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Infiniti J30



  • There is good news for those with sunroof problems. Infiniti now has a sunroof repair kit for about $30~40. Only problem is it is extremely labor intensive. Warranty pays the dealer 4.6 hours labor to fix. Imagine doing it yourself. My brother wants to attempt this when he gets some time.
  • The window regulators on the J tend to go bad. The window will go slowly, this means that the regulator is binding. If you keep using it without replacing the regulator, you'll burn out the motor (regulator is cheap, motor expensive).
  • If you buy tires, make sure you get the quietest ones you can find! The J will sound like a tractor with the wrong tires. I have Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus on mine, they are very quiet. Just Ordered Yokohama Avid H4 for parents' J, they are supposed to be even quieter (and less than half the price).
  • You can get your Bose CD player, amps, whatever repaired cheap. Look around online for shops that specialize in this, there are tons of them online. You have to take it out and send it in, but it's worth it.
  • I just purchased a '96 J-30 with 33,000 miles. I know the book says the timing belt should be replaced at 105,000, but I'm wondering if there is an "age factor" that should be considered as well? This car has been in service for almost 5 years now. I hate the thought of replacing the belt with so few miles, but I don't want to risk engine damage either. Any thoughts out there?
  • Don't replace the timing belt at 33K. I was going to replace my 96 with 62K but thanks to this BB I saved myself a huge amount of $$$. I was almost robbed by my local Infiniti dealer. Was your car garaged for years? That low of mileage is incredible. I own a 96 (Bordeaux Red, Tan interior), what do you have?
    Good Luck-You'll Love your car Immediately...
  • I just had the dealer give me an estimate on repairing/replacing a blown rear speaker. Since these speakers have the amplifier built in, apparently you cannot just replace it with a speaker from your local car audio retailer. I was told that Bose can repair the speaker for $130 plus 1 hr labor to remove and 1hr labor to replace (at $84/hr). I was also told a new speaker would cost around $600. Has anyone tried to remove a speaker and send it to Bose directly? I've taken a look at how the speaker is installed, and it looks a bit more complicated than when I used to do this in high school with the old Kraco's. Maybe this is why the dealer charges for 1 hour of labor. Any suggestions?
  • As I stated in an earlier post, this is a DIY project. Go to some websites such as,, etc. You can do a search on the web for Bose repair, Nissan, Infiniti, etc. and there are tons of places that will fix it for you at a reasonable cost. These shops know exactly what the problems are, how to fix them, etc. It's probably your the amp, not the speaker itself. If you have the service manual you can see how to remove the door panel for removal/installation. You will have to ship it out for repair but the cost is minimal. Hope this helps.
  • I had all my fuel injectors on 94 J30 go bad slowly one at a time. The extended warranty covered it. The dealer mentioned that is a common problem on J30s. I was wondering if any of you have run into it.

    Any suggestions to prolong the life of the fuel injectors. Thank you!
  • Mine is black w/the chrome "t" wheels -- great looking combo! I looked at one w/your bordeaux red color and really liked it too. I take you are in TX as well -- which dealer was trying to stick it to you? I'm in Dallas & would like to avoid them. Have you found anyplace you can recommend?
  • I'm in El Paso...Hoy Fox Infiniti is the dealer who I've had problems with. A friend had the 30K done on his I30 and the bill was $800.00, with new brakes on the rear.. Shouldn't the front brakes go out first? I suggest finding a local import repair shop in your area. If you'd like another J30 let me know...
  • this message is for azylstra..i saw you said there was a kit you could get for the repair of your sunroof. i was curious where you get this kit from., or did you go ahead and get the car fixed
  • My '93 J30's dashboard lights go out when I put on the headlights. Any thoughts???
  • I've been told that all of the j30s have a posi-trac rear end. I'm just having a hard time finding info about them on the net, which brings me to my next question. I can't seem to find performance numbers anywhere. I'm looking for stats such as 0-60, skidpad, slalom, turning radius, etc... If anybody knows these or where to find them, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  • Does anyone know what year (if any) that the
    j30 went to the new freon style (r23?)for the
    a/c? I am getting ready to buy a '96, and want
    to make sure it is the new style, as they
    charge a lot for the old (r12?)...

    Also, any recurring a/c problems with this car?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • the new style is r134a to make it a correct
    question... I think most cars switched
    around '96, but as '97 is the j30's last
    year, I am wondering if the new freon a/c
    waited for the I30.......
  • I owned a 93 G20 and it had the R134A refrigerant. I assumed my 96 J30 has the "new" freon as well. Now a question to all you J30 owners... Do you shut off the climate control before you shut off the engine? I can't find a "straight" answer from the dealer or anyone else. My worry is the compressor clutch going bad if you shut off the engine before the ac.
  • i see a few posts about blown speakers, i don't think i have one, but i'm not sure since i've never heard one before, its sorta of a static/buzz type sound, but as soon as i crank it up at highway speeds it goes away, its when i'm at low speeds around town, sounds wierd and is annoying

    also a suggestion for all you out there that have the lockout problem, i got a set of "plastic" wallet keys cut for the at AAA for free, they work great in getting back in the car, and if your careful enough, i even got the car started on the plastic one, scary huh?
  • My '96 uses the new refrigerant. RE: txguy67 -- I'm betting the majority of people do not turn off the A/C prior to shutting down the engine. I've never done it and I've never had a compressor clutch go out. I typically keep a car for at least 5-8 years (and in Texas, no less). Not that any of that makes it the "right" thing to do, just some more info for your survey.
  • Thanks Oneunder for the A/C help.
    Another question...I'm thinking of replacing my stock headlamps with the brighter "blue" lamps. I found them locally, but wonder if the new lamps will cause any type of problem. Has anyone switched out their lamps?
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