer out there who wants this I will sign up and I'm sure thousands of other drivers will too.
  • I've had the problem 3 times now. We need some lawyers to get involved Chrysler is not acting honestly on this issue.
  • Please register your complaint at:
    The step from a Technical service Bulletin to a Recall is established by the NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation. That Office ODI would need to be contacted on this issue. Please refer to the Web site for further information. Complaints can be submitted via E-mail to the address listed on the Website or by phone to the NHTSA Hot line at 1-888-327-4236.
  • talk2me3talk2me3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 jeep liberty and have replaced 2 window regulators, and one is currently down and needs to be replaced. I paid aboutn 250-275 each for the first two fixes. Didn't go through the dealership. I barely use the back windows, and they are the ones that have been replaced.
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty. Love the car, but I've had to replace 3 windows under warranty. The passenger window just quit working 2 days ago and has slid down. I didn't get much help from the dealer, so I called 1-800-992-1997, at Chrysler. The person was VERY helpful. I barely told her the problem and she offered me a refund for the other windows that had been fixed. I told her they had been under warranty. She gave me a ref no. and she told me to schedule my car with my dealer and that one of their representatives would be contacting the dealership and that my window would be fixed for free. So, call that number. They were absolutely great. I think there's going to be a recall soon.
  • sherri9sherri9 Posts: 3
    Message #21 mentions an on-line petition. Is that on the NHTSA website, or somewhere else? I would appreciate any add'l info. I have been all over the NHTSA website and couldn't find any petition nor was I able to locate this specific issue or figure out exactly where to file my complaint so that it will be linked to the correct area.
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