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Infiniti J30



  • dee29dee29 Posts: 2
    Within the last year my ABS warning light has came on twice. I had the car checked out with three dealers and one of the dealers was an Infiniti dealer in Nashville. No one documented a problem. When the light came on there was a noise from the black box and I jarred on that and the light went off. The last time the light came on I did the same thing but had to jump my car to start again. My J 30 has over 102,000. One time my brakes completely went out and I almost went under a semitruck. But the dealers said they found nothing wrong. It was scary because I really did experience not having brakes. I too am experiencing the occasionally door locking when I get out of the car so I guess I'll be dealing with that soon. Also have the sunroof issue going on.
  • Hey i am gonna be honest with you... i am 14 and i do know alot about cars..i live with my grandmother and well...she is not your average grandmother...she wants something sporty..well at the same time powerful and luxurious ...we are looking to buy a ivory or as black infiniti j30 or a gold I30...i think she likes the j better...well i know i like it better...the I's back iend is to plain..we have 96 chrysler cirrus that we want to trade...and i diddnt read that many problems with the 1997.5 and that is the model we would get...we are also considering a acura 3.0 or 2.3 cl or a honda accord coupe ex V6....i think i like the i the best... in alot of reports i read that the infiniti is ideal for hyway cruising....i dont live in the city so most of our driving is on the freeway...does it have alright passing power...? is it good in the twisties? and is it really that bad in the snow ... it has a locking rear diffirential but no traction cirrus has neither of trhe sunroof really metal or is it glass?
    well please e-mail me your responses @
    well... please help me and enjoy your j's
  • I have a 93 J30 that is hard to start in cold weather. Upon the recommendations from the Infiniti dealer here in Albuquerque, I have had hotter spark plugs, and a new coolant sensor installed by my independent mechanic. I am wondering if anyone else has had this difficulty. The dealer has told my mechanic this is a common problem with the J30 engine due to a bad computer program. I was told to start the car in cold weather, push the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine. Did that this morning, and no luck starting. Only problem I have ever had with a fuel injected car like this.
  • Maybe you guys can help me out, seeing that you are either Nissan customers or potential buyers. I appreciate any support you guys can give me.

    Here is the website detailing my problems with Infiniti/Nissan over my lemon QX4. Putting the finishing touches on it this week, and I'm thinking about buying an appropriate domain name for it.

    read all about it:

  • Funny you should mention your car not starting in cold weather. My wife could not start our 97 J30 this morning. We live here in Albuquerque, and bought the car used (it came from Scottsdale). I have heard of some questionable results from the local Infiniti dealer's repair shop. Who is your independent mechanic? Maybe I should look into hotter plugs and a new coolant sensor too?? Wish I had an answer to fix this problem, but it sounds like we are in the stuck in the same boat
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    California and Arizona J/Q seem to have a problem with the local gas blend attacking the injectors after years [6/100k] of exposure. Many of the cold starting / flooding problems result from injector leaks. This problem is unknown in most of country which does not use oxygenates or high aromatic blends.

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  • I have new information to share regarding the hard-starting problems I depicted above.

    First of all, I'm not convinced the fixes of hotter spark plugs, and a new coolant sensor resolved the problem. However, for $300, along with the parts, I did get the following information.

    I have had success starting the car on a cold winter's morning by pressing the accelerator to the floor, and cranking the engine. Understanding that it is not good to rev a cold engine, I let off the gas when I feel the engine catching (very important.)

    On the occasions that I forget to do the cold starting procedure (one that is a no-no with every fuel injected car I have ever owned) I have flooded the engine. I have been able to resolve that by disconnecting the fuel pump fuse, starting the engine (it will run for about a couple of seconds), re connecting the fuse, and starting the engine without pressing on the accelerator, like it should be... are you reading Infiniti!

    I know of no other fixes to resolve this condition. The Infiniti dealer here in Albuquerque has termed it a "common" problem. My independent mechanic is Japanese Car Care, on Virginia, NE. Hopefully, this information will save you some money, and the inconvenience of have the car towed (twice)like me.

    ********I own one, and now I understand**********
  • There is a Infiniti Help Web site that talks all about Infiniti cars and problems that you may run into.
  • I purchased a 93 J30 with 123k for 7100.00. I love this car but it has its problems. First off the radio didnt work properly. It is a chip inside that is keeping it from powering up after the switch has been cut off. You can go to and have it replaced for $125 or send it to Bose for $450-500. I ended up cutting the constant power wire and works BUT it loses memory. I had to relace the left CAM shaft and the sensor which was $1500 but it was well worht it. THe only other prob i had was the sunroof leaking and the driver side rear window getting stuck. It is a great car but not very roomy, I am 6'2' 315 and have trouble, it fits 2 great, 3 ok and 4 is a squeeze, no leg room in the back. It is a great purchase, I advise taking it to the dealer to have fixed, expensive but they take care of you-- Loaner Car
  • To Spearsjw
    What problems were you having to let you that your Cam Shaft was going bad, was there a lost of power because I own a 94 J30 with 113,000 miles lately I have been having some acelarating problems, the car would hesitate about 2sec. and then pick up speed. It is weird problem, sometimes the cars feels fine. So I am just trying to get a little information on the Cam Shaft problem you were having. Any information I will be grateful
  • Tstreater- the problems I had were hesitation and the car would vibrate very badly on the interstate at about 80-85. I could stop and let the car cool for about 5 ins and it would do o. for a little bit. I would begin to accelerate and have to "floor" it and it would still barely go. You can take it to the dealer and they will diagnose it for about 44.00 if it is the cam shaft and sensor it will be around $1500. My suggestion is if you can take it to a certified Infiniti mechanic and have it fixed for a 1/3 of the cost. I couldn't do it because I had to have a car for work.
  • Thank You- Spearsjw for the information, I will take it the Infiniti Dealer and have them to check out Cam Shaft and Sensor.
  • Help!!! I am considering buying a 1995 J30t with 96,000 miles, for $10,000.00. Does this sound like a good deal. it rides like a peach PURRRFECT!!! I am so impressed with the sight of the car that I fear I may be making a unwise choice. I have read up on this vehicle and I am impressed with what I have learned to date. However, I am nervous about my decision, as I put about 20,000 mile a year on a car as my vehicle is required for my job. I plan to keep my 1990 Honda for back up. I am supposed to pick this car up on Tuesday 2/20,01. Can I get some feedback before then.

    hew!!!! Thanks from Ms. WannaRyde in the Mid West!!!
  • $10,000 sounds a bit high for a 95 with 96,000 miles. I have a 95 j30t with 70,000, and its a great car, not good in the snow. I would talk them down a bit on the price.
  • Acarter, I would have the car checked out e.g. timing belt, trans., engine, etc. You can get the vin# and call the Inifiniti dealership near you and have them run the service history on the car. I have a 93 and the cam shaft went out, problems with left rear window, sunroof leaking, and my BOSE cd player going out. Just check it out real good, it is a great car though
  • I am seriously considering buying a 1994 J30t with 97,000 miles. The asking price is only $7300, which I think is excellent. The car is in mint cosmetic condition and is being road-tested this weekend by taking it on a 500 mile round trip, which should give a good idea of its overall condition. I've read all of the 100 or so posts above and have noticed a central theme: most of them concern minor electrical problems. Lights going off, problems with radio, speakers, door locks, windows, sunroof, etc. I've seen very few posts regarding problems with engine/drive train/transmission, etc. I plan to buy the car and put aside about $1000 to deal with the anticipated problems above, based on others' experience, also I know I'll need to replace the timing belt at 105K in a few months. I live in the sunny Deep South, so I'm not worried about hard starting in cold weather or traction problems in snow.

    Other than that, this appears to be one of the best deals for the money, that I've ever been offered. Basically, I'm looking for someone to talk me out of buying the car, because my mind is pretty much made up. Anybody out there want to give me some warning?
  • mixxalotmixxalot Posts: 5
    I just bought a 1993 J30t with 63,000 miles for 10,000. The previous owner maintained the car perfectly and just did the 60k mile service at Infiniti. The car is in perfect condition. I hope that I got a good deal. So far I love my new car! The car has all records since it was new which is a plus and hopefully it will last me a long time. Can I buy an extended warranty for it and is it worth the money? Thanks
  • spearsjwspearsjw Posts: 4
    A warranty would be a good idea, it should cover drivetrain, transmission and engine, I had engine problems wiht mine at 120k and wish I would have had a warranty. I think they are worth the money.
  • mixxalotmixxalot Posts: 5
    I am looking for a solid 36k/3 year mile full coverage warranty for my 1993 J30t. I checked into a few places but you must be an auto dealer. is warrantybynet reputable? Can anyone recommend a good warranty company? I love my new J30t it is much nicer than even the 2001 Maxima and almost as powerful. I hope Infiniti brings the J back soon. Thanks
  • acarter2acarter2 Posts: 63
    Today I took my J30t in for its 60,000 mile service. The dealer gave me a 2000 I30. It was a nice car,but when I returned to pick up my J30 to drive home, I have to say that my 1995 J30t is a better car than the 2000 I30. The I30 was quicker, but that is it. The J at 6 years old still has a better ride and nicer inside.
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