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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulators



  • ds08ds08 Posts: 1
    SO glad I found someone else with this problem! I've replaced three of my four windows so far, and only one of them was under warranty. I've paid about $1,200 because of this problem so far, and it's absolutely ridiculous that Jeep has done nothing about it. My dealer even told me he's never heard of this happening before so it was "probably just due to overuse" (I barely ever put my windows down!!). Jeep has totally dropped the ball on this. I'm envious of whoever fedupinohio spoke with, my Chrysler rep was not nearly as nice and essentially told me too bad, there was nothing they could do. Someone had mentioned filing a complaint with the NHTSA website, I haven't been able to find where to do that...any help?
  • If having issues with your windows falling down because of broken window regulators........... PLEASE do the leg work of making the proper phone calls & proper complaints to the right place. (posting on forums does not get the info across to the company, which is needed to issue recalls).

    Chrysler Company: 1-888-247-9753 (By calling, you can file a case management complaint & possibly have the cost of repairs & labor paid for)

    National Highway Safety & Traffic Association: 1-888-327-4236 (By calling or going online to you can file a safety/defect complaint which can help warrant Chrysler to issue a MANDATORY RECALL) (PS. as of today, they only have 52 complaints! Search the forums & count how many there are.... see what I mean by calling and complaining to the right place?)

    As of right now, as per Chrysler "there are no mandatory recalls on window regulators, only a customer satisfaction guarantee recall which is not out yet". The recall is apparently in the making for some 06 models & all 07 models & will be a definate, but the date of issue has not been set. :mad:
  • Whether it was the pressure put on them or the fact that they made a ton of money from financing my car loan, my local Jeep dealer, Midway Jeep in San Diego, got approval from Chrysler to fix the rear left window breakdown at no cost to me. They called it a courtesy repair. I like to complain when I don't get good service, so I have to post my satisfaction this time around. Got my busted window regulator fixed for free!
  • anon6anon6 Posts: 1
    I just had to replace 2 windows and regulators on my 07 Jeep Liberty. I took it to the local repair shop and my extended warranty covered all but the new type of windows required to fix this obviously systemic problem. Chrysler agreed to reimburse me for the $350 out of pocket, but I have to send in paperwork and wait 6-8 weeks. What a crock but my complaints fell on deaf ears at their foreign call center. Apparently there are so many people to be reimbursed that the line is long. By the way, the dealerships do not have this information, CALL CHRYSLER DIRECTLY and demand satisfaction!
    My advice to everyone, take the car to the Jeep dealership, call Chrysler and demand that they pay directly to the dealer.
    The fact that this problem was not a subject of a recall is insane. No wonder they had to be bailed out; I doubt that I will ever buy another car from this company.
  • vicvillevicville Posts: 19
    Ok now my passenger window just popped this evening, and it wont go back up, the drivers did this about 4 months ago, now im under extended warantee, this pisses me off, so now I have to pay 100 ded. I have only had this jeep less than 3 years, i like it, but this window thing is pissing me off... now i have to have a wedge in the door to keep the window up... off to the dealer monday .. ugh.. :mad:
  • Yes there are 300+ posts on these window problems Under Jeep Liberty Window Problems
  • u20101214u20101214 Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    I'm not sure what changed, but I believe Chrysler is fixing these if you ask.

    Here is my story:
    - 2006 Liberty CRD 2nd owner purchased from a dealer while still under factory warranty.
    - 2008 1st window broke at almost 36k miles. Read about it and learned this was common. Dealer fixed it under warranty replacing the glass and new style regulator. Chrysler refused to fix the other three since they had not broke yet.
    - 2009 2nd window broke after warranty expired, called Chrysler and they agreed to cover it.
    - 2009 3rd and 4th window broke so I just purchased the parts and did the work myself. Too much trouble dealing with Chrysler.
    - 2010 Dec. 1st window that was replaced broke again. Remember the dealer did this replacement. Called the dealer and they said the part was ~$300. I said no I just need the regulator all the windows have been replaced and I have new style regulators. He says they just came out with a new-new style regulator.
    - I asked service if there was anything they could do since they originally replaced the window and regulator. He immediately said he could probably get it replaced for free.

    I didn't pry, but I'm assuming that Chrysler sent the dealers a memo telling them that they will cover the costs and replace them with the new-new regulator.

    Anyway they did fix it for free. The service person had to call Chrysler to get an approval.

    $344.00 68059647-AB <-- new-new window regulator part number
  • Got a letter from Chrysler that says we are now covered for 7 years and we can request a refund for any that we paid for ourselves!
  • My 2006 liberty left rear window dropped today and pulled back cover door panel and pulled window to top and duct taped in place. Now I am pissed that I find so many problems with these windows on this web page.....I will call 1-888-247-9753 and NHST 1-888-327-4236.
    replacement parts where can I get this......
  • YAY! Just got my letter in the mail the other day, the window regulators are now covered!!! Phew! Just in time.... I think my front drivers is going now :(
  • Duct or any tape is usually a bad idea. I started using a bungee cord when mine break. Remove the door panel and loop a bungee cord around the sheet metal and hook it on the bottom side of the window. It holds it up really well and you don't have any tape residue left over to clean up.

    A guy on this forum posted the letter we all got in the mail.
  • Form for refund came preprinted with my VIN number...Returned by certified mail, they received yesterday, should see something in 60 days according to the letter.
    Only covers 2006 and 07....I communicate with about 100 people who have the same problem and some are 2004 and 2005............
  • I've got a 2006 and I submitted the letter through the online link and mailed the letter. About two days after I submitted online I received a call from Chrysler telling me that they would mail me a check for the full amount. I got the check in the mail two days ago.
  • What and where did you send the letter to. My back window (left side) and waiting for the dealer for the part (1 wk so far)....the new frame cost $145 plus tax and a indenpent body shop will installed it fro me for about $70.. they have replaced 6 to 7 window frame on jeeps for the broken plastic part....common prob....................
  • Followed the instructions on the letter we got.

    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    P.O. Box 21-8007
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007

    Electronic submission via:

    Fill out the form and they send you a Chrysler Supporting Documentation Link good for 7 days and a case number.

    Per post #37 - a guy on this forum posted the letter we all got in the mail.

    These windows are terribly easy to replace. It only took me about 15 minutes to change one of them. I have never seen the frame part broken on any of mine.
  • adrianjadrianj Posts: 6
    Until July 2010 we had to replace 3 of four Window Regulators. The third was expensive as they indicated it was out of Warranty but had a "part revision" that also required NEW glass.
    $650 out of pocket.

    In January 2011 received a letter indicating extended warranty on Window Regulaors for 7 years. sounds good. Letter ent with receipts to request a refund.

    In February on the way home from the airport the 4th window dropped and inch and would not go up. The dealer indicated they were aware of the extended warranty but it only covered a specific part within ghe window mechanism ( ????????) They replaced the entire regulator along with providing a bill for over $350 since they indicated Chrysler would not cover it.

    Now it's a matter of contacting Chrysler Customer service yet again. This doesn't speak well to Chrysler & Dealer commitment to the so called extended warranty on the windo issue.
  • I have 2007 Jeep Liberty -- the front two power windows went out early, while the car was still under warranty. Now one of the back windows is making noise, so that's probably going out now as well (the car has 46,000 miles).

    I mean good grief. How hard can it be to figure out how to put in a decent power window mechanism?

    Looks like they've been unable to master the skill for several years now.

    I'll ask my mechanic about it as the car is now out of warranty, but I may give the dealership some grief about it first, see if I can get some kind of compensation.
  • jeepgirl202,
    You don't need to pay for this. I also have a Jeep 2007 Liberty and all the windows have been fixed at least twice and I haven't paid for a thing. Chrysler has given an extended warranty on these cars, so all you do is take the car in and they will verify the problem, send for the parts and then fix your car for free. If your dealership won't do it, contact Chrysler and they will set it up with your dealer. I can't believe how many people on this forum don't know this and have paid when they didn't have to. Chrysler will even REIMBURSE you if you have paid.

    Also, my dealership is surprised the haven't done a recall, but they probably won't. However, I think the fix is better now. They used to replace the whole window and the mechanism. Now I believe they fix that plastic piece of crap that holds up the window and keeps breaking. That's all that's wrong with it. The material of the part and it would be SO easy to fix, you have to wonder why they won't.

    Hope this helps. Post on here if this helped anyone.
  • Thank you fedupinohio. The front 2 windows went out when my car was still under warranty. Now that one of the rear windows is making noise (though still working), it's not -- but I'll take it to the dealer in the next couple days, see if they'll replace it at no charge.
  • I've always liked Jeeps but this is my first domestic car (I've driven VWs all my life) and it's just frustrating that a problem like this would have spanned so many model years. You'd think after one year of problems they'd figure it out and maybe fix it? Oh well. ....
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