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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulators



  • I called both number made a complaint, also i was told to call the general attorney and also make a complaint with

    and the local BBB.

    It shouldn't matter how old is the jeep. The problem still the same. the part that they use to hold the windows is made out of plastic. If a car is 4by4 how can that car be useful for off road trip if there is chance of the window is going to be falling down and we have to spend money to replace it. That is not right and it is not safe.
  • someone in Phx called the local NBC channel which aired their story.....Chrysler helped them out....why won't they help all of us?

    Here is the link to the story: eep-Window-11032011.htm

    Chrysler says it is limited to one model...that was a little lie of omission since they didn't say it was several years of the Jeep Liberty model. Not quite factual!! Big surprise. I guess they selectively help people, or when they are challenged by a TV station that might give them negative publicity. I am giving them as much negative publicity as I can...posting my frustration often on Facebook, telling all my friends and family, etc. I sent a letter to Chrysler over a month response. I'm done being I will lodge complaints with every agency I can think of!! Come on people...we need to stand up for what is right!! Be heard!
  • I pucrchase a 2007 Jeep liberty Limited form my neighbor who bought it and 6 months later couldn't afford it so I bought it from him. I did get a really good deal for only 10,000 dollars and the Liberty only had 6000 miles on it and it appered to be flawless. The second week I owned it it was still obviously under warrentee and the rear window fell down. I brought it to the dealer and they replaced the regulater and the glass for some odd reason. I told the person I bought it from about what happened and he told me the same thing happened to him with the front passenger widow. I week later the drivers window went out and they did the same thing. The windows are working, for now,however Chysler corp. mailed me a letter and let me know that for the next ten years they will replace any future window problems I'm sure I will get. By that time I'm sure I will not own the vehicle anymore but the good thing is the windows will be covered if I chose to get a new vehicle. Other than that it has 20,000 miles on it now and I havent experienced any other prblems.
    P.S. They didn't give me a hard time at all and everything will be free of charge concerning the windows.
  • This is the second message I am writing now that my forth window regulator has failed. My Liberty is 2007 and has very low mileage. At about 19000 miles it's unbelievable that this has been going on since the vehicle was introduced. It's a very common practice for the manufacture to work the bugs out and they are clearly making a fortune off of this insanity. I have read many of these blogs and it seems like I was the only one to get Chysler Corp. to extend the warrantee for the next ten years with out paying one cent. They gave me no problem at all. I'm still unhappy nonetheless because the windows go slower than any vehicle Iv'e ever seen. I don't understand why they have to replace the glass every time, it makes absolutely no sense even though it's all getting paid for. The inconvenience is horrible because you never know where your going to be when it happens. Everytime it happens the window in in the closed position and all of the sudden it just drops.
  • My problem is the lift plate not the regulator itself. The liftplate is under extended warranty for 7 years. I had 2 of mine replaced free of charge. They didn't have to replace the glass. I didn't contact Chrsler. I contacted the dealer & they gave me no problems fixing it. Mine was doing the same thing. The glass would just slide down as I was driving.
  • Hello bolivie

    Can you post a copy of the letter from Chrysler, so that we can all see what they wrote, please?
  • Hello angie2010

    What are the details of the extended warranty for 7 years? Is this a Chrysler thing, or a third party offering through a dealer?
  • I was actually looking on here for another problem I am having with my 07 Jeep Liberty, warning lights staying on, etc...but saw this about the windows...I previously owned an 04 Jeep Liberty..had transmission issues so I traded for an 07...within the 1st 6 months, 2 of my windows had dropped down into the doors so of course this was covered under warranty..over the next year, the one other did the same, so now all but 3 have been replaced & of course my warranty is over. Several months ago, out of the blue, I got a letter...almost certain it was from Chrysler...saying that for the lifetime of the vehicle, if the same problem happened, they would replace at no cost to me. I will bring the letter with me to work tomorrow & post the specific details...I had just assumed Chrysler had resolved this issue similar to a recall...but apparently not, according to the comments I am seeing..
  • because the 2006 and 2007 were recalled about the windows. But they only went as far as 2006. not far back enough, because i have a 2004 and it fell down already 3 times.
  • What is that matter that seal in the car saying Trail rated if you go off road the windows fall down. Someone explain that to me.
  • This is a copy of a letter I found online. It's how I found out about the extended warranty:

    Jeep Liberty Window Problems By Year


    * Accord owner brake complaints by year over the last decade. (source)

    Chrysler Extends Jeep Liberty Window Warranty

    In late 2010, Chrysler sent out this notice to 2006-2007 Jeep Liberty owners:

    "This letter is to inform you that the warranty period has been extended for Window Lift Plate repairs on your Chrysler Group LLC Jeep Liberty to 7 years from the vehicle's original in service date with no mileage limitation. This extended warranty coverage applies to Jeep Liberty model years 2006-2007.

    We are extending the warranty period for Window Lift Plate repairs because some vehicles have experienced repeat concerns with window components. If your vehicle is operating properly, there is nothing you are required to do. If you are experiencing the conditions as described in this warranty extension within 7 years from the vehicle's in service date, simplycontact your dealer to have the repairs performed. Your dealer will inspect the window regulators for proper operation and repair if necessary.

    If you have already experienced this window regulator concern and have paid to have it repaired, you may be eligible to receive a reimbursement. You may complete the enclosed Customer Reimbursement Claim Form and send your original receipts, invoices, and/or repair order to the following address for reimbursement. Your claim will be acted upon within 60 days of receipt:

    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    P. O. Box 21-8007
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007

    If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact your dealer or the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, EST. They can be reached at 1-877-426-5337.

    Please keep this letter with your vehicle's other warranty information for future reference if neccessary. The warranty extension applies to the above components only, the other terms of your warranty remain the same.

    Chrysler is taking this action to demonstrate its commitment to your continued satisfaction.

    This extended warranty apparently doesn't apply to 2006 Jeep Liberty's with a build date before March 16, 2006 -- to find your Liberty's build date, check the label on the driver's door edge. Either way it's still worth a call to the dealership. So far we've heard only good things about people being able to be reimbursed by Chrysler for their previous window repairs. Nice work, Chrysler.
  • It's through chrysler. I copied a letter that I found online. That's how I found out about the warranty.
  • katiawkatiaw Posts: 7
    edited November 2011
    that is all nice and dandie but they want to charge me 200 dollars to have my window fixed. So, it doesn't do anything nice for me from Chrysler.
    A letter, and the actual work get done, it is very different.
    I was told by the manager of Chrysler in Las Vegas where I live, that he will look at my window, but can't promise me that he will fix it without charging me. Explain that to me then? Also i have called the 800 number for Chrysler, and i was told the same thing, that they can't do anything to help me, that I have to pay if I want the window fixed.
    The same window 3 times. Isn't that a bit add?
    And I have no small children.
    I take very good care of my jeep, cause I love Jeeps. However this window issue is really turning into a pain in my [non-permissible content removed].
  • My problem was the liftplate for the window. I didn't contact chrysler, only the dealer. They fixed my front passenger & rear passenger with no problem. Sorry....I don't know what to tell you.
  • My window issue effects both my front driver's side and passenger side windows, This red and black cable keeps popping up and the window will not move, (the first time this happened I thought it was a snake!)lol anyways, after i push the window switch down the cable goes back in the door and then the window will drop down a couple of inches. is this due to broken clips.
  • katiawkatiaw Posts: 7
    edited November 2011
    Finally after so many threatening and complaining. Chrysler had my window fixed no charge. The sad thing is that it took me a week of bitching and complaining for me to get that done. They changed with a different regulator now. Hopefully I will be able to change cars before the other 3 windows go down. I love Jeeps, but there was a lady there at the service waiting for her 2010 Jeep having her window fixed. So, i am going for a Toyota next. I don't want have to deal with that anymore.
  • LOL! That sounds like something different....not sure. When my window messed up, I took the door panel off & found a small plastic piece laying in the bottom of the door. So I pushed it back up by hand & put duct across the lift plate to hold it in place til the dealer got my part. It's a white plastic piece, it's usually easy to spot when the door panel is off. It's maybe 2 inches wide.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    My wife's 03 Jeep Liberty rear passenger side window failed again after fixing it, myself, approx 4 years ago. Tried a different regulator make this time, a company called Dorman I believe, to see if it helps. It's odd how Chrylser offers an extended warranty on 06-07 Libertys but not older models. the part cost about 85 dollars online. It's also odd how the front one, ie the one that gets used the most has not failed.
  • This is a KNOWN ISSUE yet Chrysler wants to make us jump through hoops every time we need it fixed. I have had to take my 2006 Jeep Liberty Limited in 8 separate times. Luckily four of those were under warranty. But the past four times it has happened I've had to raise hell at the dealership and on the phone with Chrysler customer service to have it fixed.

    Even though it is a 2006 Liberty, they tell me my VIN number is not right to have the extended warranty apply. The worst part: I know it is going to happen again! It is so frustrating I don't know what else to do. I am thinking of taking Chrysler to small claims to attempt to get these windows fixed once and for all.
  • You have to make a complaint with a tv station. Channel 13 if u t in Vegas. has people that voluntary do that research. Also, u need to make a complainy with two other places I just can't remember right now., but I will research the names, they r in one of those messages that was sent to me here. Once you do then complaint with them, they give u a confirmation number on both places the more people complaint is better so they can recall it. Look on all the messages for me. It one of the first messages reply I got when I complaint abt my Windows. I would do it, but I'm on my cell phone.
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