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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulators



  • It took a long time, but I finally got to someone at Chrysler that was reasonable. Calling their customer care line is a WASTE OF TIME and you would have to be really lucky to find a dealership that will work with you. I wrote a lengthy letter to Chrysler and after after about two months, finally got a response. I was told to get the window fixed on my '03 Liberty and send the bill to Chrysler and I would be reimbursed. They did come through for me and I am grateful, although there reputation is tarnished with me probably forever. I will be in the market for a new vehicle in the next 18 months or so and though I love the look of the new Jeeps, I can't see putting myself in the position having to go through the crap I went through the last year to get the service I deserve. By the way, the rep that I worked with basically said that their customer care line is a's been outsourced and they are apparently just a bunch of robots with no authority. Good luck everyone!!
  • WARNING UNDER WARANTEE AND THEY WILL PAY YOU BACK: If you have a jeep liberty 2006 or newer there is an extended warantee on the window regulators.(lift plates)It last 7 years from the year of your Liberty. They will fix it for free or in some cases where you paid they will pay you back. The warantee is X27. Here is the notice. I just had both my rear window done. Call this number first and they will direct you.
    Chrysler Extends Jeep Liberty Window Warranty

    In late 2010, Chrysler sent out this notice to 2006-2007 Jeep Liberty owners:

    "This letter is to inform you that the warranty period has been extended for Window Lift Plate repairs on your Chrysler Group LLC Jeep Liberty to 7 years from the vehicle's original in service date with no mileage limitation. This extended warranty coverage applies to Jeep Liberty model years 2006-2007.

    We are extending the warranty period for Window Lift Plate repairs because some vehicles have experienced repeat concerns with window components. If your vehicle is operating properly, there is nothing you are required to do. If you are experiencing the conditions as described in this warranty extension within 7 years from the vehicle's in service date, simplycontact your dealer to have the repairs performed. Your dealer will inspect the window regulators for proper operation and repair if necessary.

    If you have already experienced this window regulator concern and have paid to have it repaired, you may be eligible to receive a reimbursement. You may complete the enclosed Customer Reimbursement Claim Form and send your original receipts, invoices, and/or repair order to the following address for reimbursement. Your claim will be acted upon within 60 days of receipt:

    Chrysler Customer Assistance Center
    P. O. Box 21-8007
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8007

    If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact your dealer or the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, EST. They can be reached at 1-877-426-5337.

    Please keep this letter with your vehicle's other warranty information for future reference if neccessary. The warranty extension applies to the above components only, the other terms of your warranty remain the same.

    Chrysler is taking this action to demonstrate its commitment to your continued satisfaction.

    This extended warranty apparently doesn't apply to 2006 Jeep Liberty's with a build date before March 16, 2006 -- to find your Liberty's build date, check the label on the driver's door edge. Either way it's still worth a call to the dealership. So far we've heard only good things about people being able to be reimbursed by Chrysler for their previous window repairs. Nice work, Chrysler
  • I had to replace all the windows on my 2006 liberty, now the first one has fallen on my 2005...
    This problem with the cheap regulator must be over more than two years..
    Anybody had a 2005 failure ??
  • I spent $182.00 on a whole new power window assembly only to return it. The lift plate on the new assembly was plastic. After popping off my door panel my lift plate is metal. What broke on mine was the plastic tubing that the cable runs through which is a much easier and cheaper fix..
  • j_c_j_c_ Posts: 2
    Your lift plates may have already been previously replaced with Steiger Performance parts. :)
  • I have the same issue with the issuejust being the plastic tubing. How were you able to separate the tubing in order to replace it? My original 2003 Renegade was metal and the reaplcement I just purchased from the dealer is plastic. Seems like it would be taking some steps back. So I would like to try to stick with my orignal metal one.
  • quite possible if the dealer did it. I bought my jeep with 2 miles on it
  • I did a quick fix with duct tape wrapped around then i put more on long ways. Its working great for now I do plan on buying a piece of tubing and clamping it about 2 inches on both sides. Im waiting for the weather to be a bit warmer and some snow to melt.
    I agree with stepping backwards with the plastic that's why i returned the new assembly
  • jesslevjesslev Posts: 1
    I bought a 07 Liberty new off the lot, within two years the windows started to break. I have become familiar with the unique popping sound that accompanies the window issue. To date I have fixed 8 windows all the way around the car. I am beyond fed up. The most recent window to break resulted in the tubing being sucked into the door itself resulting in a jammed door. On the bright side I have never had a problem using the warranty on the problem, however the jammed door resulted in an extra $293 to fix. Dark side, the warranty only lasts for another 10 months. After that we are all on our own. Currently I am searching for a new car...that has functional windows.
  • sherri9sherri9 Posts: 3
    Our problems were all solved with the wifes 2002 Liberty that she bought new. A few months ago she was driving home from work on the interstate going 70 mph. Liberty started swerving back and forth in a jerking fashion as she was trying to get it under control. The next thing she knew she was off the road and a lady was trying to get her out of the car. The Liberty had rolled 5 times down the middle of the highway and off the road and landed on the one and only wheel left on the vehicle. The rear axle was laying 20 yards away with wheels still intact. Our insurance company and a rep from Jeep inspected the vehicle from top to bottom and found nothing structurally wrong. A week later there was a recall on the 2004 and newer Libertys about the rear end falling off the frame. Strange that the older ones weren't included in that same recall. So......after Doctor and Hospital bills that we are still paying for we now drive a Chevrolet Equinox. No more Jeep products for this family...period.
  • j_c_j_c_ Posts: 2
    I am amazed that so many people are still not using the replacement metal fittings that have been developed by Steiger Performance products.

    I have a 2007 Liberty (Cherokee here in Australia) and once the plastic bits started failing, bought a set of the metal parts.

    Do yourselves a favour and have a look here:
  • 12m3412m34 Posts: 2
    Had both drop within 6 months of each other on my 06 Diesel, was told by dealer in 05 when I first bought it this would happen. Lucky I have some good friends at Tomball Dodge/Jeep that take good financial care of me.
  • I had my two right and left front windows repaired and had to pay for both. I first was told by Metro that I wasn't covered ,so I went to Firestone and payed 384.00 for one and 287.00 for the other.
  • Thank you for posting a copy of the warranty extension from Chrysler. I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty. I have had three different window regulators break on this vehicle. The first was in 2009, which was covered by warranty. The second was a few months later, which I had to pay for because the warranty had expired. The third one broke in September, 2013. This is when I found your post, with a copy of the letter from Chrysler.

    I printed a copy of the letter and took it to LUM'S Chrysler/Jeep/Toyota in Warrenton, Oregon. They contacted Chrysler to verify the warranty extension was real, then made an appointment for a few days later to replace not just the broken one, but ALL FOUR window regulator lift plates with new improved ones, at absolutely NO COST to me. Thanks to both Chrysler and Lum's service department, and thanks again to you for posting a copy of the warranty extension.
  • brockmuttbrockmutt Posts: 1

    Will Chrysler honor the recall of a bad window regulator in a 2007 Jeep Liberty? I know I got a letter about it years ago. Mine just went out on me.

  • I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport. Every regulator broke. One of them twice. The first time it happened the service manager told me to call Chrysler. They knew they had defective regulators. They paid to replace all of them . I received an extended warranty for this problem. I keep a large black plastic garbage bag in the car in case another one lets go. Open the door and pull the bag over the window. It will keep out the weather until you can get it fixed.

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