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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulators



  • They have made an EXTENDED warranty on these windows because of the problem. If your dealership doesn't pay for it, Chrysler will. All you have to do is call them. My dealership wouldn't pay and I called Chrysler. They called the dealership for me and I got it all free. So don't let the dealership tell you that you have to pay for it. You don't. And this problem has been going on for years. Why they don't do a recall or just fix it is beyond me.
  • This is typical of Chrysler. I previously had a Chrysler Sebring with door panels that fell off after I had the brand new car for 6 weeks. I drove the car with one or the other door panel falling off on a monthly basis for a year and a half. It was a little plastic clip that didn't hold the panel in place and should have been an easy fix. It wasn't until I went in there and literally screamed at the service manager that they GLUED the panels on. Just ridiculous. You'd think I would learn not to buy a Chrysler.
  • Took my 07 liberty to the dealer yesterday, they confirmed that the window fix was no charge.

    Of course, after making the appointment the day before and leaving it as planned, they realized they didn't have the parts they needed. So now I have to take it back again today .... (And after I posted something on facebook about it, someone said 'that's odd, my nephew just got a used jeep and the windows keep falling down into the doors.') Imagine that.

  • I have a 2003 jeep liberty which I purchased with one back window not working (Wired shut with coat hanger wire) and one window that would keep falling down. After taking apart the door panel and looking at the regulator as you are all surprised to find out the plastic piece that holds the window up broke off from wearing inside the tube. I contacted the dealership and was told each regulator was a little over $200 and no other replacement was available online from the parts people. I searched on line and found this form. I did purchase the replacement metal clips from Steiger Performance and installed them about 3 months ago and the windows are still going up and down. I thought for $80 the part was expensive, but considerably cheaper than a new regulator. I would have been happy putting in a few plastic clips if they were $3 but this is a solution that works and should last longer than the vehicle. I don't know why Jeep is not purchasing these parts from Steiger and offering them as a solution to everyone's problems, but they just don't seem to want to solve it. If anyone else has similar issues, some mechanical ability (pretty easy job) is all you need to solve your problems for good. :)
  • There's a fix. It's called the Lemon Law. If every single person who posted would open a case, Chrysler would do something about it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    I'm not an expert on Lemon Laws, but I doubt if a power window issue would qualify.

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  • slatoslato Posts: 1
    There is a class action lawsuit over the window regulators (Class Action Case No. 10CV2623IEG BLM). Hopefully in about 10-15 years, once the case is settled, i will get a check in the mail, less attorneys fees of course ($350.00-$347.50=$2.50). Until more jeeps in my future (pronounced "heeps" in case you were wondering). Styling and "initial" quality is great, long term quality is crap and standing behind their product is non existant. Why fix the problem when the service Dept. can make $350 a pop on us loyal jeep owners?

    I think jeep will eventually go away as the MPG standards get ratcheted up. My Liberty was getting 13.5 MPG before i got rid of it.
  • Ok so the jeep company is really no help at all. I have an 06 jeep liberty and have had both the back window regulators replaced while under warrenty. Now I have paid the car off and it is out of warrenty and ofcourse now i have the two back window regulators out and the passenger front side has also gone out all within 2 months time. I called the customer service line what a joke that was. DO NOT BUY A JEEP OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER FROM THE JEEP COMPANY.
  • w41 packagew41 package Posts: 8
    edited September 2011
    I think it does qualify under most state lemon laws (although I am not an expert either). The statute is written that it has to "substantially impact the saftey, use, or value of the vehicle." I think the window issue impares both the value and the use substantially. If you've been to the dealer more than 3 times for the window issue - open a case!
  • I have a Jeep Liberty (09-05) and the left rear window dropped down as my wife was driving. We purchased this Jeep for winter driving as it is four wheel drive, and now should another window drop down in the dead of winter and us out on the road at our age 72 years plus.?
    The cost of changing out all the windows is out of our budget, and why they know this part often fails and continue its use I do not understand.
  • My window recently made this really loud noise when i put it down and this cable started coming up,took it to the dealer and they told me it was my window regulator it was broken,& it is not covered under the extended warranty,it's only the lift plate. So now i am suppose to pay 209.00 dollars to have it fixed. I have read that a lot of people have had these problems and some how got Chrysler to have them fixed,can anyone tell me how? I also called Chrysler and they told me the exact same thing
  • I had an odd experience with a failed window regulator on my 2006 Liberty CRD last year and found that it pays to talk to more than one dealer. Although I had over 100k miles on my Jeep, I found a dealer who replaced the window regulator completely free of charge. Lucky, I guess!
  • Can't agree more...have never had such a frustrating customer service experience. Kept being promised a call from a service manager.....every promise broken. Finally called and demanded to speak with someone immediately - he told me just to go to a Jeep dealership and get a diagnosis - then Jeep would make the decision whether or not to pay for my 4th window repair. The guy I spoke to, nor the service tech at the dealership mentioned that there was a $100 diagnostic fee..."to make sure I haven't abused my vehicle"! When I called customer service, was basically told there was nothing they could do until I paid for the diagnosis. I can buy the part and fix it for less than that and I have absolutely no faith in Jeep that they will pay for the repair. It has been a complete run-around and waste of time. Many hours on the phone, took time off to go to the dealership and guess what?....window still broken! Chrysler has sealed their fate with me....I am telling the world how crappy their product and their service is. Something needs to be done. I am all for a class action suit. Can't believe our government bailed this company out so they could continue to screw its citizens. Disgusting!!!
  • auklyaukly Posts: 1
    Had the same problem with our driver's side rear window -- used a door stop for a couple months. :( The dealer wanted to replace the entire regulator for $500+, when it was only the plastic bracket that broke. :mad: So I called Chrysler to see if they would help but they wouldn't return calls and I had to open a second ticket. Then I find out I'd have to pay a diagnostic fee before they would entertain an offer of assistance. This was after telling them that this was a safety issue as the regulator belt (spiral cable) jammed in the door latch, making the door difficult to open. As an engineer I knew their design had failed in a bad way that could lead to a serious safety problem -- a power window failure should not contribute to an inoperable door latch mechanism. What a bunch of rookie designers at Chrysler!

    So I fixed the regulator myself with a metal regulator bracket purchased through Amazon. There are some helpful youtube videos to see how others have fixed this. I went the route of bending down the tab holding the bracket in the track (but you probably can only do this a few times before the metal fatigues and fractures).

    I share the same feelings of disgust and disappointment with the company I have been a loyal to for 15 years. I can guarantee Chrysler that this failure of theirs will cost them dearly in terms of brand image and loyalty.
  • I bought a used 2007 liberty. After 1 week my rear passenger window wouldn't operate. I did some research because I seen so many complaints on the problem. It is a plastic piece called a lift plate that is causing a lot of problems. After searching online, I found there isn't a recall on this part but chrysler has extended the warranty on this part for 7 years unlimited miles. I took the liberty to the dealer this week & they fixed it free of charge. It doesn't cover the regulator or other parts only the lift plate. The lift plate is cheaply made with plastic thats the cause of the problem.
    This is the link that has the extended warranty info.
  • Yes, there is an extended warranty on the window problem. Mine were fixed by the dealer at no charge (even though the car's regular warranty had run out). I think I have a few more years on mine -- only one window left that hasn't failed and been replaced. Hopefully it'll "go" before the extended warranty time!

    (I asked them if they could just replace the part anyway in that one window, but they said no, it had to break first.) :-(

    Go figure.
  • katiawkatiaw Posts: 7
    I have a Jeep Liberty that the rear driver window has gone down for the third time now. The other three has but only once so far. Every time it had to be fixed i had full warranty for the windows, and i still have warranty for the the one the rear driver, but i was told that i have to pay for labor, which can cost around 200.00, because my car hit 82000, I don;t think that should be my problem since this is a manufacturing problem.
    I don't think that I should have to pay for anything. My opinion Jeeps from 2004 on should have been recalled because of the windows keep falling, but i was informed by the Chrysler that only 2006 and 2007 was recalled on that , that is not right. I am going to make a complaint with BBB about this, and am looking for people that has the same problem I do with their Jeep windows. Please email me at
  • you should file your complaint with NHTSA 1 888 327 4236 and also with the federal trade commission 1 877 382 4357. i have been having the same problems. they need enough complaints before they will issue a recall
  • i was sent an extended warranty for lift plates, however it should have been for regulators. 2 out of 4 windows so far. there needs to be enough complaints thru NHTSA 1-888-327-4236 and federal trade commission 1-877-382-4357 in order for them to issue a recall. please complain, i'm tired of my windows not working
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