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Infiniti J30

03310331 Posts: 1
I have the opportunity to purchase a 1997 Infinity
J-30 with 11,500 miles form a close friend. Car
has never been wrecked, misused, etc. Any opinions
on this car would be appreciated? Is it as good
of a deal as it sounds?


  • I have always thought the J-30 was the most original and unique of the Infiniti line. Moreover, it did not look like any of the other generic entry level luxury cars. Why don't you check the Kelly Blue Book site or other sources regarding the price. I'm no expert but $15,000 for a 3-year old low-mileage car in this class does not sound excessive to me.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    Only $15K for a 97 J30?? Damn that's a good price!! I would buy it. The J30 is a tad underpowered and it's aerodynamics stink because of the sloping rear deck, but it's interior is gorgeous and overall it's exterior styling is very original, even though I don't like the rear end.

    It's also a very reliable car and a pretty good handling RWD sedan. All in all you can't go wrong for $15k!!
  • maximamaxima Posts: 19
    the infinti concept car XVL??? in teh detriot auto show could be the next RWD J30 buy taht its cooler then teh 1997 version when it comes out!!!!!!!!
  • A saw several '97 J30's on a dealer's lot, all with around 25k miles at a price of 19-20k no haggle price. Your deal sounds like a good one!
  • audia8audia8 Posts: 1
    It might be too late, but make sure you can check out the trunk on the J30. It is tiny! Approx 10 cubic ft. Otherwise it's a great car.
  • The J30 has been the best car I've ever owned. I like the combination of design, performance and reliability, and the price for yours is excellent.
    By the way, I'm a designer, and I really like the looks of the J30, despite the Edmund's review, and I know 3 other product designers who also drive the same car. It was Jaguar inspired, and it still is one of the few cars today that has a unique look.
  • gmiller5gmiller5 Posts: 2
    I have a '95 and I love the car. I cringe at the gas pump, because it says "Premium" but it's well worth the cost.
  • We had several Js and all suffered from the same problem. Harmonic balance problem with the 2-piece driveshaft. We were ready to get a new 97 but drove it about 2 blocks and there was the vibration. On the '94 we had, the dealer went through many attempts to cure the vibration, new shaft, new wheels, etc. No dice. Unfortunate because that J is my wife's favorite.
    Just curious, anybody else have a similar problem?

  • sumner50sumner50 Posts: 1
    I am buying a 1993 J--30 with 75k miles this Friday. The interior and exterior of the car are pristine (there is not even the imperfection left by the left elbow on the door vinyl near the window that I've seen on every J-30 I looked at).

    The only thing the car needs is a new set of tires.

    Does anyone have any advice on a high end set of tires that keeps the car quiet? Also, I'm hoping with the new tires the car won't have the harmonic balance problem and resulting vibration I've read about. Even with the old tires, there was no significant vibration in the ride.

    Any other words of wisdom from J-30 owners/experts would be appreciated.

  • ramius17ramius17 Posts: 1
    I've been looking around the town and net for a 1993 -94 J30t... what's a reasonable price for one? I've seen a 1993 J30t for around 9,300; is that average?

    Mileage high is not a big concern, but need to have the touring package for traction control and 4 wheel steering. Any input would be appreciated.
  • britbrit Posts: 1
    Have you gone to if you expand your search you should be able to see hundreds.I live in Denver and use 100 mls. but you could check see all. Good luck
  • txguy67txguy67 Posts: 31
    Help My 94J has lost it's radio, will not power on. Have checked all luck. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated. Could get dangerous on my 5K mile trip this summer...
  • madienermadiener Posts: 1
    I just found a 1994 J30t with 49000 miles. The asking price is $11,000. It looks great but has a just detectable click or vibration when idling. Everything else seems to be OK. I have no experience with the infinity. Any comments?
  • barke32barke32 Posts: 1
    You can now add aftermarket head units, amps, and speakers to the J30. has converters that plug into the factory harness to allow for upgrades. Just go to the site and use their "instant chat" feature to get help in getting the right converters.
  • skiergillskiergill Posts: 1
    A friend of a friend is selling a '95 J30 w/ 47,800 mi. and I am extremely interested in buying it. It is in very good condition, but it has been in a small accident. The left front panel and the driver's side door were replaced, but there was no major damage to the car. He is asking $14k, but I believe that price is a bit high. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should offer?
  • tbrocatotbrocato Posts: 1
    My daughter is considering purchasing a '95 J30. I am concerned about the cost of rountine maintenance for this vehicle since she is a single Mom. Any comments on maintnance costs or any other cost considerations she should take into account?
  • tbookertbooker Posts: 1
    I'm getting ready to purchase a '94 J30, with 62738 miles for $12,200 with all the bells and whistles. I've test driven the car and it runs extremely well. I wanted to hear some opinions about the 'J30, mainly in that year. If it is a good car, and how does it compare to the Lexus ES 300.
  • johnnnypjohnnnyp Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a 1997 J30. anybody has any experience with this car? any price advice?
  • kganandkganand Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1993 J30t for $8000. It is in excellent condition (save the sunroof) and has 97000 miles. The car rides great. BTW, any suggestions on how to fix the sunroof myself? The dealer tells me the two most expensive elements in sunroof repair are labor and the rail.
  • bearbrentbearbrent Posts: 1
    I own a '97.5 J30t, only problems are a slight vibration on the highway, small interior, and easy to knock out of alignment. Recommend a good alignment shop at least once/year, even at substantial cost. Car is very quiet, and a surprising amount of fun on a twisty road. Not a true "line finder" like an old Porsche, but better feel than most cars, certainly better than any other quiet semi-lux car I have driven, and the reliability is top-notch.
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